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Dialogue Choices on Manaan

Docking Bay

+0 : [Nubassa][Success] What am I thinking? It is impertinent of me to ask you for credits when you are attempting to make a sale. My apologies. (When you force persuade her. Need Dominate Mind.)
+2 : [Nubassa] Thank you for your assistance, off-worlder. Dealing with you has proven far more pleasureable than I anticipated. (When you lie about the Gizka)

+2 : [You] Vek didn't want to be around when I gutted you, Ithorak!
+2 : [None] (Upon his death.)

Ahto West

Selkath Warden
+0 : [Selkath Warden][Success] Perhaps we were wrong about you, human. You may go. (When you are imprisoned. Need Dominate Mind.)

Gonto Yas
+2 : [You] How about you tell me what I want to know, and the Manaan authorities don't find your body washing up on shore?
+2 : [You][Force Persuade] But I'm your friend - you want to tell me what you know.

+2 : [You] If you want news on your daughter, find a way to get those extra credits. (When reporting to him about his daughter)
+2 : [You] I killed your daughter, Shaelas. Just as I'll kill you if you tell anyone about this. Now give me those credits!
+2 : [You] Keep your credits, Shaelas. I wouldn't feel right about taking them now. (After you report the death of his daughter)
+2 : [You] Keep your credits, Shaelas. A Jedi has no need of such rewards.

+2 : [You] I suppose you're right. I won't expose you.
+2 : [You] I won't betray your secret. We'll go on with the trial.
+2 : [You][Force Persuade] You will confess your crimes. You WANT to confess your crimes.

East Central

Firith Me
+2 : [Firith][Success] You know, I think I could trust you. Heck, I don't know why I shouldn't tell you. (When you force persuade him to tell you)

+0 : [Ignus][Success] Yeah. I'll tell the court Sunry left before the shot went off. (When Force Persuading him to change his testimony. Need Dominate Mind. Bugged.)

Roland Wann
+4 : [You] The kolto seems to have been contaminated. (After killing the Progenitor)
+2 : [You] Maybe a bribe would ensure my silence. (After killing the Progenitor)

+2 : [You] I'm here to kill you, Lorgal. And I think I'll enjoy it.
+2 : [You][Use Force Choke to kill Lorgal.]
+2 : [You][Use Force Kill to kill Lorgal.]
+2 : [Terminal] Reprogram cage to kill prisoner.

Ahto East

Sith Soldier
+2 : [You] You better change your attitude, or the Selkath might find your body floating in the ocean!
+2 : [You] ... And? You want a piece of me, too?
+2 : [You][Force Persuade] This argument was the fault of the Sith. She should be arrested.
+0 : [Selkath Guard][Success] Yes - you are correct, human. The Sith is the one at fault. (When you force persuade him as above. Need Dominate Mind.)

Yortal Ixlis
+2 : [You] Watch your tone, or you'll be looking for some replacement limbs!

Casandra Mateil
+2 : [You] How about you pay me to go away?
+2 : [You] I'll threaten you if I want!

+4 : [You] Here, I can give it to you.
+2 : [You] You keep it. Use it for more upgrades.
+2 : [You] Do as I say! Pay me for my trouble!

+2 : [Sslamoth][Success] Perhaps you don't need to pay the fee for this race. Yes, I think that is an acception we can make this one time. (When force persuading him).

Sith Base

+6 : [You] Selkath, Sith - I'm just here to kill anyone in my way!
+2 : [You] Good, I knew the Sith would win.
+4 : [Shasa] Yes - we must report this at once. We thank you, human, for showing us the truth. You have saved us from a terrible mistake.
+0 : [Shasa][Success] Shasa, I think the Sith are evil. I want to go home. (Need Dominate Mind)

Hrakert Station

Snivelling Mercenary
+4 : [You] You snivelling worm! You're just food for the Selkath!

Whimpering Locker
+2 : [You][Insert lightsaber into locker.]

Kono Nolan
+4 : [You] I'll do what I want... and kill both of you as well!

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