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Walkthrough Part 1


Items: HP Seed, 140 Giv

    You'll start the game with Blue and Red, seeing a dream, where you remember the momment in which you left your father's house. After Silver G wakes up you Harbatle will enter the house, talking about the Ferric Falcon, he says he saw it in the Aged Cave, and you'll decide to go there. Before leaving the house be sure to break the right barrels for a HP Seed and search in the left part of the nightstand next to the left bed to find 140 Giv.

Aged Cave

Items: Tonic, Rat Fang
Enemies: Rat, Bat

    When you enter you'll find midway a Record Statue, at the end you'll see two entrances: in the left one you'll find a Recovery Statue, and a bulldozer, when you try to see it you'll have to do a fight. When you try to enter the right entrance you'll have to do another fight, with a Tonic as a reward. Continue through the bridge, you'll find another entrance and a fight. In the next room there is a Bat, run to catch him and fight. You'll find the Ferric Falcoon... and some strange guys... after the scene the cave collapses and you have to run away. Beware of the rocks falling, they dammage you, run away avoiding them, there is another bat and some rats in the bridge, with a Cat Fang as a reward. Exit the cave, and you'll see another scene.

    Ignore the town at the east and return to Ruuri Village (known as Rouen Village in Metalhawk's patch).

Ruuri Village

Items: 50 Giv, HP Seed x6, 133 Giv, Hyper, Old, 180 Giv, Tonic x3, 5 Giv, 1 Giv, F-Def Seed, Broken, Decorative, 210 Giv, 200 Giv
Enemies: Trainer, Tenzu, Rat
Skills: Teleport

    Here there are lot of things to get, be sure to break every barrel, bush and flower, there are a lot of items in them. You must go to your house, Harbatle is there waiting you. You can go now or you can do more things before it... when you go to your house you'll find him, and after a talk he'll leave. You can now take a HP Seed hide in a bush at the entrance of the house.

    Now you should go to the bridge, there you'll find Rain and Ponga, and Silver G will leave to the Pub, giving you 1 Giv and warning you to get some money to buy equipment. To do it there are several things you can do here, and after you do each one you can sleep for free in the Inn:

  • Go to the northeast part of the town, to the sandbox, check it carefully, you can get up to 133 Giv there.
  • In Mail's house (the second one going to the left from the entrance) you can get 5 Giv looking in the wardrobe, you can return it if you want, it's her allowance.
  • You can break every bush to catch frogs and sell them at the Pub to win 10 Giv for each one.
  • Break every bush in Mora's garden (the first house at the left from the entrance), she'll give you 200 Giv as a prize the first time, the second time 20 Giv, the third time 1 Giv, and after this another 10, every time you do it again you'll receive 1 Giv.
  • Go to the house in front of the town entrance and go to the basement, you'll have to fight some rats. After the fight break every barrel and search in all the ground, little boxes and buckets, for a Broken, a Decorative and a total of 210 Giv. When you return upstairs the house owner appears and ask you about a reward, select first the 1000 Giv option and afterwards the 100 one, and he'll give you 200 Giv.
    You can also go now to the training hall (the far left house from the entrance), there is a Tonic in the wardrobe, go downstairs for a fight (with another Tonic), after you win you'll be able to fight Tenzu downstairs, and when you win he gives you a F-Def Seed and the Teleport technique for Blue.

    When you try to exit the town Ponga appears and joins the party. Go now to the village at the east.

Sebia Village

Items: F-Def Seed, Decorative, HP Seed, Hyper, Tonic x2, Rat Fang, Antidote x2, 20 Giv, 30 Giv, Power Seed, Poison Orb
Enemies: Rat

    Here you'll be able to save at the church (at the north part of the village). Break every bush and barrel here, you'll find a lot of items. Go to the Inn, go upstairs and search in the nightstand in the right room for a Rat Fang. You can do some side quests here and some jobs to get some extra money here:

  • Go to the restaurant (the left building with a knife and a fork sign), there talk with the owner, he'll ask you to defeat the rats at the basement, accept and go there. After you defeat the rats return, the owner's wife will give you 300 Giv and the owner will make a discount if you buy something (which is very useful, since you can buy items and sell them for more money). 
  • Go to the pub (the building behind the restaurant), you can sell frogs here for 15 Giv each. Go to the basement here, there are more rats to annihilate!. After you do it, go and talk with the owner, he'll give you a Tonic.
  • Go to the Armor Shop (the building with a shirt sign), two of the dressers contain money, in the other one you'll have to fight some rats.
  • Go to the at the right side of the Armor Shop, he'll sell you two Hypers for 40 Giv each one if you say that you don't want them for 50 Giv. If you want you can sell both of them for 50 Giv.
    Go now to the Weapon Shop, and buy everything there, the shopkeeper will give you a Power Seed as a present. Now if you try to exit the village a boy will appear, warning everyone that Ruuri Town is on fire!

