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The Hercules Cup

The Hercules Cup is a large jump in difficulty between the previous two, The Herc cup is similar in length to the previous one but it has far more difficult monsters in it. For conquering the Hercules cup you get the Strike Raid ability, for conquering it with Sora alone you get a Mythril and in time trial you get a Defense Up. For defeating Cloud in this cup you get the Metal Chocobo Keychain.

Keep a large supply of Ethers and Potions on all characters, keep your HPs up and your MPs up as well. Heal whenever neccessary and cast Aero during the more dangerous fights.

Seed: Unit: Opponents:
9: Dusk Vanguard: 5 Gargoyle & 3 Shadow
8: Minions of Horror 4 Wight Knight, 1 Air Pirate & 2 Barrel Spider
7: Buccaneers 1 Battleship & 4 Pirates
6: Stray Phantom: 4 Gargoyle & 3 Wight Knight
5: Mad Truffle 1 Rare Truffle
4: Cloud Cloud
3: Dark Squadron 1 Wight Knight, 2 Gargoyle, 2 Pirate, 2 Air Pirate
2: Flying Pirates 2 Battleship, 2 Pirate, 1 Air Pirate
1: Hercules Hercules


Seed 4: Cloud:
Hp: 450/600 (600 after Kairi is rescued)
Exp: 500/1,000 (1,000 after Kairi is rescued)
Strategy: Cloud is basically identical to when you faced him in the Preliminaires, so the strategy is the same. Beware though because he hits harder and is faster on the draw then he was before, he also has a new attack where he flies around the ring swinging his sword for more damage, Aero is key here. Keep your HPs up and keep attacking and you should do fine, be sure to have Dodge roll equipped as to dodge his new Multi-Step Sonic Blade attack, meaning he uses it multiple times in a row.


Seed 1: Hercules:
Hp: 450/750 (750 after Kairi is rescued)
Exp: 700/1,000 (1,000 after Kairi is rescued)
Strategy: Hercules is a fight of mediocre difficulty. Herc is glowing yellow and is invincible while he remains glowing. Barrels will pop up in the ring for you to use. Pick up a barrel and lock on to Herc when he is flexing, toss it at him to stun him and make him drop his shield. Let loose on him causing as much damage as possible, though beware of his punches. When Herc looks like he is powering up get away from him because he's about to unleash a dome of energy around himself, after this he will be glowing again. Beware his charging headbut and his spinning tackle, once he stops if he's glowing hit him with a barrel if he's not attack. This fight is not very hard but if you aren't levelled enough it can be quite difficult.

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