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Dialogue Choices on Kashyyyk

Czerka Landing Port

Eli Gand
+4 : [You] Kill him, Matton! You know he deserves it! (On showing the droid head)
+6 : [You] Don't act rashly, Matton. Eli is through. Violence won't help. (On showing the droid head)

Matton Dasol
+2 : [Matton] I see your point. I'll leave his shop like his corpse. I'll take what I want, buy passage on a ship, and never look back except to spit. (After you persuade him to leave the shop)

The Great Walkway

Patrol Captain Dehno
+2 : [You] I have asked you to let me handle this. Honor my request. (When Zaalbar interrupts and you tell him to let you handle it.)
+4 : [You] Do it. Kill them. We'll make them pay. (After talking to Zaalbar about how it makes him mad)
+4 : [You] I won't allow you to enslave or kill another Wookiee. (After hearing about what happened)
+2 : [You] I demand more! (After persuading them to pay)
+2 : [You] Shut up. I do as I wish. (When justifying your actions to Zaalbar)
+2 : [Captain Dehno][Success] I... I think I should probably pay you so this stays off my record. Yes, that's best. (When you force persuade him to pay you)
+0 : [Captain Dehno][Success] I... I think I should pull in some favors and... get us moved off-world, men. (When convincing him to leave. Need Dominate Mind.)
+2 : [Captain Dehno] Yes, I say so. Move out. This place just isn't worth the trouble. (After convincing him to leave)

Village of Rwookrrorro

+4 : [You] Yes! Freyyr abandoned you! "Sorry" doesn't make it better! (When siding with Chuundar when Freyyr comes)
+4 : [You] Without doubt! Chuundar is a slaver! (When siding with Freyyr when he comes)
+6 : [You] Convince them! Avoid this needless slaughter! (When trying to reach a compromise when Freyyr comes)
+0 : [You] I don't care! Just get on with it! (The only neutral choice when when Freyyr comes)
+6 : [Chuundar] And you, outsider, you'll understand why I don't invite you to stay. The uncontested ruler of Kashyyyk will not abide troublemakers... No matter how helpful they may have been. Goodbye. (Unavoidable points if you side with Chuundar)

+6 : [Freyyr] I have no doubt. Let the two halves of the blade be made one. My son shall hold Bacca's Sword.(Unavoidable points if you side with Freyyr)
+2 : [You][Force Persuade] You want to pay me credits. Many, many credits.(When talking to him without Zaalbar in the party about the sword)
+0 : [Freyyr][Success] I... I want to... give you some credits as well. Here... something we salvaged from Chuundar's Czerka bribes. (Continuation of above dialog choice. Need Dominate Mind.)

+2 : [You] Is there no alternative to death as punishment? (During the trial. Can be done any number of times for multiple increases in LSP.)
+2 : [Worrroznor] And so he shall. Jaarak, you will be taken from us and cast into shadow. Your hunt ends. (On not testifing on behalf of Jaarak)
+6 : [You] Rorworr dealt with slavers. The datapad I found on his corpse proves it. (On testifing on behalf of Jaarak)

Upper Shadowlands

+0 : [Guard][Success] I don't like being here, that's for sure. I suppose you could... take this code and shut down the emitter I'm guarding. (Special condition. Only checks if Charisma is 10 or higher).
+4 : [Guard] We're under attack! (When you threaten him)
+2 : [Guard][Success] I... I really need to get out of here. It's too dangerous! (The first time you force persuade a guard to run for it.)
+2 : [Guard][Success] Maybe you're right... maybe I should make a break for it. (The second time you force persuade a guard to run for it. Need Dominate Mind.)

Commander Dern
+4 : [Commander Dern] All right, I'm done talking with you. You've got under my skin one too many times! I'll bury you down here!

Jolee Bindo
+2 : [You] I kill what I want. Don't argue with me, old man.

Rulan Prolik
+2 : [You] Enough games, Rulan. Time to die.
+2 : [None] (Upon his death.)

Lower Shadowlands

+2 : [You] That is no answer. I refuse to help, weakling. (Only the first time you say this to him)
+4 : [Grrrwahrr] I... I thank you. I would not have expected an outsider to aid me. Perhaps... perhaps you will help again? (When you heal him)

+6 : [Freyyr] Then let my blood feed my beloved Kashyyyk! (When you choose to kill him)

Builder Computer
+2 : [You] I'm unsure what Zaalbar would say. I would accuse him to be safe.
+2 : [You] I evacuate my people from the city.
+2 : [You] The victory is irrelevant. Stopping the war saved many more people.
+2 : [You] That's right. The deaths of those people would spur my forces on.
+2 : [You] I stop the attack. I will appear to be a hero.
+2 : [You] I let the attack happen.

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