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99 Dalmations
Gummi Garage


Items: Mega-Ether X2, Cottage X4, Dalmatians 55-57 and 73-81, Megalixir X2, Dispel-G X2, Torn Page, Tornado-G X2, Mythril X3, Mythril Shard, Potion X2, Watergleam

Head back to Agrabah junction and take either the path to the mystery area with a battle level of 5 (the one on the right). You'll encounter Monstro. Anyways as you make your way into Monstro's mouth you'll see a scene. Once thats over, make your way to Gepetto's ship while collecting treasure that you can reach. Pinocchio will disappear and it's your job to find him. Save then raid the area for treasures you might have missed. One important treasure would be the Watergleam Summon Gem.

Anyways once you've gotten all the treasure you can reach, head towards where Pinocchio ran to, the Throat. Take out all the enemies in Chamber 1 then head through the ground level door to Chamber 3. Grab the Mega-Ether then return to Chamber 1 and jump up on the ledge and head through the door to Chamber 2. Be careful not to fall, grab the nearby chest containing a cottage, then head into the next area. While you're here, use one of the barrels to reach the chest containing a set of dalmations. Now go to the other door that leads back to Chamber 2 and while ensuring you don't fall, make your way over to the door to Chamber 5. Once in Chamber 5 make your way over to the door that leads to Chamber 6. Take the mid-stair door back to Chamber 5 then head through the door that leads to Chamber 4. After the scene save and head through the door to a boss.

Parasite Cage:
Hp: 450
Exp: 500
Strategy: With Riku to help this fight goes by rather quickly. Move in for the attack when the cage seems a little less tempermental, and beware of it's tentacles when you do. Or you can stay back and blast it with Fira and keep restoring your MP until it falls. Either way will bring this boss to a crashing defeat easily enough.

After the fight drop into the hole and you'll be back at Gepetto's ship. Talk to Gepetto then open the chest near the fish to obtain the High-Jump ability which allows you to jump higher then naturally possible. Now that the water has lowered and you can jump higher, raid this area for the treasure you couldn't get before. Such as the dalmation chest thats on the wall to the left. Anyway make your way to the door above the one that leads to Chamber 1. Make your way up the platforms and into the next area and you'll face a boss.

Parasite Cage:
Hp: 900
Exp: 1,000
Strategy: This fight is similar to your previous fight with the Cage but it has taught itself a new attack. It can now exhale poisonous gas which will keep damaging you for a couple seconds after it hits. If you want you can attack head on but I suggest sniping the Cage from one ofthe platforms with Fira spells. Heal Donald and Goofy when they need it and when the Cage sags as if it was tired run in for a series of aerial combos and inflict as much damage as possible. Repeast as neccessary until the Cage falls.

After that battle, you'll obtain the Stop spell. Now that your work here is done, exit to your Gummi Ship using the save point. Now lets head to Traverse Town for a moment to re-stock on items. While you're there, check out Gepetto's place. Talk to him and then go look at the chest in the corner that contains the wishing star keychain. Leave and head to Merlin's house. Seeing as how you have all of the level 1 spells he'll give you the Spellbinder keychain. After speaking with Merlin, go talk to the Fairy God Mother to change that Watergleam into the Dumbo summon.

Now that you're done with that, head back to monstro and then to the "mystery" world we were going to before we we swallowed up.

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