Please note that all shrines in Tartarus ( are under construction. That means that the shrines may not be complete, links may be broken, etc. Please e-mail the maintainer any questions about this game that the shrine doesn't yet cover. Thank you! -Merlin
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The Heroes

    Guardian Peak
    Palencia Castle Dungeon
    Ancient Monolith
    To Alatos
    The Forbidden Ruins
    Azenda Highland
    To East Amaidar
    Amaidar Temple
    Amaidar Mountain
    To West Niedel
    The Tournament Arena
    To Zariban
    Saryu Village
    The Water Shrine
    The Return to Touvil
    Palencia Castle
    Sabatico Falls

Side Areas & Secrets
    Amaidar Temple
       The Proving Grounds
    Optional Battles
       Colbo Plain
       Nicarus Forest
       Ruvag Woods
       Sembara Marsh
       Karagan Plains
       Quina Hill
       Ishima Rocks
       Raiden Ruins
       Salyan Desert
    The Forbidden Ruins
    The Forest Spirit
    The Tournament Arena
    The Water Guardian


Amaidar Monk35215814417141151020   
Arch Fiend38440010024201660010Dust Ruin, Death Ball Cure-All
Arch Knight3531548024161872222Cure, Slash Energy Fruit
Ark Ghoul45442014025211670010Dust Ruin, Death Ball Poison Berry
Black Knight253948819131252212Cure, Slash Cure-All
Blood Fiend3431254020101241111  Neba Neba
Blood Knight1735244127752111Slash Energy Fruit
Blood Slime373104915111560000Split, Poison Cure-All
Blood Skeleton2449601881350000  Bitter Leaf
Bloodweed100223765410000Shed Seals, Pollen Blast Neba Neba
Boogie Man233821041112940000Wind Slash Herb
Brainpicker45348033020151350020  Neba Neba
Dark Arc5031448126182392222Same as Arc  
Dark Chongara50313021525272082222Same as Chongara  
Dark Gogen5039419821281682222Same as Gogen  
Dark Iga5032267837182092222Same as Iga  
Dark Kukuru50413618621281892222Same as Kukuru  
Dark Monk253876817161352000Divine Judgment Bitter Leaf
Dark Poco50313814020301892222Same as Poco  
Dark Tosh5031529433182792222Same as Tosh  
Demi Monk1634342117641000Silence Nettle
Doll Master15445083530000Darkness, Doll Dance Paralysis Apple
Dragonfly45416502091280000Flame, Slap Sleep Ball
Dream Cloud34151041260000Enclose Herb
Evil Bonze73202444310001Cleanse Sleep Ball
Fate Dragon3764507024141680000Death Wing, Paralyze Bitter Leaf
Fire Elemental2312932100000Fusion, Bomb Stone
Fire Golem36312510119121550000Fire Waves, Bomb Atrophy Ball
Fleshpicker54513030222021140010  Herb
Fleshripper233852017131360010  Energy Fruit
Funeral Pyre443104124162060000Bomb Small Bomb
Ghost5310932100000Silence Sacred Water
Ghoul13238072420000Paralyze, Throw Rue's Satchel
Giant Bat184320155950000Blood Siphon, Supersonic Blast Speed Satchel
Green Slime133340000000Split, Poison Herb
Gutwrencher603245750272325130020  Sleep Ball
Hellhound355917622121462020Bite Stone
Illusion Flame               
Illusion Lord               
Insane Minotaur2741101019121552222  Atrophy Ball
Mad Monk24380501591051000Divine Judgment Poison Berry
Mad Puppeteer38413801881160000Darkness, Doll Dance Rue's Satchel
Maneater310788516131350000Shed Seals, Pollen Blast Blindness Grass
Medusa Lizard324955420161030000Zone Attack, Stone Nettle
Mighty Fly12435062320000Flame, Slap Small Bomb
Necromancer2737214016151040000Thunderstorm Cure-All
Ninja143351584531110Shuriken Bomb, Bomb Small Bomb
Ninja Lord4031567124261872222Shuriken Bomb, Bomb, Paralyze Cure-All
Novice Monk223851148640010  Attack Tonic
Poison Cloud2346201481660000Poison Drops Atrophy Ball
Shadow Skeleton364118024121870000  Sacred Water
Skeleton8325050310010  Bitter Leaf
Soul Flame393132922141840000Fusion, Bomb Hard Nettle
Soul Reaper2231027819161560010Dante's Descent, Black Thunder Attack Tonic
Soul Stealer41316813019161280010Dante's Descent, Black Thunder, Edge of Death Rue's Satchel
Stone Jackal19268401310810000Zone Attack, Stone Atrophy Ball
Stone Golem192952612111040000Thunder Wave, Bomb Small Bomb
Vampire Bat3046502281160000Blood Siphon, Supersonic Blast Speed Satchel
Voodoo Man153321679530000Explosion Hard Nettle
Warlord113301264421111  Attack Tonic
Water Slime2036461261140000Split, Poison Power Jelly
Werewolf245532396641010Bite Speed Satchel
Wicked Monk4031127820221972000Divide Blindness Grass
Wild Hemo-ji27378501491041010Hemo-ji Finger Power Jelly
Witch Doctor63151437210000Dream Knock Hard Nettle
Wizard4245916413211260000Diamond Dust Poison Berry
Wraith93261064420000Silence Blindness Grass
Wyvern3253906023161970000Death Wing, Poison Attack Tonic
Zombie4218040100000Paralyze, Throw Poison Berry

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