Ruuri Town

Items: Old, Potion x3, Tough Frog, Broken, Dog Fang, Poison Orb
Special Items: Violin
Enemies: Rat, F. Flame

    You'll all the town on fire, and you'll have to rescue some people here. Using the Action button you'll be able to put out the small flames. This what you should do:

  • There is an Old Gauntlet hidden in the small flame located at the top left of Harbatle's house, take it and enter the house, you'll see Harbatle, after talking with him try to exit, a F. Flame will stop you.
  • Go to Ms Mora house, another F. Flame will stop you. Enter the house, Ms Mora will give you the Violin.
  • Head to the west part of the town, there is a Broken sword in one small flame at the right part of the Training Hall. Go to Mail's house, go near her, and exit the house. After a cutscene you'll be without Ponga.
  • It's time to go to your grandfather's house. When you arrive there you'll have to do another fight, and after a dramatic cutscene you can go down and get a Poison Orb in a small flame, try to exit the town, Rain will join the party.
    In the world map you'll see Ponga heading to Sebia Village, follow him.

Sebia Village

Items: 150 Giv

    Ponga will go to the Restaurant, go in and you'll see some of the Ruuri crew, talk with them and exit, Ponga will try to cheer up Mail. Now you can do several things here:

  • Head to the Pub and talk with the man in the table, he'll give you 150 Giv.
  • Go to the Armor Shop, you can take everything there for free.
  • You can sleep for free in the Inn.
    When you are done exit Sebia and head to Tania, to get there you have to go through Irato Forest.

Irato Forest

Items: Wooden Rod, SP Potion x2, 20 Giv, HP Seed, Sleep Frog
Enemies: Rat, Slug, Bee, F. Flame, F. Witch

    When you enter you'll see an old man blocking the path, talk to him, and you'll see a cutscene. Talk again with the man and he'll run away, so you are now free to explore the forest. You should break every bush and barrel, there are some important items, like a Wooden Rod for Rain. Here is a brief description of the forest:

  • At the left part there is a Recovery Statue.
  • There is a Record Statue at the northeast part of the forest.
  • The exit is at the northwest part.
    When you reach the exit you'll see the F. Witch that escaped from Ruuri. When you finish the battle you'll be able to exit Irato Forest.

Tania Town

Items: HP Seed, Decorative, 120 Giv, 80 Giv, Tonic, Power Seed, Stinky Boots, Clothes, Poison Orb, 10 Giv, 20 Giv, 20 Giv, SP Potion, ACT Seed, Remedy, Nice Snack, Leather Armor, Snack, Dog Fang, Old Gauntlet
Special Items: Notebook
Enemies: Tenzu, Bat, Bee
Skills: Delusion

    You are back to your town. Before going to your father's House, and after breaking every bush and barrel you can do several things:

  • Go to the Restaurant take whatever you want, it will be free.
  • Go to the northeast part, there is a narrow path with a chest in the end, open it to fight some bats.
  • Go to the Item Shop, there are some items that may interest you, and talk with the Hihohi Dolls on the wall, they'll give you some Givs.
  • Go to the Inn and go upstairs there is an Old Gauntlet in the right room.
  • You'll see a strange Turtle boy running from you, when he hide in a bush use the Action Button for a short scene.
  • Examine the well, there is a potion hidden.
  • Stay down the drier between the two houses and push the Action Button to get some Clothes.
  • Enter every house and examine the wardrobes and barrels, you'll find some items.
  • You'll see the Training Hall crew from Ruuri Town here, talk to them for a fight and a new Skill for Blue: Delusion.
  • Near your house there is a beehide on a tree, use the Action Button, it will fall down and you'll fight some Bees. After that talk with the blue haired boy for a reward.
    After you are done enter your father's house, examine inside it, you must find three notes Brown G left. After that Use the Action Button in front of the bookshelf, you'll find the Adventures Room. There some items in the barrels, so break them and look several times in the bookshelfs, you'll find eventually your father's Notebook and a letter.
    After reading the letter and a short cutscene you'll know what is your next stop: Mt. Abnoba. To reach just head to the north east.

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