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Synthesis is a tedious and time consuming project, but it nets you great rewards, rare accessories, items and the most powerful Keyblade in the entire game. The Synthesis shop is accessed by using the Green Trinity in the Accessory shop.

Items Lists
Monster Locations

Synthesis Items

Name: Enemies who have it:
Lucid Shard: Shadow & White 'shroom (Gravity)
Lucid Gem: Gargoyle, White 'shroom (Gravity) & Wight Knight
Lucid Crystal: Darkball
Spirit Shard: Large Body, Soldier & White 'shroom (Aero)
Spirit Gem: Air Soldier & White 'shroom (Aero)
Power Shard: Bouncywild, Powerwild & White 'shroom (Stop)
Power Gem: Air Pirate, Battleship, Pirate, White 'shroom (Stop)
Power Crystal: Wyvern
Blaze Shard: Red Nocturne & White 'shroom (Fire)
Blaze Gem: Bandit, Fat Bandit & White 'shroom (Fire)
Frost Shard: Blue Rhapsody & White 'shroom (Ice)
Frost Gem: Sea Neon, Sheltering Zone & White 'shroom (Ice)
Thunder Shard: White 'shroom (Thunder) & Yellow Opera
Thunder Gem: Aqua Tank, Screw Driver & White 'shroom (Thunder)
Shiny Crystal: Wizard
Bright Shard: Green Requiem, White 'shroom (Cure)
Bright Gem: Search Ghost, White 'shroom (Cure)
Bright Crystal: Defender
Mystery Goo: White 'shroom
Gale: Angel Star & Invisible
Mythril Shard: Barrel Spider, Behemoth & Pot Spider
Mythril: Angel Star & Behemoth
Orichalum: Behemoth & Invisible

Synthesis Lists

To unlock new sets simply complete one set by systhesizing all the items that set has to offer.

Item: Set #: Synthesis Items: Type of Item:
Cottage: 1 2 Bright Shard & 3 Blaze Shard Restoration
Elixir: 1 2 Blaze Shard, 2 Frost Shard, 2 Thunder Shard & 4 Mythril Shard Restoration
Energy Bangle: 1 2 Power Shard & 1 Frost Shard Accessory
Power Chain: 1 2 Spirit Shard & 1 Power Shard Accessory
Guard Earring: 1 2 Spirit Shard & 1 Thunder Shard Accessory
Dark Ring: 1 2 Lucid Shard, 1 Bright Shard & 2 Mythril Shard Accessory
Mega-Potion 2 1 Blaze Gem, 1 Frost Gem, 1 Thunder Gem & 2 Mythril Shard Restoration
AP Up: 2 3 Spirit Shard, Spirit Gem & 3 Mythril Stats Increase
Angel Bangle: 2 3 Spirit Shard, 3 Power Shard & 3 Bright Gem Accessory
Magic Armlet: 2 3 Blaze Shard, 3 Frost Shard, 3 Thunder Shard & 2 Mythril Accessory
Golem Chain: 2 3 Power Shard, 1 Power Gem & 1 Lucid Gem Accessory
Master Earring: 2 3 Lucid Shard, 2 Lucid Gem & 2 Spirit Gem Accessory
Mega-Ether: 3 3 Blaze Gem, 3 Frost Gem, 3 Thunder Gem, 5 Bright Shard & 1 Bright Crystal Restoration
Defense Up: 3 5 Lucid Shard, 3 Lucid Gem, 1 Lucid Crystal & 1 Mystery Goo Stats Increase
Gaia Bangle: 3 5 Power Shard, 3 Power Gem &1 Bright Crystal Accessory
Rune Armlet: 3 2 Blaze Gem, 2 Frost Gem, 2 Thunder Gem & 1 Power Crystal Accessory
Heartguard: 3 3 Spirit Shard, 3 Power Shard & 1 Power Crystal Accessory
Three Stars: 3 3 Blaze Shard, 3 Frost Shard, 3 Thunder Shard, 1 Orichalum & 1 Shiny Crystal Accessory
Megalixir: 4 5 Bright Shard, 3 Bright Gem, 1 Bright Crystal, 1 Shiny Crystal & 2 Gale Restoration
Power Up: 4 5 Power Shard, 3 Power Gem, 1 Power Crystal, 1 Mystery Goo & 2 Orichalum Stats Increase
Titan Chain: 4 5 Spirit Shard, 3 Spirit Gem & 1 Lucid Crystal Accessory
Atlas Armlet: 4 2 Shiny Crystal, 1 Mystery Goo, 3 Orichalum & 1 Gale Accessory
Crystal Crown: 4 3 Lucid Crystal, 3 Power Crystal, 3 Shiny Crystal & 3 Bright Crystal Accessory
Ribbon: 4 5 Blaze Gem, 5 Frost Gem, 5 Thunder Gem, 5 Bright Gem & 3 Gale Accessory
Ultima Weapon: 5 5 Lucid Gem, 5 Power Gem, 5 Thunder Gem, 3 Mystery Goo & 3 Gale Weapon

Monster Locations

Enemy: Location:
Air Pirate Neverland
Air Soldier Neverland
Angel Star End of the World
Aquatank Atlantica
Bandit Agrabah
Barrel Spider Neverland
Battle Ship Neverland
Behemeoth End of the World
Blue Rhapsody Traverse Town
Bouncy Wild Deep Jungle
Dark Ball Hollow Bastion
Defender Hollow Bastion
Fat Bandit Agrabah
Gargoyle Halloween Town
Green Requiem Traverse Town
Invisible End of the World
Large Body Traverse Town
Pirate Neverland
Pot Spider Agrabah
Powerwild Deep Jungle
Red Nocturne Neverland
Sea Neon Atlantica
Search Ghost Monstro/Atlantica
Screwdriver Atlantica
Shadow Traverse Town
Sheltering Zone Atlantica
Soldier Traverse Town
Wizard Hollow Bastion
White 'shroom Radom, but I've found them the most at the tent area of Deep Jungle
Wyvern Hollow Bastion
Yellow Opera Traverse Town

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