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The End of the World

Items: Power Up X2, Defense Up X2, Megalixir X5, Haste2-G, Ultima-G, Esuna-G, Haste-G, Thundara-G, AP Up

Make your way through this area dealing with the Heartless and picking up the treasure you get from the chests and from defeating the Heartless. The Gale you obtain from the Invisibles are required for Sora's Ultima Weapon. Once you're through in the area, make your way by gliding through the new area until you reach what looks like a glowing pot. Dive in and go through this area world hole by world hole until you reach 100 Acre Woods with it's save point. Save and head to the next world hole to face a boss.

Hp: 1,500
Exp: 15,000
Strategy: This boss is very similar to Ursula. Have Aero on at all times and cure at the exact moment that you need to. When Chernie rears his head back he is about to use Fire Breath...get out of the way, preferrably behindhis head. When he looks like he's powering up like a character from an anime he's about to unleash his Fire wave attack much like Ursula's energy field. GET OUT OF THE WAY! It can kill you in a matter of two or three hits. WhenChernie holds out his hands he is about to use his following energy, an attack that follow Sora and fires thin beams at him, fly around dodging them until it stops. Attack the sides and back of his head and beat away at him untilhe falls under your attacks. For beating him, you obtain the Superglide shared ability.

Now go down through these areas until you face a room with a Behemoth in it. You'll have to fight waves of Heartless until the door opens. You are now at the Final Rest. Before you enter, I suggest you get your levels up to the 50's. Getting your levels to 60+ makes the final battles very easy. I also suggest you go and collect items so that you can Synthesize Sora's Ultima Weapon. And you might want to complete all forms of the Hades Cup (Set Time Limit and Sora by himself) in order to get Donald and Goofy's ultimate weapons. When you think you're ready, head back to the Final Rest and examine the door twice.

You'll now be on the Destiny Islands. Head to where the secret place is to trigger a scene. Afterwards, head over toward Riku and defeat the boss.

Hp: 1,500
Exp: 10,000
Strategy: This fight is easy yet tedious. Attack Ansem head on with your full party, have Aero on at all times and keep your HPs up. When he shouts "Come Guardian" he is summoning his Heartless to protect him, at this time you cannot attack him unless you are behind him when he summons the Guardian. When the two seperate becareful, the "Freeze" command will replace your attack command. Don't attack until your attack command is back. If you do the Guardianwill grab you and leave you open to attacks. Just be careful during this time and keep the pummelling and the healing/defending with Aero going and you'll easily win this fight.

Re-stock your items if you need to and jump into the purple looking area. You'll face an old boss again on your own.

Hp: 900
Exp: 8,000
Strategy: He's bigger, he's stronger and he's just as easy as before. Just fight him as I instruced you to before and he'll fall easily.

Beat him and you'll face Ansem again.

Hp: 1,200
Exp: 20,000
Strategy: This fight is very similar to the first fight with Ansem only now Sora is alone. Fight the same way but be wary of Ansem's new attacks. He'll put up an energy barrier and charge around the arena, jump or Super glide out ofthe way, and jump to dodge his energy waves, when he talks about his "True power" he'll seperate from his Guardian and the Guardian will do an attack similar to one of Cerberus'. The Guardian will follow you under the ground and burst out frombeneath you. Keep the fight going and dodge as many of his attacks as and heal when neccessary to win this battle.

Get rid of him, and you'll be in a new area ready to face the final boss. You'll have to take it on part by part and enter darkness portals.

The World of Darkness:
Hp: Ansem: 1,500
Core: 30
Small armaments: 120
Large armaments: 240
Core II: 30
Head: 1,200
Core III: 30
Ghost Core: 300
Ansem II: 1,500
Exp: Ansem: 20,000
Core: 0
Small armaments: 90
Large armanents: 240
Core II: 0
Head: 3,000
Core III: 0
Ghost Core: 0
Ansem 2: 0
Strategy: This fight is long and very, very easy. Anyways you still don't have your team so have Aero cast at all times and heal when neccessary. Your first opponent is Ansem, who is easier then ever. He seems to lack the intelligence to attack behind himself so go behind him and start beating away until the energy beams start firing at you, at this time dodge them then return to beating away at Ansem's back. One you've defeated him head to the back glowing thing and enter it.Clear out all the shadows and destroy the core. Anyways once thats done go about destroying all the armaments on the sides leading up to the head of the ship and slag them. Again head to the black glowing thing and head through it to retrieve Goofy.Destroy all the Darkballs and then the core to finish this area. Next head down to the large pink head at the front of the ship, have Goofy attack it and avoid it's attacks. Once you kill it enter the mouth and destroy the Invisibles with the helpof the newly recovered Donald. After this head to the Ghost like Core at the center of the ship, slag it and then face Ansem once more and the game is over.

After he's been defeated, sit back and watch the ending. If you locked all Keyholes, returned all the dalmations, and completed the Hades Cup, you'll get a nice "secret" if you don't turn the system off during the credits.

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