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Walkthrough Part 2

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Mt. Abnoba

Items: 1100 Giv, 1300 Giv, Urne, Sleep Orb x2, Bronze Armor x2, 450 Giv, 590 Giv, Speed Seed, Frog, ACT Seed, Potion, SP Potion x2, Loaded Seed x2, Dazing Ball
Special Items: Dark Globe
Enemies: Ooze, Slug, Rat, Bat, I. Shell, F. Witch, Monk, Bow Elf, Zombie, Hel
Skills: Knock, Slash, Dash, Spinner, Landmine, Fire, Cure

    Mt. Abnoba is a place where thousand of people go to traing his mind and body, and therefore you'll see here some strange men training, some of them will teach you some techniques.

    Go in the cavern you see at the mount, you'll see two paths, the left one will head you to a fight. Head up to find two exits, take the one of the left for a chest with 1100 Giv inside. Return and talk with the man blocking the other exit, you'll have to fight, I recommend to attack first the I. Shell. After the fight you'll learn Knock and Dash.

    There is a path that leads to two entrances, the first one contains a chest and an Armor and Weapon Shop, so buy anything you may need.

    Continue through the other entrance, you'll see a man blocking your way, you have to fight his apparition, it's easy just, don't go after him, take each character to different directions. After this you'll get Dash.

    You'll find eventually a room with a Save Statue, and another man blocking your way, this time you'll have to defeat his apparition without touching any monster, to do so just retreat with the party, and when the enemies are near enough to you use Teleportation with Blue to teleport any character near the apparition. You'll get Spinner and Landmine. You'll be able to continue now and you'll see a Recovery Statue, you may want to return here after each new fight. You'll find at the end three strange guys, which protect the entrance to Abnoba Castle.

    You'll have to climb the cliff now, you have to dodge the stones falling down or you'll have to start again, but don't worry, it's quite easy, you can hold down the B Button to climb faster, and you can hide down the beaks. You'll have to do it twice, and you'll reach at last Abnoba Castle.

    Now you are inside the castle head to the right room, there are 450 Giv in the desk, head up, you'll see the merchant at the left room, and the stairs to the next floor at the right. The second floor is simple, you'll find a Save Statue and a hidden monk, who will give you a Speed Seed. Continue through the third floor, go to the southeast room, there are 570 Giv hidden in the right corner.

    In the fourth floor you'll meet Mio, and after a short scene talk with him again, he'll take you to a bedroom, you can now explore the castle, return to the library, there is a frog hidden in a bookshelf, and a Bronze Armor in a chest. Continue upstairs till reaching the rooftop, you'll watch another scene, and will have an easy fight. Return to the bedroom, and you'll see one more cutscene. You are free now tu leave the castle, but don't forget to find again the hidden monk in the same hall, at the other side, for a ACT Seed.

    While returning from Abnoba Castle remember to let one character's HP go to red numbers, and Rain will get Cure. You'll also receive from Mio the Dark Globe, your first OPART. Continue your way down through the Mount, you'll eventually encounter again the Bow Elfs, seeking revenge. Defeat them, continue and you'll find out that the exit is blocked by a rock, go to the northeast part, there is a new cave open behind the waterfall. Go in, you'll be in a room with a Record and a Recovery Statue, head to the south, there is a chest, in the northeast corner there is a battle awaiting. Go to the east cave, Hel will be waiting.

  Hell will be accompanied of four Zombies, they are tough, so try to kill them first. It's highly recommended to have at least Cure 2, you'll need it a lot. Try to take Hel to a corner, and hit him using the Wooden Axe with Blue and the Slash skill with Red. You'll need to heal you a lot, but you'll win without too much problem.

    Hel will retreat, and the party decides to return to Brown G's adventures room, after a short conversation Port Town of Gorgobania (Port Town of Oceania in MetalHawk's patch), at the east.

Port Town of Gorgobania

Items: Stinky Boots x2, 50 Giv, 10 Giv, 15 Giv, 20 Giv, Poison Orb, 200 Giv, 230 Giv, Frog x2, 280 Giv, 320 Giv

    This place is very small, you don't have too much to do here:

  • Break every barrel, you'll find several items and money.
  • Go the shops, they have better stuff than the current, and don't forget to talk with the Hohiho Dolls, they'll give you money.
  • Go to the harbor and talk with the sailors there, you'll discover you can't sail to the next continent, and you'll learn about Herman's Cave and its legend, read Brown G's notebook, you'll find something about it.
  • Go to the Inn to meet a scientist who is ill, it will be important later.
    So after you buy everything you need head to Herman's Cave in the north east across Herman's Forest.

Herman's Forest

Items: Power Seed, Ice Jar x2, 1200 Giv
Enemies: Bee, Ooze, Slug, F. Flame, F. Rat

    This forest is very short, just be sure to break every barrel and bush, after that, exit it by going to the northeast.

Herman's Cave

Items: SP D-Potion, Loaded Seed x2, Dazing Orb, Posion Orb, Seep Orb x2, Ice Jar x2
Special Items: Big Crystal
Enemies: Lava Ooze, F. Flame, F. Rat, Rat, Bat, F. Witch, Bull

    At the entrance you'll see a locked door, you'll have to read Brown G's notebook in order to decipher the encryptions, you'll be able to select two options, select the first one, and after that the second and door will open. The cave contains a lot of fire enemies, so be sure to wear Ice weapons and Fire armors, this place is very lineal though. So just advance through the cave until you reach a room with a Save Machine and a hole, go near it and the party will jump into it, you'll land in a new area with a lot of Fire Rats and a Bull.

    This fight is tough, there are severals Fire Rats and a trio of Lava Oozes, along with the Bull and two trap jars, try to kill first the F. Rats at your sides, the Lava Oozes will follow you and will reach the blast area of the jars. The Bull can attack several spaces in front of him, so be ware, try to dodge him using Teleport Traps with Blue. Once you kill the other enemies try to corner the Bull and attack him with everyone, and heal with Rain, it won't be too difficult to beat.

    Head to the door, it has an encryption on it, Rain will read it, to open it you have to go press a hidden switch in the southwest part, afterwards jump into the left hole, and now press another hidden switch in the northeast part, like you can see in the screenshots.

    The door will open now and you'll get the second OPART, the Big Crystal. A staircase will appear, and you'll be able to exit the cave, you must head again to Gorgobania.

Port Town of Gorgobania 2

Enemies: Jellyfish, Swampy, Rat

    Several things have changed since you were here, so here is what you can do:

  • Go to the harbor, you'll discover you are late and all ships are sunken, so must search for an alternative.
  • The Frog Cassino isn't closed anymore, so you can enter it and play some mini games now. Read the Mini Games Section for more details.
  • Head to the Inn, you'll see a new bridge down it, cross it, and you'll be attacked by some enemies, after it head to the "white island" and use the Action Button, you'll discover about the whale, and its injuries.
  • Talk with the woman standing outside the Inn and look at the hole at her side, some rats will appear. Beat them and you'll get a free night at the Inn.
  • Go to the Inn and sleep there, you'll wake up at night, talk with everyone and Ponga will open some stairs. Use the Action Button and you'll be able to climb them, after that you'll see a nice cutscene.
  • At the next day go again to talk with the whale, you'll meet its turtle friend, talk with both of them and go in the Inn, talk with the pharmacist at the right room, and he'll tell you to go to Neko Forest. Outside the Inn talk with the man standing in front of the whale, he'll tell you about the Neko Forest and his grandmom, who is really Ms. Mora.
    So you should head to Sebia Village to see Ms. Mora before going to Neko Forest.

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