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99 Dalmations
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The 100 Acre Woods

This world is located in the book that you brought to Merlin waaaaay back in Traverse Town. Throughout the game you should have found a couple Torn pages, if you don't have all of them the list is as follows.

World: Area:
Agrabah: Cave of Wonders, Dark Cave
Monstro: Chamber 6
Atlantica: Ariel's Grotto
Halloween Town: Research Lab
Traverse Town: Rescue 51 Dalmations

Anyways when you start 100 Acre Woods you'll meet Pooh in a meadow. He'll run away and after raiding the log he was sitting on for treasure head for his Treehouse. Go into his house to meet him, raid it for treasure then leave and talk to Owl. Leave this area and use a Torn Page to open the next area. You'll meet Piglet, chase him around to get him to come out from hiding. You'll play a mini-game where you have to keep the bees from popping Pooh's balloon. Just beat them away until he reaches the top hole, it's not as easy as it sounds so target the bees when they show up. After that area is done leave and the page will turn into the Naturespark, the Bambi Summon Gem.

The next Torn Page reveals Rabbit's house. Yank the cabbages and pumpkins out of the ground for items then go behind Rabbit's house and talk to Pooh and Piglet. Then enter the house and talk with Rabbit. Pooh will want some honey so knock the blue pot down from the rafters. After this examine it then leave the house and try to leave the area, then Tigger will show up. You'll play a simple mini-game and once that is over this area is complete. Leave the area and the page will turn into a Mythril Shard.

The next Torn Page is the bridge, from here you'll see Eeyore stuck in the water, jump in and save him. Follow Owl's instructions and play the Mini-game.

The next Torn Page is to the Clearing area, where you'll play a couple of mini-games then you'll help Owl find some Rare nuts. The Nuts are hidden rather poorly and most of them are in the trees, just take every route up into the trees that there is and you'll get them all. Take them one at a time to Owl to get rewards.

In the final area you'll be in a muddy path. Walk around the center area and you'll find Eeyore hidden in a small hole disguised by branches. Now you'll have to bring the others to this hole. Use the Lock-on to bring Pooh with you and then go find Roo who is hopping on a large tree root. Talk to him and he'll head to where Eeyore is. Rabbit is hiding in an area with quite a few holes, bring Pooh over and talk to him and he'll head back to where you sent Roo. Jump onto the air rising from the well and hop onto the log that Tigger is on, talk to him and he'll head for the meeting point. Next to get Owl to jump onto the air from the well and rise up and make your way up to the ledge, Owl is in the bushes. At this time Pooh should be down where the well is, use your Fire spell to remove the cobwebs from inside the log then move to the blue flowers and target Pooh. He'll climb up and lead Pooh into the log, at the other side lead him to the Blue Flowers and he'll float up to a level with a tree with a hole in it. Jump up after him then stand next to the tree and have Pooh bring Piglet out. With that done 100 Acre Woods is complete, lock it and you're done.

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