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The Mushrooms are some of the most annoying little buggers in all of Kingdom Hearts. They make you do idiotic little tasks to get items that are usually useful, just...not all of them are useful.

White Mushrooms Rare Truffles Black Fungus

White Mushrooms

The White Mushrooms will play a game of Charades with you, you must cast a spell on them with reference to the expression they are showing. To get a "Spell Art" from them cast the same spell on them three times in a row. Take the entire set of Arts (all seven) to Merlin to get Goofy's Dream Shield weapon. The White 'Shrooms appear in the following areas: The Red room in Traverse Town, Deep Jungle: Camp & Treehouse, Halloween Town: Graveyard, Agrabah: Treasure room, Wonderland: Lotus Forest, Atlantica: Sunken ship and Undersea cave.

Charade: Spell: Item:
Fanning itself: Blizzard Blizzard Arts
Shivering: Fire Fire Arts
Spotlight: Thunder Thunder Arts
Falls down: Cure Cure Arts
Freezes in place: Stop Stop Arts
Spins around: Aero Aero Arts
Floats: Gravity Gravity Arts

Rare Truffles

Rare Truffles are weird to say the least, they have an obsession with flying. You can get rare items for selling and synthesis from the Rare truffles depending on how long you can keep them elevated. If you can keep then elevated for 10 hits there is a 40% chance it will drop a Mystery Goo, which is important for synthesis, and an Elixir. For 50 you'll get a Mystery Goo, Elixir and a Shiitake Rank, the Shiitake being sellable for 100 Munny. And lastly 100 and you'll get Mystery Goo, Elixir and a Matsutake Rank, which can be sold for 500 Munny. To make this easy don't bother trying to keep the bugger in the air with your Keyblade. Cast Aero on yourself and walk into the little guy, he'll bounce up, now just keep him bouncing until Aero runs out then cast it again while he's in the air, after about 20 or so hits Aero will disintegrate. Rare Truffles appear in the following areas: Halloween Town: Bridge, Neverland: Deck of the ship, End of the World: in one of the little world pockets and in Monstro's throat.

Black Fungus

Black Fungus is a money maker, thats it. If you can kill him on a critical hit or with Trinity Limit you may get a Mystery Mold which is sellable for vast quantities of cash....9,999 Munny to be precise. Black Fungus appear in the following locations: AgrabahL Bazaar, Halloween Town: Moonlight Hill, Hollow Bastion: Cell and the End of the World in one of the little world pockets.

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