Please note that all shrines in Tartarus ( are under construction. That means that the shrines may not be complete, links may be broken, etc. Please e-mail the maintainer any questions about this game that the shrine doesn't yet cover. Thank you! -Merlin
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Boss Enemies


Claw Name Attack Limit Description Extra
Absolute Claws +50 0 Strong but no level up  
Arc Claws +7 50 Does a forward sweep  
Brandname Claws        
Blitz Claws +7 45 Contains lightning power Lightning Elemental
Chaos Claws +6 45 Contains confusion magic Confuse Status Attack
Critical Claws        
Cross Claws +8 50 Does cross-shaped attack Cross Atk
Crystal Claws +15 45 Made of crystal  
Digging Claws +1 45 Can dig thru walls Earth Elemental Attack
Dwarf Claws +6 45 Contains shrink magic Mini Status Attack
Flame Claws +7   Contains fire power Fire Elemental
Frog Claws +6 45 Contains frog power Frog Status Attack
Frozen Claws +7 40 Contains ice power Ice Elemental
Gambling Claws +13 50 See what happens  
Genji Claws +20 50 Pretty good claws  
Gil Claws        
Grudge Claws        
Healing Claws +2 20 Attack enemy and heal  
Holy Claws +8 50 Contains holy power Holy Elemental
Hurricane Claws +7 40 Contains wind power Wind Elemental
Iron Claws +5 45 Made of iron  
Kiai Claws +20 40 Gets you tired fast  
Lite Claws +3   Lightweight, easy to use  
Multi Claws +8 30 Does a 5-way attack 5-way atk
Mythril Claws +9 30 Made of mythril  
Order Claws +7 50 Attacks forward and rear Fwd+rear atk
Poison Claws +6 45 Contains poison magic Poison Status Attack
Silent Claws +6 45 Cancels spellcasting Silence Status Attack
Sleep Claws        
Slowpoke Claws        
Spin-Kick Claws +8 50 Attack in all directions All dir atk
Titan Claws +40 99 Made of titanium  
Vampire Claws        
Vibro Claws +18 35 Strong but misses a lot  
Weak Claws        
Wood Claws +3 55 Made of wood