Please note that all shrines in Tartarus ( are under construction. That means that the shrines may not be complete, links may be broken, etc. Please e-mail the maintainer any questions about this game that the shrine doesn't yet cover. Thank you! -Merlin
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Name Description
Herb Restores up to 35 HP
Antidote Cures Poison
Moon Herb Cures Numbness
Hide Herb Turns user invisible
Repellent Repels weaker monsters temporarily
WarpWing Lets you teleport to different towns
SpiderWeb Casts 'SlowAll' on one enemy
***Seed Raises stat listed in name 1 to 3 points
LifeAcorn Raises total HP
Wizard Ring Restores some MP, can be used more than once; crumbles after a random number of uses
LifeStone Allows someone to fight on after death
BugPowder Uses PanicAll on the enemy party
Token Allows one play at the Pachisi track
Magic Map Press SELECT to see the World Map.
Pixy Map Alefgard's version of the World Map

Name Location Description
Thief Key Tower of Najimi Opens simple locks
Magic Bomb Reeve Breaks wall in Tempt Cave
Dream Ruby Noaniels Cave Give to Elven Queen for Wake Dust
Wake Dust Elvenham Wakes up the people of Noaniels
Magic Key Pyramid Opens higher level locks and Thief Key locks
Letter Portoga Give to Norud the Hobbit to get to Baharata and Dhama
Pepper Baharata Exchange to King of Portoga for a Ship
Zen Scroll Garuna Tower, Rimuldar Use to become a Sage
Drought Dry Edinbear Used to raise the Shrine in the Shoals
Dark Lamp Tedanki Turns day into night
Final Key Shrine in the Shoals Opens all locks
Echo Flute Arp Tower Makes a noise when an orb in near by
LarMirror Samanao Cave Show to the King of Samanao to show his true form
Change Staff Samanao Temporarily changes your party's appearance. Trade to the Wizard at Greenlad
Sailor's Bone Greenlad Directs you to the Phantom Ship
LuvMemory Phantom Ship Opens the Promontory of Olivia
Light Orb Dragon Queen's Castle Nullifies Zoma's spells
Oricon Domdora Sell to merchant in Kol for 25,000G
Sun Stone Tantegel Kitchen Required for Rainbow Drop
Silver Harp Garin's Home Attracts enemies when used, much like Golden Claw
PixyFlute Kol Awakens Rubiss
Crest Rubiss Tower Strong against 'Defeat'
RainStaff Shrine South of Mercado Required for Rainbow Drop
Rainbow Drop Shrine south of Rimuldar Makes Rainbow Bridge to reach the Castle of Zoma
Sage Rock Charlock Castle Casts 'Healus' when used in battle
TinyMedal Everywhere There are 110 TinyMedals in the world. Exchange them with TinyMedal Man for prizes.

Name Location
Green Orb Tedanki
Blue Orb Navel of the Earth
Red Orb House of Pirates
Purple Orb Cave East of Jipang
Yellow Orb New Town
Silver Orb Cave of Necrogond

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