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Character Classes

Note: Gender has no bearing on the characters stats, so make them whatever gender you prefer.

This is your character. The Hero's stats are based on the Personality Generator in the very beginning of the game. The Hero has well balanced stats and steady growth rate. The Hero can also learn many abilities, some of them being the most powerful in the game. The Hero also has access to the best equipment in the game. The Hero cannot change classes, and as a result gains levels slower to keep the game balanced.

This is the powerhouse of the game. Warrior's excellence in strength, defense, and HP. They cannot learn any magic, but are able to equip many powerful weapons and armors. This is the class that you want all of your characters to be at the end of the game after they learned abilites from the other classes.

Fighters specialize in strength and agility. They are almost as strong as Warriors and get by without as powerful of weapons. Fighters are a bit weak in the defensive area and cannot equip many armors, but their agility more than makes up for it.

Clerics are the healers of the game. They specialize in healing spells and very useful throughout the game. Their strength and defense are lacking a bit, but their healing abilities are invaluable. Clerics can equip some powerful equipment, but not as much as the Hero and Warriors.

Mages are damage dealers in the game. They learn powerful attack spells and several other useful spells, such as Outside and Return. They have very low strength and defense and cannot equip many weapons or armors. Their HP is low, but the MP is high. Their initial spells are not the best, but they become quite powerful when they have high levels.

Dealers, known as "Merchants" in the NES version, have been improved. The Dealer has two abilities, Excavate and YellHelp, and helps the party find money and items. One is also needed for one point in your quest, so it doesn't hurt to at least make one for that part. The rest of their stats are average and they can't do much that another class cannot do better. Relatively useless, but useful if you are item hunting or need gold.

Jesters, known as "Goof-Offs" in the NES version, are pretty much useless. Their stats are not the best, their attacks fail at times, and they cannot really do anything useful. However, using them is not a lost cause, at level 20 they are able to become a Sage without the Book of Satori. This is an idea for when you get the the Shrine of Dharma.

The Thief is new the GBC version and is pretty useful. They have several useful abilities and have high agility. The rest of their stats are decent, but not as good as the other classes. They can also use whips which attack an enemy group instead of just one enemy. As expected, Theives can steal in battle.

Sages are an uber class, they excell in all areas. They have fairly high strength and defense, can equip pretty good weapons and armor, and can learn all the spells of a Cleric and Mage. Their strength and defense are not quite as high as the Hero or Warriors, but it is still pretty good. This is an excellent class to use after you get the Book of Satori.

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