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The Destiny Islands

Items: Potion (unlimited), Hi-Potion x2, Log x2, Cloth, Rope, Coconut x2, Fish x3, Seagull Egg, Drinking Water, Mushroom x3, Pretty Stone

Acessories: Protect Chain

Ok lets get this game on the road. You'll be asked by your friend Kairi to gather some materials. The first log is down on the beach and the second is out on an island which you can reach by swimming or via a bridge. The rope is over on the far edge of the isle across on the deck (recognize it anyone). On your way back head up onto the upper walkway and jump go into the house to get the cloth. And if you wish, head back and give the stuff to Kairi.

If you like before you give the stuff to Kairi challenge Selphie, Tidus and Wakka to duels. Not all at once, you aren't ready for that by a long shot.

Wakka is annoying but easy to beat, he's a long range fighter to hit the Blitzballs he throws back at him and when he's readying for an attack run up and combo him then retreat. Keep this up and you should easily defeat him.

Next off face Selphie. She's in my honest opinion the coolest of the three and the second coolest character in all of FF. Selphie is quick on her feet, so keep moving and beware of her jump rope/nunchaku because it has good mid to short range attacks, but thankfully you can hit it back at her to stun her. Be quick on your feet and she should fall rather easily. Not as easily as Wakka but still pretty easily.

Tidus fights a lot like you do, using combos and quick foot work. Match him and strike when he leaves himself open to attack and you should be able to defeat him. He is the most dangerous of the three. You can fight them multiple times for EXP and all of them at once for EXP and a potion. I don't reccommend it until you are quite skilled and are at least at level 3 or 4.

And even more challenging then the three of them is Riku, your best friend. He fights in a similar fashion to Tidus but with more HP and a higher strength rating. Also when you knock him down he does a flip kick to get back up which hurts...a lot. Defeat him to get a potion. Anyway when you're done here talk to Kairi. She gives you a Hi-Potion in return. Call it a day and choose to go to bed.

When the next day starts head through the door on the side of the island opposite to the deck. You'll find Riku here. Talk to him and race him. You don't have to win but you might as well do so. To win just start running and pass him as quickly as possible, stay ahead and don't go up the tower, drop down to the shore beside the tower and run through the shallow water and up the ramp. Touch the big star and then turn and head back, if you are ahead here youshould easily win.

Anyway once the race is done talk to Kairi for another list of items to find. Now you get to collect food. Push the nearby boulder away to find your first mushroom, then attack one of the nearby palm trees until a yellow coconut falls down, and attack it again until you have 2. Finding the fish shouldn't be too hard. You'll be able to see them from and ok distance. Just swim out and get three of them. Now head to the tower and check in the bushes around it to find the second mushroom. Head to the waterfall in the previous area to get some drinking water then talk to Wakka to learn about the location of the last mushroom. Go to that area then get the mushroom in the back of the cave. Finally head to shack and then onto the ledge with the two trees on it. Climb the thin tree and jump across to the final ingredient the seagull egg.

Before heading back to Kairi, head over to the watchtower. You should be able to see a hole in the wall next to it with a chest inside. Get the nearby crate and bring it over and use it to climb into the hole. Open the chest and you'll get a Protect Chain. I suggest you equip it. Now head back to Kairi and unless you want to fight with the others, go to sleep.

With the day over you'll be attacked by Shadows in the middle of the night, which are immune to your current weapon. Make your way across the bridge to the island here you'll recieve your weapon of choice, the legendary Keyblade. With this you can hurt the Shadows. Level up a bit (I'd say about 7 or 9) then head to the "Secret Place" that Wakka told you about and you'll find a door there. Examine it to initiate a boss battle with Darkside.

Exp: 60
Strategy: This battle is nearly identical to your last battle with Darkside, follow the same strategy and you'll do fine. Use the potions you beat aquirred from your duels against Tidus and Co. to heal yourself when need be.

Once the boss is gone this world is finished.

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