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Note: Gender has no bearing on the characters stats, so make them whatever gender you prefer.

Hero, Warrior, Cleric, Mage
This is the basic and ideal party. It covers all aspects that you need and is well balanced. This puts you in a good position for the class change since two of your characters will have learned many abilities, making it possible to switch them to the other magic class and learn that line of magic. You can change your Warrior to a Sage and then he'll learn all the magic that your other magic users learned while maintaining a decent amount of strength.

Hero, Warrior, Warrior, Warrior
This is the ideal party to end the game with. Your charactes will be able to equip powerful weapons and armor and deal masive amounts of physical damage, which is best since bosses are generally immune to magic. This is a poor choice to start with though since your characters will not learn any of the abilities they need. This is great if you don't mind spending lots of time leveling since you will have to change your characters classes to magic based ones and this can give them a great boost in vitality and strength, but you will have to redo this at the end of the game which makes it overkill and unnecessary. Just save combination for when you near the end of the game and are almost ready to fight Zoma.

Hero, Sage, Cleric, Mage
This is an excellent choice for after the class change. If you had a Warrior, make him the Sage. He will learn all the needed magic will not loosing too much strength. Your Mage and Cleric just switch roles and learn more magic.

Hero, Fighter, Cleric, Mage
This isn't too bad of a choice. You have pretty decent physical fighting with the Hero and Fighter, and your magic is covered with the Mage and Cleric. This party is also relatively cheap since they Fighter cannot equip much and does not need to equip much to be a powerful force. The party is lacking in the defensive realm though and cannot take many hits. The Fighter's high agility will help to compensate though. Not a bad choice for parties. Also, if you change your Fighter to a Warrior down the road, he will have pretty high agility since the class change halves your stats.

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