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Parasite Cage:
Hp: 900
Exp: 1,000
Strategy: This fight is similar to your previous fight with the Cage but it has taught itself a new attack. It can now exhale poisonous gaswhich will keep damaging you for a couple seconds after it hits. If you want you can attack head on but I suggest sniping the Cage from one ofthe platforms with Fira spells. Heal Donald and Goofy when they need it and when the Cage sags as if it was tired run in for a series of aerial combos and inflict as much damage as possible. Repeast as neccessary until the Cage falls


Hp: Ursula: 450
Eels: 60
Exp: Ursula: 1,000
Eels: 150
Strategy: If you don't know what you're doing this fight is horrendously difficult, if you's incredibly simple. Ursula's weakness is connected tothe color of her cauldron. The color of her cauldron corresponds with her weakness. If it is red use a Fire spell, if blue use a Blizzard spell and if yellowuse a Lightning spell. If you do manage to hit the cauldron properly (You have to be high up and far enough away) Ursula will be damaged and both her and the Eelswill be knocked out, have your entire party go all out on her at this moment. Before she wakes up you can beat her down to less then half her full health. Repeat thisuntil he is down for the count, oh and have the other two members of your party keep the Eels away from you while you concentrate on Ursula's cauldron. If you are runninglow on MP and you don't want to waste an ether beat on Flotsam and Jetsam for some MP balls.

Queen Ursula:
Hp: 900
Exp: 1,500
Strategy: Using the power of the Triton Ursula grows to gargantuan proportions. To survive have Aero and Cure on your magic shortcuts. You should have Aero cast on youat all times, and if you don't be ready to cure quite often. When Ursula starts to inhale start Mermaid kicking, this attack can do some massive damage if she gets a chanceto bite you. Ddodge her energy bubble attack and if she says something and raises the Triton..RUN! She is about to summon a field of downward energy blasts that can hit up tothree times and can finish you even if you do have Aero cast on you. To defeat Ursula attack the side or back of her head and when she prepares to attack run quickly and far away withthe Mermaid kick. If you are careful this fight will take a while but you'll win.

Halloween Town

Lock, Shock & Barrel:
Hp: Lock: 150
Shock: 120
Barrel: 180
Exp: Lock: 80 (Becomes 8 if you defeat her before the other two)
Shock: 120 (Becomes 12 if you defeat him before the other two)
Barrel: 240 (Becomes 24 if you defeat him before the other two)
Strategy: Not much to it, you should be more then strong enough to easily crush these three. Keep your HPs up and this fight will be so easy it'll hurt.

Oogie Boogie:
Hp: 450
Exp: 2,500
Strategy: Welcome to the Casino, roulette anyone? This fight takes place with Oogy acting like the big sack of cowardly bugs that he is. Oogy will toss dice down onto yourplatform that will either explode or choose what kind of trap will attack you. The dice will either summon a set of three sickles that spin around the roulette wheel, summon Heartless or have circular saws attack. Keep your lock on Oogie, unless you're fighting Heartless, and when the buttons in each section of the wheel glow step on one to raisethe ploatform to face Oogie. Also you can strike the dice in hopes of making it land the way you want it to. And the beating begins, this will take a great deal of his life off, you'll be knocked down after you beat him around for a bit. Repeat until hefalls. To ensure your safety stay hugged against the grate when you are dropped back down as to avoid the guns.

Oogie Boogie the Manor:
Hp: 90 (per globe of darkness)
Exp: 2,500 (combined total from the globes)
Strategy: Not much I can say about this, make your way along Oogie and slag all seven of the purplish black globes of darkness. Avoid enemies and keep your HPs up. Thats about it.

Never Land

Hp: 750
Exp: 2,000
Strategy: Ok this is a difficult fight, you're in a confined space and this enemy fights like Sora. Anyway cast Aero and keep your HPs up, once you've beaten Anti-Sora down to a Yellow HP bar iswhere it gets to be harder. At this time it will start to split into 3, attack one and if it doesn't appear it's the real thing, the reason it's annoying is if you miss it will turn into a shadow andpop up behind you and beat the crap out of you. This part of the fight is exceptionally annoying, keep Aero on at all times and your HPs up with plenty of Curs and potions. If you can do this then youshould be able to win the fight.

Captain Hook:
Hp: 900
Exp: 3,400
Strategy: Hook is on one hand easy and on the other difficult. Make sure that you aren't flying, keep your feet firmly planted on the deck...unless jumping to dodge one of Hook's attacks. This fight is easyon land and hard in the air so keep to the ground. Just have your entire party focus on him, keep Donald out of the fight as to avoid lighting Hook on fire, it hurts you as well if he touches you. Just beat himdown in Key to sword combat and he'll fall quick enough.

Hollow Bastion

Hp: 500
Exp: 2,000
Strategy: This fight is pathetic, for a battle you could see coming from like...the start of the game it sure doesn't live up to it's hype. Keep Aero cast and your HPs up and just keep pounding on Riku to finishhim off, he's got a low HP rate and he's not even all that strong.

