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Mint's Walkthrough

Things to Know: The left side is a quick overview: what you're supposed to look out for, treasures you may find in the area, what monsters to expect, any bosses you have to fight, and any important information you have to know. Plus pictures.

The right side will go into more detail; where exactly to find the treasures, directions (if necessary), tips, and all in all more detailed info.

The walkthrough will be sectioned into chapters based on the save game title. Got that? Good. Let's get going!

Chapter 12: Final Battle
Treasures in Town:

Treasures at Valen's Fortress:

-Sabre Tiger
-Fire Blob

-Skull Beast
-Cload Whale
-Psycho Master
-Doll Master
-Final Boss... Valen!
Chapter 11: Collect the Cannon Orbs

This will be your last battle so prepare yourself... Go upgrade your equipment at Tonio's; Bracer and Belt at 6500G each. Bring up your stats at Hobbs. If you need money, go through Maya's tower and collect the Monster Coins there. They cost more than the other monster coins.

Once you're done collecting, go to the field and head for the sky...

At your arrival to the Fortress, you meet Prima Doll. After your chat with Prima Doll, you'll get his Gold Magic. You can't do anything with the Gold Magic until later. You'll transport to the first of 4 arena's. The arena's are long platforms connected by warp portals which may be find on the left, middle, and right ends of each platform. Some platforms are just single or double warp sizes. After you go through each arena, you'll transport to a Timed area where you have to hit a barrier, jump on platforms, and get to the other side asap. The more time you have in your bar, that's how much you will recover in HP plus receive a Life Coin as long as your bar isn't red. Now that you got the basics, I'll explain my shorthand for the arena's:

N,E,W,S, etc = North, East, West, South, etc
t= teleport
M = middle portal
L = last portal (i.e. from where you came from, you go through the middle, and reach the last)

Arena 1
This place is pretty straight forward.
1. Go N and defeat gargoyles. Use portal where gargoyle came from to go to next area.
2. If you want to recover your HP, go to middle teleporter, beat gargoyles and recover your HP. Otherwise, go to the last portal on the NE, and then take the next last portal again to get to timed area.
A) N= Behemoth, 3 Gargoyles at portal, Beat all 3 Gargoyles and teleport to (B)
B) NE= Behemoth; M= t(c); L= Behemoth, t(D)
C) SE= 3 Gargoyles at portal, defeat 3 Gargoyles and recover HP, t(B, middle)
D) M= Behemoth, t(E), L= elevator to timed area
E) 3 Gargoyles, t(D)
Hit the barrier switch on the left, jump the 3 platforms. At end, recover your HP depending on how much time you have left and receive Life Coin. Go on platform and get to Arena 2.

Arena 2
This area is pretty straight forward as well. There are objects blocking portals, so just use your magic to break them. Here's what you do:
1. Go to middle portal. Teleport to B and go west. Break cube, and teleport to next area D.
2. Go NE to last portal and teleport to next area F with an ice block. Break ice block and teleport to G.
3. Use middle teleport to H and after you put out fire and you'll get to Timed Area.
A) M= 2 Shaolan, 2 Fire Blobs at portal, t(B); L= 2 Shaolan, t(C)
B) W= 2 Fire Blobs, Cube: once cube is broken, t(D)
C) Bubba
D) M= 2 Shaolan, 2 Fire Blobs at portal, t(E); L= 2 Shaolan, t(F)
E) Hellhound
F) E= 2 Fire Blobs, Ice Block: once broken, t(G)
G) M= 2 Fire Blobs, SW= 2 Shaolan, t(H), NE= 2 Shaolan, t(I)
H) E= Fire: once fire is put out, t(timed area)
I) W= Ice block: Hellhound
Break barrier. 3 platforms, middle platform flashes and will spout fire. Remaining time will be used to recover your HP and get a Life Coin. Step on teleporter and go to Arena 3

Arena 3
This arena is pretty direct, just go NE, NW, NE, SE, SE, and go to last portal.
A) SW= 3 Shaolan, recover HP; NE= t(B)
B) NW= Jinn, t(C); SE= Jinn
C) NE= 2 Jinn, t(D)
D) NW= Jinn; SE= Jinn, t(E)
E) NW= Jinn, 3 Shoalan; SE= t(F)
F) M= Jinn; L= Jinn, t(elevator)
Kill barrier, time your jumps for exploding platforms and get to the middle asap. Then time your jumps again for the last two exploding platforms. Recover your HP with your remaining time, get Life Coin and go to Arena 4 at teleporter.

