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The Gold Match

Preparations: You'll want to be around level 50 or 60 to take this guy down with ease. Be sure to have the Guard, Scan, Second Chance, MP Rage, and MP Haste abilities equipped, but not dodge roll. It just might mess you up when you go to block some of his attacks. You also want to equip as many Blizagga Rings and Ribbons as you can to help protect you from his ice attacks. And whatever you do don't cast Aero at all in this battle. This will only result in the Ice Titan throwing larger Icicles.

Attack NameDescription
Icicle BlastIce Titan will swipe his hand through the air and unleash a barrage of "ice arrows." Sometimes he'll through them in a manner where they'll leave his hand in a fan shape and other times they'll be shot straight at you, one after another.
Huge Icicle BlastIcicle blast with the ice arrows twice as big, unblockable, undeflectable, and does more damage. He only uses this when you cast Aero.
Freezing shockwaveTitan will stomp his foot creating a shockwave of ice that really hurts. Best way to avoid it is jump or just stand on top of the coliseum seats where it won't reach you.
Glacial SpikesTitan punches the ground and icicles shoot from the ground. Move short distances in different directions. This attack does affect all areas of the arena.
Ice BreathTitan opens his mouth and lets out a mist that will freeze Sora for 2 or 3 seconds if he comes into contact with it. Titan will take full advantage of your vulnerability, but it won't reach you at the top of the coliseum.
Ice DropHere he'll summon ice balls to drop on you. Running will help avoid these.

After you complete the Hades Cup you'll find that a "???" has appeared on Phil's list of tournaments, this is the Gold Match.

Ice Titan:
Hp: 1,500
Exp: 5,000
Strategy: When the battle starts have Sora run to the very top top of the stadium seats. Doing so will help in avoiding some of his attacks. Do not leave the top of the seats for any reason other than to attack the Ice Titan when he's temporarily stunned (more on this in just a bit). After arriving at the top of the stadium you'll be ready to take on this overgrown popcicle. The key to defeating him is to use the guard ability to deflect his icicles back at him. In order to successfully pull this off-which isn't too hard-is to wait for oncoming icicles or "ice arrows" to come close to Sora and hit the square button. Doing so causes them to fly right back at the Ice Titan, damaging him. When he launches a barrage of icicles don't bother trying to deflect them, just dodge them.

If you need to heal at any point, do so with your cure spell since its considerably faster than using items and the Ice Titan will constantly be launching attacks at you. After you've deflected enough icicles back at him, he'll become stunned and kneel, lowering his head to the floor of the arena. At this point, glide or superglide your way from the top of the stadium to the floor and attack his head as much as possible. When he begins to show signs of waking up get back to the top of the stadium on the double. Just continue deflecting his icicles and repeat this process until he's beaten.

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