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When you see small blue, red, green, yellow or white emblems on an object in your surroundings you have found a Trinity Mark. Trinity moves unlock treasures, secrets, munny, HP balls and MP Balls and sometimes even more. You have to have Donald and Goofy with you to pull a Trinity off though.

Blue Red Green
Yellow White

Blue Trinity

The Blue Trinity is gained when Donald and Goofy join your team after defeating the Guard Armor.

World: Area: Reward:
Traverse Town: First District, in the area with the round tables. Postcard
Traverse Town: First District, next to the World Exit. Munny
Traverse Town: Third District, on the stair/ramp next to the fountain. Camping Set & Munny
Traverse Town: Mystical House, on the ground nead the Save Point. Mega-Ether & Munny
Wonderland: Lotus Forest Potion, Ether, Tent & MP Balls
Wonderland: Lotus Forest Camping Set & MP Balls
Deep Jungle: The Camp Dalmations 34-36
Deep Jungle: The Climbing Trees Dalmations 31-33
Olympus Coliseum: Coliseum Gates, out in the open. Dalmations 22-24
Olympus Coliseum: Coliseum Gates, behind some of the pillars. Mythril Shard
Agrabah: Bazaar Mega-Ether & Munny
Agrabah: The Cave of Wonders, it is located in the Silent Chamber Thunder-G
Monstro: In the Mouth area. 2 Potions, Cottage & Munny
Monstro: In the throat area. Mythril Shard & Munny
Monstro: In the Chamber 5 Area. Cottage & Munny
Hollow Bastion: In the Dungeon area. Mega-Potion, Mega-Ether, Cottage & HP Balls
Hollow Bastion: In the Great Crest area. Megalixir, 2 Cottage & MP Pass

Red Trinity

The Red Trinity is gained when you seal the Deep Jungle Keyhole.

World: Area: Reward:
Traverse Town: First District, in the alley where Sora first arrives in Traverse Town. Opens route to Dalmations 4-6
Traverse Town: In the Alley behind the hotel on a grate. Opens way to Secret Waterway.
Traverse Town: Second District, on the roof of the Gizmo shop. Opens access to the bell.
Agrabah: Cave of Wonders, Treasure room. Mythril Shard & Munny
Halloween Town: Oogie's Manor in the first room near the fire activated floating platform. Mythril Shard
Hollow Bastion: In the Entrance Hall area. Emblem Piece

Green Trinity

The Green Trinity is gained after defeating Jafar and sealing the Agrabah Keyhole.

World: Area: Reward:
Traverse Town: In the Accessory Shop. Access to the Synthesis Item workshop.
Wonderland: Rabbit Hole, close by the Save Point. Elixir
Wonderland: Bizzare Room, inside the fireplace. Mythril Shard
Deep Jungle: Tree Top, in the middle of the area. Mythril Shard & HP Balls
Olympus Coliseum: Coliseum Gates Mythril
Agrabah:: In the Storage Room. Power Up
Monstro: On top of Gepetto's ship. Mythril Shard
Neverland: In the Cabin area. Gain access to the Captain's cabin.
Hollow Bastion: Second floor of the Library. Grab a book on the nearby shelf.

Yellow Trinity

The Yellow Trinity is gained when you complete the Hercules Cup

World: Area: Reward:
Traverse Town: Behind the Mystical House. Power Up
Traverse Town: First District, next to the World Exit. Munny
Olympus Coliseum: Coliseum Lobby. The Coliseum Keyhole.
Agrabah: Cave of Wonders in the Hall area. The Pillar is dropped giving access to the final area.
Neverland: In the Ship's Hold Opens a door with the Aero Upgrade, a Dispel-G and an Orichalum in chests.

White Trinity

The White Trinity is gained after defeating Riku in the Entrance Hall.

World: Area: Reward:
Traverse Town: In the Secret Waterway near the mural. Orichalum
Wonderland: Lotus Forest, entered through the portrait. The Lady Luck
Deep Jungle: Cavern of Hearts Orichalum
Olympus Coliseum: Coliseum Gates. The Violetta
Agrabah: Cave of Wonders in the Entrance area. Comet-G
Monstro: In the Chamber 6 area. Thundaga-G
Atlantica: Triton's Palace Orichalum
Halloween Town: On Moonlight Hill. Comet-G
Hollow Bastion: Firaga-G. Meteor-G

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