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Kingdom Hearts has a few very worthwile secrets. Extra bosses and a special feature when you complete certain tasks.

Secret BossesHidden MovieGeneral Secrets

Secret Bosses

The Secret bosses are quite the challenge, Sephiroth and the Ice Titan are found in the Platinum and Gold matches at the Coliseum, Kurt is found by talkingto the Carpet in Aladdin's house and The Phantom by talking to Tinkerbell in the Cabin in Neverland with Pan on your team. Anyway, the strategies for Sephiroth, Ice Titan, Kurt Zisa, and The Phantom are below.


Preparations: You really want your level to at least be around the sixties for a good chance of winning. Equip as many Gaia Bangles as you can since they'll give you a much needed HP and defense boost. If you don't have any, I'd suggest you go synthesize some. For your weapon choose either the Oathkeeper, Metal Chocobo, Lionheart, Oblivion, or Ultima Weapon. Fill your items slots with either Elixers or Mega Ethers. For your abilities be sure to have MP Haste, MP Rage, Critical Plus, Dodge Roll, Second Chance (do NOT go into battle without this equipped), and Strike Raid (you really want this). For your magic, Aero and cure are your friends. Keep in mind, even with this strategy, there's a nice chance that you'll die until you get use to his attacks and timing.

Attack NameDescription
Basic SlashSeph will stand and attack you with his blade, which has some major reach. You can try to parry it if you want, but I'd either block it or dodge it.
Teleport SlashSeph will teleport somewhere around you (more than likely behind you) and will follow with a slash. The damage is equivalent to that of a normal slash.
Flame PillarSeph summons a huge flame to surround him. Getting close enough to hit him is a bit of a problem while using this. He'll usually do this after three sword attacks or after interrupting Sin Harvest.
Sin HarvestHe'll teleport to a corner then summon some sort of voodoo on you (not really voodoo) that will drain your HP to 1 and your MP to 0. Unless you have second chance equiped, you'll die. If you interrupt this move (Strike Raid), he'll go into a Flame Pillar.
OmnislashSeph does a frenzy of slashes and finishes it off by leaping up and coming down. The hits don't stun you, so you should be able to escape it. Beware the finishing blow though.
Darkness BallsSephiroth summons Darkness Balls that surround him, then he'll close in on you and attack as the balls draw close to you.
MeteorHe'll summon a bunch of meteors that circle around him, damaging you if you get too close. Then the meteors will be sucked into a black hole, only to have a bigger meteor come out and hit you.

Hp: 1,800
Exp: 18,000
Strategy: Sephiroth has one helluva reach with his blade, the infamous Masamune, but don't let that bother you. He'll use attacks such as a basic slash, a teleport slash, and Flame Pillar. Best way to evade his basic slash is to use dodge roll. Start off by casting Aero if at all possible and dodging his attacks. When he does his Flame Pillar, dodge roll away from him and attack with Strike Raid. After doing this a few times, his HP bar should begin to move. Try to get in some normal combos if you can. Once his HP bar gets down to where the yellow bar is visible, he'll teleport and say "Come on!". He'll start teleporting like mad and will eventually teleport away from you and into a corner and shout "SIN HARVEST!" which means he's going to use Sin Harvest (duh).

You'll see a rainbow-like glow around him, and then you'll notice it above your head. Its too late when this happens. You're gonna be hit by it and your HP will be reduced to one and your MP to zero. Directly following this, he'll teleport and kill you. To avoid this, quickly use Strike Raid when you hear him say "Sin Harvest!" to interrupt it. Doing so will cause him to use Flame Pillar. Dodge this and when he tries to use Sin Harvest again, attack with Strike Raid. Dodge his basic and teleport slashes, wait for him to use Sin Harvest again, and repeat. At some point he'll attack you with Omnislash. The best way to thwart this is (surprisingly) Strike Raid. When the green of his health bar becomes visible, he'll get a wee pissed and be surrounded in a in a black and green "vortex" with a white glow. Here he'll attack you with Meteors and "Darkness Balls". While he's attacking with the Darkness Balls, feel free to attack him, but you'll have to heal up frequently. Eventually he'll go back to trying to use Sin Harvest. Just use the Strike Raid strategy and keep your health up and he'll eventually fall.

Ice Titan

Preparations: You'll want to be around level 50 or 60 to take this guy down with ease. Be sure to have the Guard, Scan, Second Chance, MP Rage, and MP Haste abilities equipped, but not dodge roll. It just might mess you up when you go to block some of his attacks. You also want to equip as many Blizagga Rings and Ribbons as you can to help protect you from his ice attacks. And whatever you do don't cast Aero at all in this battle. This will only result in the Ice Titan throwing larger Icicles.

