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The Platinum Match

Preparations: You really want your level to at least be around the sixties for a good chance of winning. Equip as many Gaia Bangles as you can since they'll give you a much needed HP and defense boost. If you don't have any, I'd suggest you go synthesize some. For your weapon choose either the Oathkeeper, Metal Chocobo, Lionheart, Oblivion, or Ultima Weapon. Fill your items slots with either Elixers or Mega Ethers. For your abilities be sure to have MP Haste, MP Rage, Critical Plus, Dodge Roll, Second Chance (do NOT go into battle without this equipped), and Strike Raid (you really want this). For your magic, Aero and cure are your friends. Keep in mind, even with this strategy, there's a nice chance that you'll die until you get use to his attacks and timing.

Attack NameDescription
Basic SlashSeph will stand and attack you with his blade, which has some major reach. You can try to parry it if you want, but I'd either block it or dodge it.
Teleport SlashSeph will teleport somewhere around you (more than likely behind you) and will follow with a slash. The damage is equivalent to that of a normal slash.
Flame PillarSeph summons a huge flame to surround him. Getting close enough to hit him is a bit of a problem while using this. He'll usually do this after three sword attacks or after interrupting Sin Harvest.
Sin HarvestHe'll teleport to a corner then summon some sort of voodoo on you (not really voodoo) that will drain your HP to 1 and your MP to 0. Unless you have second chance equiped, you'll die. If you interrupt this move (Strike Raid), he'll go into a Flame Pillar.
OmnislashSeph does a frenzy of slashes and finishes it off by leaping up and coming down. The hits don't stun you, so you should be able to escape it. Beware the finishing blow though.
Darkness BallsSephiroth summons Darkness Balls that surround him, then he'll close in on you and attack as the balls draw close to you.
MeteorHe'll summon a bunch of meteors that circle around him, damaging you if you get too close. Then the meteors will be sucked into a black hole, only to have a bigger meteor come out and hit you.

Hp: 1,800
Exp: 18,000
Strategy: Sephiroth has one helluva reach with his blade, the infamous Masamune, but don't let that bother you. He'll use attacks such as a basic slash, a teleport slash, and Flame Pillar. Best way to evade his basic slash is to use dodge roll. Start off by casting Aero if at all possible and dodging his attacks. When he does his Flame Pillar, dodge roll away from him and attack with Strike Raid. After doing this a few times, his HP bar should begin to move. Try to get in some normal combos if you can. Once his HP bar gets down to where the yellow bar is visible, he'll teleport and say "Come on!". He'll start teleporting like mad and will eventually teleport away from you and into a corner and shout "SIN HARVEST!" which means he's going to use Sin Harvest (duh).

You'll see a rainbow-like glow around him, and then you'll notice it above your head. Its too late when this happens. You're gonna be hit by it and your HP will be reduced to one and your MP to zero. Directly following this, he'll teleport and kill you. To avoid this, quickly use Strike Raid when you hear him say "Sin Harvest!" to interrupt it. Doing so will cause him to use Flame Pillar. Dodge this and when he tries to use Sin Harvest again, attack with Strike Raid. Dodge his basic and teleport slashes, wait for him to use Sin Harvest again, and repeat. At some point he'll attack you with Omnislash. The best way to thwart this is (surprisingly) Strike Raid. When the green of his health bar becomes visible, he'll get a wee pissed and be surrounded in a in a black and green "vortex" with a white glow. Here he'll attack you with Meteors and "Darkness Balls". While he's attacking with the Darkness Balls, feel free to attack him, but you'll have to heal up frequently. Eventually he'll go back to trying to use Sin Harvest. Just use the Strike Raid strategy and keep your health up and he'll eventually fall.

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