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The Hades Cup

This is painfully difficult if you are low in level, and if you are high in level it is a long and tedious battle. The tourney is 49 Seeds in length and thankfully you don't have to do it all straight through. For conquering the Hades cup youget the Trinity Limit ability, if you conquer it with Sora alone you get the Save the Queen staff and in time trials you get thethe Save the King Shield. Defeat Yuffie to gain the Genji Shield for Goofy and defeat Leon and Cloud to gain the Lionheart Keychain. DefeatBehemoth for Blizzaga, Cerberus for Thundaga and Hades for Gravija.


Keep a large supply of potions and ethers and maybe an elixir for later on in the battle, keep your HPs up and your MP at at least half and you should be able to hack your way slowly through the Seeds. Beware though for this tourney has quite a few boss characters.

49:Shadow Brothers3 Soldier & 7 Shadow
48:Wild Dance3 Wight Knight & 4 Powerwild
47:Terrible Feet1 Hammerleg, 4 Pirate & 2 Shadow
46:Dirty Claws1 Powerwild & 8 Pot Spider
45:Mad Truffle1 Rare Truffle
43:Outlaws3 Bandit & 4 Pirate
42:Dark Garrison1 Defender, 3 Wight Knight & 2 Soldier
41:Bad Union1 Bandit, 2 Powerwild, 1 Large Body, 1 Fat Bandit & 1 Soldier

At this point in time you can now quit and continue with the Seed directly after Behemoth.

39:Red Legion1 Search Ghost & 8 Red Nocturne
38:Blue Legion7 Blue Rhapsody & 2 Gargoyle
37:Sorcerous Armor1 Guard Armor, 2 Blue Rhapsody & 2 Red Nocturne
36:Mad Fungus1 Black Fungus and 4 Green Requiem
35:Spiders & Magic3 Red Nocturne, 3 Yellow Opera & 2 Pot Spider
34:Optical Trick1 Stealth Sneak, 2 Blue Rhapsody & 4 Green Requiem
33:Magic Force1 Wizard, 2 Red Nocturne, 4 Yellow Opera & 2 Blue Rhapsody
32:Shadow Summoners3 Wizard & 6 Shadow
31:Mystic Mages1 Angel Star & 4 Wizard

Again at this point in the tourney you can quit and restart after Cerberus.

29:Sky Raiders4 Air Soldiers & 3 Air Pirates
28:Spookies6 Search Ghost
27:Terrible Fists1 Guantlet & 5 Gargoyle
26:Shadow StormShadow X?
25:Avengers1 Bandit, 1 Wight Knight, 1 Pirate, 1 Soldier & 1 Powerwild
24:Dark Knights1 Opposite Armor & 6 Darkball
23:Black Flap2 Gargoyle, 3 Air Soldier & 2 Air Pirate
22:Night Soarers3 Wyvern, 2 Search Ghost and 2 Air Pirate
21:Air Corsairs1 Battleship, 2 Wyvern & 4 Darkball
20:Cloud & LeonCloud & Leon

Once more at this point you can quit and restart after Cloud & Leon.

19:Large Trio3 Large Body & 2 Wight Knight
18:Blaze Bandits3 Fat Bandit & 4 Red Nocturne
17:False Angels2 Angel Star, 2 Wyvern & 2 Large Body
16:Dark StormDarkball X?
15:Air Brigade1 Wyvern, 1 Air Pirate, 1 Air Soldier, 1 Gargoyle & 1 Search Ghost
14:Violent Bunch2 Fat Bandit, 1 Invisible & 1 Wizard
13:Heavy Warriors2 Fat Bandit, 1 Defender & 2 Large Body
12:Interceptors3 Defender
11:Elder Force3 Invisible & 2 Angel Star

At this point you can quit and restart after Hades

9:Night Rave5 Shadow, 3 Darkball & 1 Invisble
8:The Requiem2 Red Nocturne, 2 Blue Rhapsody, 2 Yellow Opera, 2 Wizard & 1 Angel Star
7:Invisible Fear1 Stealth Sneak & 3 Invisible
6:Mad Mushroom3 White Mushroom
5:Black StormShadow X?& Darkball X?
4:Twin Mirage2 Stealth Sneak
3:Shadow TroopersWyvern X?, Wizard X? & Defender X?
2:Final BattalionDarkball X?, Angel Star X? & Invisible X?
1:Rock TitanRock Titan


Seed 44: Yuffie:
Hp: 450
Exp: 600
Strategy:Yuffie is a simple fight, she is annoyingly fast and attacks from a distance but thats about it, she hasn't changed much since your fight against her in the Herc Cup, only this time she has no Leon to back her up.


Seed 30: Cerberus:
Hp: 1,200
Exp: 1,000
Strategy: This fight is like an insanely difficult version of the Prelim fight with Cerbs. Stick the same strategy but be careful, Cerbs does waaaay more damage and is incredibly dangerous if you don't watch your back.

Cloud & Leon

Seed 20: Cloud & Leon:
Hp: Cloud: 600
Leon: 750
Exp: Cloud: 1,000
Leon: 800
Strategy: This fight can be very difficult Leon is the more dangerous opponent so I'd suggest eliminating Cloud first. Send Goofy and Donald againstLeon to keep him busy while you focus on Cloud. Deal with Cloud the same you've dealt with him in previous encounters, just beware of his Limit and his constant Sonic Blade attacks. Dodge his Flying limit attack with the Dodge Roll and the Sonic Blade attacks by jumping. After he is finished off head for Leon,don't waste your chances, when Leon slows down or misses you go all out. Leon is more then likely to be the one that will finish you off in this fight so be carefuland keep moving, keep your HP and MP up and you should do fine.


Seed 10: Hades:
Hp: 1,800
Exp: 3,000
Strategy: Like Hercules for the first part of the fight Hades seems invincible, he's not. He just has extra health bars that are invisible so beat away. Soon enough you'll beat him down to his real health bars. Beware though because he can be very dangerous, when he spouts fire from his arms get behind him and beat away at him, when he starts throwingfireballs use Dodge Roll to get out of the way, he will punch at you if you are at close range and his final attack is a spinning fire wave from the center of the ring. When he does thisjust run in the same direction the fire is going. This fight is not all that hard but it takes a while because you do very little damage, keep your HPs up and ignore your teammates, they aren'tany help. Keep Aero up at all times and whenever possible pound Hades with as many attacks as you can.

Try this out too if you want. When hades is spouting fire (no, not the one where he's whirling around like a merry go round on fire) use a Blizzard spell to put him out.

Rock Titan

Seed 1: Rock Titan:
Hp: 2,100
Exp: 4,000
Strategy: This fight is pathetic, it starts off with the Titan walking around the area. Run up to his feet lock on and start beating away at him, he'll fall over eventuallyand allow you to beat away at his heads. When he stands up you should still be on his shoulder, but you'll only be able to get in a jump combo at most before you fall back down. Once his invisible health bars are beaten away you'll not only be able to damage him by attacking his heads but also his feet. His feet can damageyou severly so try to keep to the side of them while attacking. This fight should end quickly, for the final boss in this exceptionally difficult cup it's pretty pathetic.

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