Attack NameDescription
Icicle BlastIce Titan will swipe his hand through the air and unleash a barrage of "ice arrows." Sometimes he'll through them in a manner where they'll leave his hand in a fan shape and other times they'll be shot straight at you, one after another.
Huge Icicle BlastIcicle blast with the ice arrows twice as big, unblockable, undeflectable, and does more damage. He only uses this when you cast Aero.
Freezing shockwaveTitan will stomp his foot creating a shockwave of ice that really hurts. Best way to avoid it is jump or just stand on top of the coliseum seats where it won't reach you.
Glacial SpikesTitan punches the ground and icicles shoot from the ground. Move short distances in different directions. This attack does affect all areas of the arena.
Ice BreathTitan opens his mouth and lets out a mist that will freeze Sora for 2 or 3 seconds if he comes into contact with it. Titan will take full advantage of your vulnerability, but it won't reach you at the top of the coliseum.
Ice DropHere he'll summon ice balls to drop on you. Running will help avoid these.

After you complete the Hades Cup you'll find that a "???" has appeared on Phil's list of tournaments, this is the Gold Match.

Ice Titan:
Hp: 1,500
Exp: 5,000
Strategy: When the battle starts have Sora run to the very top top of the stadium seats. Doing so will help in avoiding some of his attacks. Do not leave the top of the seats for any reason other than to attack the Ice Titan when he's temporarily stunned (more on this in just a bit). After arriving at the top of the stadium you'll be ready to take on this overgrown popcicle. The key to defeating him is to use the guard ability to deflect his icicles back at him. In order to successfully pull this off-which isn't too hard-is to wait for oncoming icicles or "ice arrows" to come close to Sora and hit the square button. Doing so causes them to fly right back at the Ice Titan, damaging him. When he launches a barrage of icicles don't bother trying to deflect them, just dodge them.

If you need to heal at any point, do so with your cure spell since its considerably faster than using items and the Ice Titan will constantly be launching attacks at you. After you've deflected enough icicles back at him, he'll become stunned and kneel, lowering his head to the floor of the arena. At this point, glide or superglide your way from the top of the stadium to the floor and attack his head as much as possible. When he begins to show signs of waking up get back to the top of the stadium on the double. Just continue deflecting his icicles and repeat this process until he's beaten.

Kurt Zisa

Preparations:: Be sure that your levels are at least in the mid-fifties, if not sixties. In your item window have some Hi-Potions and Megalixers. Don't bother with ethers since there's a chance of them getting in your way when healing. Make sure that you have magic shortcuts to Aero, Cure, and thunder (which you more than likely should). You'll also want to equip the Dodge Roll and any other ability to strengthen your attacks.

Attack NameDescription
Never AgainThis can't be avoided. Every time Kurt enters his "attack mode" he'll use this so that you can't use any of your magic. When kurt leaves attack mode, this problem will be gone until he enters it again.
Mad DashKurt will lunge toward Sora when their distance is too great. Roll to avoid.
RoundhouseKurt quickly spins his two blades around his body. To avoid, either stand close to his legs or roll away.
Spinning BladeKurt leaps into the air spin quickly, then attempt to come down on sora like a blade. Best way to dodge this is to roll right before he hits you.
Hell's MaelstromKurt will make a motion with his arms and a sign of some sort will appear on his sheild. He'll float around as balls of fire pop up randomly through the desert. They'll explode after a certain amount of time or when Sora touches them. Just don't sit still when this happens and you'll be fine.
SandstormKurt summons a little desert cyclone to engulf Sora. If Sora gets trapped, roll out.
Meteor RainKurt summons balls of dark energy from the sands. The sand will sort of bubble when the balls come in and out of the ground. He'll also throw some bigger ones at you while this is going on, making it a little difficult to dodge. Kurt will sometimes use this on conjunction with other attacks.

Kurt Zisa:
Hp: 1,500
Exp: 20,000
Strategy: Kurt is a simple battle. Cast Aero or summon Tinkerbell right away because Kurt will quickly block all magic. Anyway, target the energy balls in his grip to undo this anti-magic shield. Once you destroy them Kurt will collapse into a heap allowing you a chance to attack. Take full advantage of it. Keep the head targeted though 'cause it moves around a lot. Once Kurt revives he will create an attack proof shield around himself. Use magic attacks on the wall to thwart its effect. Every hit that the shield takes will release a shower of MP balls, so pick them up to restock your supply of MP. Once the shield is gone he will collapse back into a heap and after that start the cycle all over again. Beware though of the spinning attacks that Kurt unleashes because it's not exactly safe to stand around while he's flying through the air right at you. Dodge roll comes in hand during this attack, so use it to evade. Keep your HPs up and have lots of healing items and you'll do fine.

The Phantom

Preparations: You'll want to have lots of MP for this battle, so equip yourself with some Rune Armlets and Rays of Lights. For your abilities equip MP Gift, MP Haste, and MP Rage. Feel your item slots with Ethers and make sure you have Firaga, Blizzaga, and Thundaga in Sora's shortcut menu. You may also want to replace one of those three spells with Stopra. Lady Luck, Oathkeeper, and Ultima Weapon are you best choice of weapons.