Hp: 900
Exp: 6,000
Strategy: Another fight with an enemy that the game makes out to be incredibly powerful...and isn't. Maleficent summons powerful magic and enemies while floating around on a stone platform. There are two ways to lowerthe platform 1) Beat it senseless (I know rocks have no senses it's...personification) or 2) Cast a gravity spell on it. Gravity spells waste MP so just beat it down and jump on it and either use normal attacks or use theall powerful (or at least at this point in time it is) Ars Arcanum, this will deplete her life incredibly quickly. Avoid her giant Meteor attack and when you can't reach her or the platform is moving help your teamdefeat the Heartless she summons. She should fall rather quickly.

Hp: 1,200
Exp: 6,000
Strategy: This is probably the hardest of the Hollow Bastion bosses. The only sensible way I can come up with of beating this boss is to stay at the edges of the arena and when the fire disappears and she stops attackingto run forward and beat away at her for a bit then when she starts to prepare to attack again to run away. Thats about it, keep Aero cast and your HPs up and you should be able to defeat her quickly enough.

Hp: 900
Exp: 8,500
Strategy: This is like a more difficult one on one battle with the first Riku...only it's hard...waaay harder. Have the Olympia keychain equipped to maximize the damage. Have Aero on at all times and cure at the very momentyou need to. Watch out for Riku's Dark-Raid attack, it's his version of the Strike Raid, you can hit the weapon back at him but I don't suggest it. When Riku starts to gather energy he is about to unleash his most powerful attack,in which he goes flying all over the arena attacking, keep to the air and glide to get out of it's way. If you can stun Riku use Ars Arcanum to unleash a lot of damage but only use it if you can. Keep the pounding and retreating to recover going and he should fall.

Hp: 1,350
Exp: 16,000
Strategy: At the start of the battle target the Behemoth's horn, then head around back and jump up onto it's back. Head up to the horn and unleash all your powerful attacks on it. Ars Arcanum is the most effective. This bossshould go down without much trouble, just beware of its lightning attack and it's stomp attack.

End of the World

Hp: 1,500
Exp: 15,000
Strategy: This boss is very similar to Ursula. Have Aero on at all times and cure at the exact moment that you need to. When Chernie rears his head back he is about to use Fire Breath...get out of the way, preferrably behindhis head. When he looks like he's powering up like a character from an anime he's about to unleash his Fire wave attack much like Ursula's energy field. GET OUT OF THE WAY! It can kill you in a matter of two or three hits. WhenChernie holds out his hands he is about to use his following energy, an attack that follow Sora and fires thin beams at him, fly around dodging them until it stops. Attack the sides and back of his head and beat away at him untilhe falls under your attacks.

Hp: 1,500
Exp: 10,000
Strategy: This fight is easy yet tedious. Attack Ansem head on with your full party, have Aero on at all times and keep your HPs up. When he shouts "Come Guardian" he is summoning his Heartless to protect him, at this time you cannot attack him unless you are behind him when he summons the Guardian. When the two seperate becareful, the "Freeze" command will replace your attack command. Don't attack until your attack command is back. If you do the Guardianwill grab you and leave you open to attacks. Just be careful during this time and keep the pummelling and the healing/defending with Aero going and you'll easily win this fight.

Hp: 900
Exp: 8,000
Strategy: He's bigger, he's stronger and he's just as easy as before. Just fight him as I instructed you to before and he'll fall easily.

Hp: 1,200
Exp: 20,000
Strategy: This fight is very similar to the first fight with Ansem only now Sora is alone. Fight the same way but be wary of Ansem's new attacks. He'll put up an energy barrier and charge around the arena, jump or Super glide out ofthe way, and jump to dodge his energy waves, when he talks about his "True power" he'll seperate from his Guardian and the Guardian will do an attack similar to one of Cerberus'. The Guardian will follow you under the ground and burst out frombeneath you. Keep the fight going and dodge as many of his attacks as and heal when neccessary to win this battle.

The World of Darkness:
Hp: Ansem: 1,500
Core: 30
Small armaments: 120
Large armaments: 240
Core II: 30
Head: 1,200
Core III: 30
Ghost Core: 300
Ansem II: 1,500
Exp: Ansem: 20,000
Core: 0
Small armaments: 90
Large armanents: 240
Core II: 0
Head: 3,000
Core III: 0
Ghost Core: 0
Ansem 2: 0
Strategy: This fight is long and very, very easy. Anyways you still don't have your team so have Aero cast at all times and heal when neccessary. Your first opponent is Ansem, who is easier then ever. He seems to lack the intelligence to attack behind himself so go behind him and start beating away until the energy beams start firing at you, at this time dodge them then return to beating away at Ansem's back. One you've defeated him head to the back glowing thing and enter it.Clear out all the shadows and destroy the core. Anyways once thats done go about destroying all the armaments on the sides leading up to the head of the ship and slag them. Again head to the black glowing thing and head through it to retrieve Goofy.Destroy all the Darkballs and then the core to finish this area. Next head down to the large pink head at the front of the ship, have Goofy attack it and avoid it's attacks. Once you kill it enter the mouth and destroy the Invisibles with the helpof the newly recovered Donald. After this head to the Ghost like Core at the center of the ship, slag it and then face Ansem once more and the game is over.

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