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Mint's Walkthrough

Things to Know: The left side is a quick overview: what you're supposed to look out for, treasures you may find in the area, what monsters to expect, any bosses you have to fight, and any important information you have to know. Plus pictures.

The right side will go into more detail; where exactly to find the treasures, directions (if necessary), tips, and all in all more detailed info.

The walkthrough will be sectioned into chapters based on the save game title. Got that? Good. Let's get going!

Chapter 10: Maya's Sooo Dead!
Treasures in Town:

Treasures at Maya's Tower:
-7 Gold Coins
-1 Legendary Helmet
-2 Star Stones


-Trap Master
Chapter 9: Protect Prima!

As you head to Maya's Tower, Valen's Fortress will be raised. After a little pep talk with Rue, you finally head to the Tower. Head up the stairs. Defeat the pumpkins before they explode on you. You'll eventually reach a balcony and door. Get the Gold Coins before heading through the door.

This next area will have pumpkins floating. Get to the next area by jumping on the correct pumpkin wile avoiding the Witch's attack. If you fall off the pumpkin platform, you'll have to defeat the Pumpkins before you can get back up and start again. Your way will be blocked by an invisible wall. Jump accordingly: pumpkin, right pumpkin, pumpkin, left pumpkin; and you'll get to the other side. Get 2 Star Stones and heal yourself on the square platform before moving on.

Jump on the round elevator. Stand at the center and use your magic before they explode! If you run out of MP, take care of them the old fashion way. Jump off when elevator stops and head up to balcony and door. Get the Gold Coins and enter the door.

More platforms. Jump on the right-most platform, kill Wabbit and jump on column before your platform flips and you fall. Kill the next Wabbit in the other platform, jump on it, and jump on the next platform with Wabbit - kill it - and jump to stairs before this platform goes back. Heal yourself and get the Legendary Helmet. Don't sell this as well!

You'll come up some stairs. Before you head straight up, look behind the stairs you came from and you'll find some Gold Coins. Now you can go up - watch out for falling pumpkins plus a Witch on an elevator and on each landing. Avoid the Witch on the elevator by running straight up without stopping - jump over rolling pumpkins. Another balcony... and Trap Master!

Boss Fight: Trap Master
Trap Master will take you back to the 3x3 place. Much like your previous battle with him, flashing platforms explode, and shadows are spike balls. His attacks will go much faster than before so keep on your toes and use your long range magic like crazy. Go after him directly if you run out of MP and repeat the process.

After your battle, you will automatically go inside and face...

Boss Fight: Maya
If you HP and MP is low, don't worry about it. This is an easy battle. Maya will bring out three pumpkins which will get replaced with another pumpkin if you defeat it. Don't bother getting the pumpkins. They're just there to distract you. Go straight for Maya. But watch out for her magic where she turns you into a pumpkin. If you get turned into one, roll around the perimeter and avoid being kicked by Maya. When you return to your normal self, repeat the process. Don't use magic. If you get low on HP, get rid of the pumpkins and they'll give you some bottles.

After your battle, it looks like "Maya" was actually Mode Master. She runs off to jail where the real Maya is at and you have to choose which Maya is the fake by jump-kicking her. Whether you get the right answer or not, watch the sequence and the story continues to Chapter 11: Collect the Cannon Orbs

If you were wondering, the real Maya is on the right. Hit her if you want to see something funny... XD

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