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Dialogue Choices on Tatooine


Sharina Fizark
+2 : [Sharina][Success] I guess I don't have much choice, do I? I have to take it. (After you persuade her to take half)
+4 : [Sharina][Success] Half is acceptable to me. I... I agree? (After you force persuade her to take half)
+2 : [You] Take half and stay healthy, understand? (When you come back with the money and force her to take half)
+2 : [Sharina] Thank you. I hope it is enough. You have been a great help. I appreciate it. My children will too. (After you pay full price)
+4 : [Sharina] 700 credits! Oh, thank you. It is more than generous of you. I don't know what to say. I just don't. (After you pay 700 credits)
+0 : [Sharina][Success] I... I trust you. Take the plate and sell it. I will wait for you here. (When You force persuade her to give you the plate to take and sell. Need Dominate Mind.)
+4 : [Sharina] Please no! Take it then... but you may as well have killed me. You've trapped us here... we have nothing. (After you threaten her)
+6 : [Sharina][Success] I... I will give you the plate now... here, take it. What... what did you make me do? (After you force persuade her to give it to you. You need Dominate Mind for this result)
+4 : [Sharina] What? But... but I trusted you! How can you stand there and... and... No, I won't give you the satisfaction. (After you took the plate to sell and come back and refuse to give her her due)

Sandcrawler Mechanic
+2 : [You] I think you're my problem. Maybe I should do something about it.
+2 : [You][Force Persuade] Never speak to me again, worm. Never.
+2 : [You][Force Persuade] I'm not a threat. You like me and want to give me credits.
+2 : [You] Maybe I don't like your face. Maybe I should remove it!

Gate Guard Billan
+2 : [You] Let me pass or this gets bloody!

+2 : [You] [Force Persuade] You will pay me more and like it. (After you have rescued his tribe members)
+2 : [You] Then I'll have to take it out of your hide! (After you have rescued his tribe members)

Hunting Lodge

Komad Fortuna
+2 : [You] Yes, what will you pay for me not to kill you?
+0 : [Komad] [Success] Of course the guards would take their time getting here... I don't wish trouble. (Need Dominate Mind.)
Dorak Quinn
+2 : [You] You'll show me respect! I demand it!

Tanis Venn
+2 : [You] Maybe it is. What is your life worth?
+0 : [Tanis][Success] You seem like a good sort. Here, how about I buy you a few rounds? (Need Dominate Mind.)

+2 : [You] Or I slaughter you where you stand! Want to risk it?
+2 : [You][Success] What... we... we gotta run! Gotta run real fast! *squee!* (After Bribing them out on the dunes, and you didn't chase them off. This dialog choice is bugged. To fix use rapid transit to leave and reenter this area, but the pigs will still be there.)
+2 : [You] You're out of time, piggies. I'll cut you limb from limb! (After Bribing them out on the dunes, and you didn't chase them off.)
+2 : [You] Sorry boys, I've changed my mind. I'm going to hurt you now. (After successfully threatening them on the dunes, and you didn't chase them off in the lodge.)

Czerka Office

Protocol Officer
+0 : [Protocol Officer] [Success] And I wouldn't want you to leave without this additional reward. Yes, of course I wouldn't. (After giving the Chieftain's Gaffi Stick. Need Dominate Mind.)

+2 : [You] Ask me again and that tach gland won't be the only freshly harvested organ around here!

Swoop Registration

Motta the Hutt
+0 : [You][Success] I'd... really like to pay you more. I think I can manage something. I don't know why I was arguing. (Need Dominate Mind.)
+0 : [You][Success] Of course I could just give him a better deal. Did I say that? Wait, I guess it does make sense. (Need Dominate Mind.)

Garm Totryl
+2 : [You] What makes you think you know anything about me, worm?

Yuka Rill
+2 : [You][Force Persuade] Your only purpose is to amuse me. Get out.
+2 : [You][Force Persuade] You know you need to pay me.
+2 : [You] Show some respect! I could kill you where you stand!

Zoriis Bafka
+2 : [You][Force Persuade] A fight? You are nothing to me. Leave.
+2 : [You]I think you've found one anyway!

Nico Senvi
+2 : [Nico][Success] I suppose I do. Not much chance I'll get off this rock on my own, now is there?
+4 : [Nico][Success] I... I'll sign the contract. Yeah, I guess that's best. I mean, the deal can't be all bad, right? (Need Dominate Mind only if you have a Jedi companion or Zaalbar with you)
+2 : [Nico] It's simple: sign, or you'll die on this rock. Maybe soon. Understand?


+2 : [You][Force Persuade] I'm tired of your voice, old man. Be *quiet.*
+2 : [You] Then just die, old man. I'm not backing down.

Czerka Officer
+2 : [You][Force Choke] You will show me the proper respect!
+2 : [You] Why should I? You going to do something? I could kill you.

Droid Shop

Yuka Laka
+0 : [Success] I will lower my price for you. You are deserving. 2500 credits. No lower. (when you Force Persuade Yuka Laka to lower the price on HK-47. Need Dominate Mind for this result)
+2 : [You] Drop the price or I'll see you dead!

Dune Sea

+4 : [You] I'm not kidding. You'll die here.
+2 : [Tanis][Success] I'd... really like to pay you more. Here... take whatever I have. It's all yours. (Need Dominate Mind.)
+2 : [You] Then I'll have to take it out of your hide!

+0 : [Gurke][Success] We let you go now. We got what we wanted. Yeah, we sure did. (Need Dominate Mind.)

+0 : [Jagi][Success] Yes... I... do not want to fight... (Need Dominate Mind.)

Sand People Territory

Vorn Daasraad
+2 : [You] I'm going to enjoy killing you, Vorn!
+2 : [None] (Upon his death.)

Sand People Enclave

+6 : [You] I don't need the headache. You'll die here! (Mission must not be with you, and the Sand People must be your enemy)

Eastern Dune Sea

Komad Fortuna
+2 : [You] Leave? No, I'm going to take the kill for myself.
+2 : [You] Then I will cut you down!

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