Please note that all shrines in Tartarus ( are under construction. That means that the shrines may not be complete, links may be broken, etc. Please e-mail the maintainer any questions about this game that the shrine doesn't yet cover. Thank you! -Merlin
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Feathers can be obtained in two ways:
(1) Breaking Claws or Saddles
(2) As the reward for completing a bonus dungeon

In the case of the former, there is a strict set of requirements.
(1) The Claw or Saddle must have been combined (has blue font.)
(2) The Claw or Saddle must be at least plus one (+1.)
(3) In general, each claw or saddle yields two different feathers, one a lesser +X and another for a greater +X.

As for getting feathers as a reward, here's the rundown on that:
Chocobo's Dungeon: Random Feather of any kind
Mog's Dungeon: Random Summon Feather
Shiroma's Dungeon: Random Red and Yellow Spell Enhancing Feather
Kuz's Dungeon:
Cid's Dungeon:

All feathers can be obtained except for one by breaking claws or saddles.  That feather is the Energy UP Feather.  However, all feathers can be obtained through the bonus dungeons.

The only other feather-pertinent area is the Tree of Life in the village.  As far as I know, the only prize you get for sacrificing your feathers for the tree is a random "good" nut.  To me, this is by far, completely worthless.  If anyone has any solid evidence that there really is a "good" point to the Tree of Life, email me.


Feather Name Description of Feather Where Feather is Obtained

Red and Yellow Feathers / Spell Enhancing Feathers

Fireball Project a 3x3 square, anywhere, of the Fire Spell  
Blizzard Storm Spew from where you stand a pyramidal blast of Blizzard Spell.  
Aero All Aero Spell affects everything in range.  
Thunder Cross A cross shaped range of Thunder Spell is the effect radius.  
Quake All Quake Spell affects everything in range.  
Drain UP 50% increase in the strength of Drain Spell.  
Green and Yellow Feathers / Cantrip, Spell and MegaSpell Feathers
Slow Casts slow on enemies.  Chance of failure.  
Poison Casts poison on enemies.  Chance of failure.  
Sleep Casts sleep on enemies.  Chance of failure.  
Mini Casts mini on enemies.  Chance of failure.  
Frog Casts frog on enemies.  Chance of failure.  
Confusion Casts confusion on enemies.  Chance of failure.  
Silence Casts silence on enemies. Chance of failure.  
Power UP Casts random cantrip on enemies, with 100% effect rate.  
Haste Casts haste on self.  Chance of failure.  
Remove ?  
Gravity Casts gravity on enemy (ies?)  
Meteorite Casts meteorite on enemy (ies?)  
Flare Casts flare on a random enemy.  

Blue and Purple Feathers / Status Boosting Feathers

Max HP UP    
ATK UP    
DEF UP    
Critical UP    
Miss DOWN    
Recover UP    
Exp UP    
Energy UP    
Magic UP    
Summon UP    
Power Shoot    
Drill Shoot    
Super Shoot    

Reddish Feathers / Summon Feathers

Random Summon    

   Feathers Obtained from Broken Claws

Absolute Claws
Arc Claws -------- [+6 && UP] Summon UP
Blitz Claws ------ [+1 to +5] Thunder Cross; [+6 && UP] Ramuh
Brandname Claws -- [+6 to +8] Meteorite;     [+9 && UP] Meteor
Chaos Claws ------ [+1 to +5] Confusion;     [+6 && UP] Ramuh
Critical Claws --- [+1 to +5] Critical UP;   [+6 && UP] Gravity
Cross Claws ------ [+1 to +5] Remove;        [+6 && UP] Holy
Crystal ---------- [+1 to +5] Flare;         [+6 && UP] Carbuncle
Digging ---------- [+1 to +5] Quake All;     [+6 && UP] Titan
Dwarf ------------ [+1 to +5] Mini;          [+6 && UP] Sylph
Flame ------------ [+1 to +5] Fireball;      [+6 && UP] Ifrit
Frog ------------- [+1 to +5] Frog;          [+6 && UP] Super Shoot
Frozen ----------- [+1 to +5] Blizzard Storm;[+6 && UP] Shiva
Gambling --------- [+1 to +5] Critical UP;   [+6 && UP] Random Summon
Genji's ---------- [+6 to +9] Ultima
Gil:         ???
Grudge ----------- [+1 to +5] ATK UP;        [+6 && UP] Bio
Healing ---------- [+1 to +5] Drain UP;      [+6 && UP] Unicorn
Holy ------------- [+1 to +5] Magic UP;      [+6 && UP] Holy
Hurricane -------- [+1 to +5] Aero All;      [+6 && UP] Sylph
Iron ------------- [+1 to +5] Max HP UP;     [+6 && UP] Exp UP
Kiai ------------- [+1 to +5] ATK UP;        [+6 && UP] Doom
King's ----------- [+1 to +5] Max HP UP;     [+6 && UP] Holy
Lite ------------- [+1 to +5] Haste;         [+6 && UP] Phoenix
Multi ------------ [+1 to +5] Recover UP;    [+6 && UP] Odin
Mythril ---------- [+1 to +5] Critical UP;   [+6 && UP] ATK UP
Order ------------ [+1 to +5] Miss DOWN;     [+6 && UP] Shiva
Poison ----------- [+1 to +5] Poison;        [+6 && UP] Power UP
Silent ----------- [+1 to +5] Silence;       [+6 && UP] Ifrit
Sleep ------------ [+1 to +5] Sleep
Slowpoke --------- [+1 to +5] Slow;          [+6 && UP] Titan
Spin-kick -------- [+1 to +5] Meteor;        [+6 && UP] Bahamut
Titan ------------ [+1 to +5] Ultima;        [+6 && UP] Asura
Weak ------------- [+1 to +5] Power Shoot;   [+6 && UP] Phoenix
Wood ------------- [+1 to +5] Miss DOWN;     [+6 && UP] Recover UP
Vampire:     ???
Vibro ------------ [+1 to +5] Max HP UP;     [+6 && UP] makes Drill Shoot

   Feathers Obtained from Broken Saddles