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The Pegasus Cup

The Pegasus cup is harder then the Phil cup, the two are similar in length but the Pegasus cup holds the higher level of difficulty of the two. For conquering the Pegasus cup you get a Gravity upgrade, for conquering it alone you get a Mythril Shard and for completing it in Time Trial you get an AP UP.

Bosses in this cup: Leon and Yuffie


Keep an equal number of Ethers and Potions, heal with potions only when you cannot do so with magic. Use your ethers sparingly and keep yourself with at least 50% HP or higher.

Seed: Unit: Opponents:
9: Ghost Bandits 2 Search Ghosts, 1 Bandit & 3 Air Solders
8: Marauders 2 Bandits, 3 Barrel Spider and 4 Shadows
7: Sluggers 1 Fat Bandit, 2 Large Body, 2 Pot Spider and 1 Barrel Spider
6: Pots & Bolts 5 Pot Spider, 3 Yellow Opera, 2 Green Requiem
5: The Big Combo 2 Fat Bandit & 4 Search Ghost
4: Toadstool 3 Black Fungus
3: Pots & Barrels 5 Pot Spider & 5 Barrel Spider
2: Giant Impact 3 Fat Bandit & 2 Large Body
1: Leon & Yuffie Leon & Yuffie

Leon and Yuffie

Seed One: Leon & Yuffie:
Hp: Leon: 600/750 (750 after Kairi is rescued)
Yuffie: 300/450 (450 after Kairi is rescued)
Exp: Leon 400/800 (400 after Kairi is rescued)
Yuffie: 300/600 (600 after Kairi is rescued)
Strategy: Of the two warriors you are facing Yuffie is the primary target, she can attack long range and heal so take her out first. Have Donald and Goofy attack Leon just to keep him off your back and cast Aero on yourself to lessen the damage of Yuffie's attacks and just in case Leon hits you. Use the "Guard" ability to deflect Yuffie's shuriken (her throwing weapons) back at her, this will stun her and leave her open for a combo. Once you've eliminated her head for Leon, but be careful. When Leon activates his Limit Break, his Gunblade is surrounded by an energy blade which is far longer and does far higher damage, fight more defensively. He does this at around half health, keep your HPs up and Aero cast and you'll defeat him, not easily but you will.

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