Arena 4
For this area, all you have to do is defeat all the enemies in the arena and go back to where you started.
A) W= t(C); E= t(B); M= t(elevator)
B) N= Behemoth; S= Behemoth; M= t(A)
C) N= Behemoth; S= Behemoth; M= t(A)
Break barrier, jump on three diagonal platforms and jump on the exploding platform nearest the other end. You don't need to jump on the other exploding platform. Remaining time will go towards your HP and Life Coin. Teleport and you'll get out of the Arena's. (Finally!)

You'll come to a place with an orb. Save your game at the orb. Go on to the next area...

Circular Room
Welcome to the circular room! This place has four sections with 4 torches in each section. Between each section are Jinns and Hellhounds, so watch out! You'll end up in one of these sections with 2 torches lit. Once you solve each section, you'll get a colored ball. When you pick up a colored ball and it floats over your head, you can't attack so dodge like hell and go back to the section with the circular rings to get it off. Anyways, here's what to do for each section:
Section 1: 2 middle flames are lit
Extinguish both flames and relight them. You'll get a yellow ball.
Section 2: No lit torches
Light the two middle torches and you'll get a pink ball.
Section 3: Once flickering torch and one lit
Turn off fully lit torch on the left side. Use Jinns Tornado attack to fully light flickering flame. Light the other middle torch. You'll get green ball.
Section 4: All four torches are lit
Unlight the two end torches and you'll get blue ball.
Once you complete the circle, you'll teleport to the next area.

Boss Fight: Psycho Master
Fight Psycho Master like before (hit him at his back) but make sure you don't hit the fence! It'll give you a good shock.

Cursed Crossways
This is one big square area with you in the middle. To get through this level, you have to step on each platform and defeat the enemy. If you need to recover your HP, go to the Maya Tower platform on the SE. Here's a list of each platform be direction:
NW= Carona Forest enemies: Pollywog, Sabre Tiger, Pollywog
N= Nightmare
NE= Raging Mountain enemies: Gudon, Bubba, Fire Blob
W= Cloud Whale
E= Skull Beast
SW= Underground Ruins enemies: Puppet, Skeleton, Spector
S= nothing (will turn HP regenerator and teleport you to next area)
SE= Maya Tower enemies: Wabbit, Witch, Pumpkin
By the time you beat the 3 bosses, you can save your game at the orb where you started.

Boss Fight: Arm of Death
His attacks are A) lightning chase, B) wave attack, C) Wave of Air and electric balls, and D) Pollywog call. Stand far away from him and use your long range magic attack like the White Arrow Magic. Most of the time, he'll stand there and just do lightning chase magic so avoid those and shoot your magic. If you run out of MP, get rid of the Pollywogs and go directly for him. Then back off, and use your magic again. Repeat till he's down. If he goes towards you, run the other way and make sure you have a big space between you and him.

Boss Fight: Valen/Rue
To defeat Valen/Rue, you have to defeat the Night Dew (black monster), hit the Morning Dew (shield protecting Valen), and repeat process till the shield is gone.
The Evening Dew will walk or fly around the circle. If you're in the way and you don't hit it, it'll hit you instead so fight back! It likes to jump around which is bad for you as whenever it lands, the force of it's jump will eat away your HP. To counter this, make sure you jump just before he hits the floor. On occasion, it'll change into a spinning ball and go 'round the perimeter. Also, it may stop and just hang stationary. When it does this, hit it asap as it'll only send you three energy discs that'll hit you. Keep on it's back and get rid of it ASAP.
Once you defeat the Evening Dew, go after Valen by getting as close to him as possible and use your Triple Chase Lightening magic. It'll follow him but to a certain point so get as close as possible. Occasionally, the Morning Dew will recover it's own HP, so kill the Evening Dew and do away at Valen's shield quickly.

Boss Fight: Valen/Dewprism
Valen's merged with the dewprism and it ain't pretty. There's a special trick to this fight. Remember Prima's Gold Magic? Well, you can now use it! With Maya giving you the Cosmos magic, you now have the Valiant magic:
Hold /\ = Barrier and Release /\ = Fire

Here are Valen's moves and what to do:
1. Five Fire Balls and Suction
Avoid by keeping to the outer most edge of the platform and remain running while he's firing. DO NOT jump! He'll just suck you in and bite ya.
2. Charge
He'll run towards you and try to grab you or discharge two rows of energy balls. Either way, avoid him by running and jumping before he gets too close or discharges balls.
3. Jump
He basically will jump after you (i.e. where ever you are). Run and jump to avoid.
4. He'll rear up and shoot streams of electric balls
This is the time to attack him. Just before he shoots the electric balls, defend by pressing /\. A shield will surround you. When he's done shooting, strike him by letting go of the /\ button.
Keep waiting till he does the 4th attack and go after him. Make sure you're close enough that when you release Valiant, it'll hit him. Repeat until all his HP is gone.

You did it! But you have to go through just one more chapter till the ending: Chapter 13: Aftermath.

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