Best I mention this beforehand as well. When it comes to selecting the appropriate spell to cast on the ball, the color gives a nice hint as to which spell to cast. Red is Fire, Blue is Blizzard, Yellow is Thunder, and White is a physical attack.

Attack NameDescription
DoomPhantom will use a spell similar to Doom from the FF games. Only way to stop it is to cast Stopra on the clock faces.
SlashHe'll lean back and try to slash you.
Heat-seeking WormThe Phantom will summon a heat-seeking worm. Casting Aero should get rid of this problem.

The Phantom:
Hp: 1,200
Exp: 9,999
Strategy: The Phantom will probably start off using his sudden death attack, which I'll refer to as Doom. You'll notice this attack right away when numbers appear over your head or any other of your party members. When the timer runs out, that character is gone from the battle for the good. The only way to avoid death is to cast Stopra on the hands of the clock on one of the clock faces when they are spinning rapidly. If you can't cast it when you're locked on to it get closer to the clock face. Stopping the clock should be your first priority seeing as how you'll need to cast the spell frequently. Now, when he's circling around you don't try to follow, but rather just sit and wait for him. While you're waiting, look at his ball and see what color it is. If there isn't a ball, then release the lock on and fall back. If you don't release it you'll have a wee bit of trouble "running" from him.

If the ball is blue or yellow, go to your magic menu and select the appropriate spell and wait. If its red or white, prepare for its charge. Once it charges at you, prepare to cast your spell. If its a red or blue ball, use the spell as soon as he comes into spell range. If its a yellow or white ball, wait and attack until he's comes little close. Once your magic connects, note the color change of the ball and repeat the previous step. After the third hit, the Phantom will be stunned a while. This ends the first attack cycle. After he wakes up, he'll try to attack you. Fly around and try to avoid him and repeat the spell process. After every other attack cycle, the Phantom will launch an attack at you. Aeroga will deflect it. Just keep your MP up and the clock faces stopped, and you'll beat him.

Hidden Movie

To get the Hidden Movie do the following: Counquer the Hades Cup, rescue all 99 Dalmations and seal all the worlds includingthe 100 Acre Woods. Then beat the game and sit through the credits and everything to see the movie.

General Secrets

Sora's Cheer ability: To gain Sora's Cheer ability go to the 100 Acre Wood and play the mini-games.In Pooh's Hunny game get 100 licks, get 150 points in Tigger's game, swing Pooh more then 40 yards, complete Tigger's Giant Pot gamein less then 30 seconds and find all of Pooh's friends in the Muddy Path in less then five minutes.

Neverland Clocktower: After you seal the Neverland Keyhole return to the Clocktower. On the small doors on the sides of the clock a lightwill appear at every hour, head to them to get an item. The item you get corresponds with the time and you may want to get them before the Phantom appears after Hollow Bastion. The Clocktower corresponds with your in-game timer, so if you haven't gotten any of the treasures yet theclock will read "1:00" and after that each time your in-game timer hits an hour it will read the next hour on the tower.
2:00Power Up
3:00Mythril Shard
4:00Power Up
5:00AP Up
7:00AP Up
8:00Defense Up
10:00Defense Up
11:00Mythril Shard

Wonderland Flowers: While in Wonderland talk to the flowers in the Lotus forest. They will ask for something. Give them what they want by going to the items command and choosing the flower as the item's target can net you some great rewards early in the game.

Traverse Town Postcards: While in Traverse Town you can pick up postcards and mail them for a nice set of items. Search them outthen take them to the mailbox near the steps in the First District. The mailbox has a giant tongue on it, you can't miss it. By theby you don't have to get them in this order but I did.
First District:For the first card strike target and strike the ceiling fan in the Item shop.
First District:Make your way onto the roof of the Accessory shop to find it in a chest.
First District:Activate the Blue Trinity.
First District:After facing Leon open the Blue Safe near thegate to the Second District.
First District:In a pot on a shelf in Gepetto's house.
First District:Activate the Green Trinity in the Accessory shop, the card is in the Synthesis workshop revealed by the Trinity.
Second District:On the awning in front of the "Boots & Shoes" Shop.
Third District:Defeat the Guard Armor then make your way along the roofs in the Second District until youreach the upper entrance to the Third District. Use the Target feature to find a Postcard in the corner of the area.
Third/Second District:Cast Thunder on the wires in the Third District then head to the Gizmo Shop in the SecondDistrict then hit the buttons in the Gizmo shop to get the last two cards.

2:Mythril Shard
9:Defense Up
10:Power Up

Torn pages: Throughout the game you should havefound a couple Torn pages, if you don't have all of them the list is as follows.

Agrabah:Cave of Wonders, Dark Cave
Monstro:Chamber 6
Atlantica:Ariel's Grotto
Halloween Town:Research Lab
Traverse Town:Rescue 51 Dalmations

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