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Rue's Walkthrough

Things to Know: The left side is a quick overview: what you're supposed to look out for, treasures you may find in the area, what monsters to expect, any bosses you have to fight, and any important information you have to know. Plus pictures.

The right side will go into more detail; where exactly to find the treasures, directions (if necessary), tips, and all in all more detailed info.

The walkthrough will be sectioned into chapters based on the save game title. Got that? Good. Let's get going!

Chapter 5: Haunted Temple
Treasures in Town:

Treasures at Ghost Temple:
-3 Bronze Coins
-4 Silver Coins
-Left and Right Solleret
-Left and Right Gauntlet
-1 Moon Stone
-1 Night Stone
-1 Star Stone
-1 Mysterious Statue

Side Quest Treasures:
-1 The Last Hero (Carona Forest)
-1 Rare Wine (Underground Ruins)

-Saber Tiger

-3 Chimera
Chapter 4: Rue's Memory

Head to the Ghost Temple and enter. There will be two doors inside. You can only enter the right door initially so head to that side. Follow the Puppets into the room they entered - all other doors will be locked. Fight them, head back out and across the hall to another room. Head up to get to a new area but watch out for falling spike. Jump to the next platform and head to the left door and get a Saber Tiger coin. Change to a Saber Tiger and jump over the big gab to the door at the far end. Watch out for another falling spike! To get through the door, knock over the Puppet on the right. Stand on pedestal and change to Puppet. The door will unlock. Move on and...

Boss Fight: Chimera #1
Avoid his thrust attack by jumping. Hit it when his third head comes out or when he throws his weapon like a boomerang. You'll acquire Left Solleret.

Continue down the hall and step on the white platform. Heal youself in the right room and continue by going on the left side...

You're now in an area with green sludge and a bunch of crates. If you missed the room on the left side before this area, go back and get the Ootang coin. You'll need it for later. The green sludge will reduce your HP so try not to fall down. If you do, just head back down to where you started. Anyways, the only treasure here is in the last platform on the left side: 3 Bronze Coins and 1 Silver Coin. Make sure you get a Skeleton coin to get past the next door. What you do: jump on platform and change to skeleton. Enter the next room and...

Boss Fight: Chimera #2
He has different attacks this time. Watch out for his flame and thunder attack. It's best to run around to avoid them. Hit him when his third head pops out or when he's open (i.e. just standing there). You'll get the Right Solleret.

In the next area, there's a tall obstacle. To get past it, change into an Ootang and jump over it. If you didn't get the Ootang coin like I suggested earlier, go back to the left room just before you get the sludge and crate area. After the tall area, you'll encounter fallen skeleton's on platforms. Kill the one on the right and replace it with yourself to unlock the door....

Boss Fight: Chimera #3
This Chimera combines the attacks of the other previous Chimera's plus his third head now breathe's out fire. To defeat him, run around like mad and wait till he's open: hit him after his third head stops breathing fire and when he does the boomerang attack. Be patient, watch out for his attacks, and you'll get the Left Gauntlet.

At the four torches, change into a Spector and douse the flames out. Watch out for falling spike after dousing the last torch! You are now near the entrance and the doors have been unlocked. Head out and the other door is now unlocked.

Follow the shadow... it's Elena! Greaaaaat. No choice but to baby-sit her. Press the /\ to call her. Flip the switch where you found Elena and go through the door.

Jump and go to the left and ride door and beat up the monsters. Behind the right door is a Moon Stone. You can get it now or later. Btw, you'll have to beat all the monsters before Elena will jump so take care of 'em. At the end of the hall, the door is locked but there's a small hole next to it. Change into a Stinger and go in. Get the Night Stone and you'll reach the area behind the locked door. Flip the switch to let Elena in. Move on and flip the switch at the end of this hall to get to the next area.

There's a switch on the right but you break it. The doors looks busted and doesn't budge so the only thing left is the white platform... Transform into a Puppet and jump on it. It'll teleport you to another area. Elena's still locked behind the busted door and it seems like there's no switch to open the door, so head to the left door and teleport to area before the busted door and Elena. Flip switch and - Elena's being held captive! To rescue her, go back to the shaking doors and enter the right room. Behind the flimsy wooden door is Elena and the Moon Stone I mentioned earlier. Go back to the busted door. There's two ways you can get past:
1. You can break it or...
2. You can talk to Elena again and she'll "break it".

To get the to the next door, you have to jump on the platform. You'll also have to tell Elena when to jump on the platform and off it. The best way to do this is to let her jump on one platform. Let her stay on it and tell her to jump off when the platform reaches your side.

You'll now enter a small room with two doors and a switch. Do NOT hit the switch yet! Instead, head through the top door. There will be 3 treasure chests (get 3 Silver Coins and Star Stone) and 3 Puppets are guarding the third one: Mysterious Statue. Don't worry about defeating the Puppets - just head straight for the treasure and open it. Once it's open, the Puppets will disappear. Head back out and flip the switch. You'll move. Head through the left door this time and call Elena before the door closes on top of her. Enter the next room...

Boss Fight: Chimera #4
Psych! Watch Chimera #4 get pounded by Duke. Have some words and the real battle begins:

Boss Fight: Duke
The items in the room will explode if you hit them. Use that to your advantage. Lure Duke near them as he does his attacks and he'll get hit with their explosion. You should watch out for them as well since it'll take your HP too. In the meantime, look for any openings - usually his uppercut and shockwave attack - and take a swing.

After his defeat, the walls will start to move! Hack at the door like there's no tomorrow. There will be a meter at the bottom of the screen to note the door's weakening. Head out and you'll have a little talk with Duke.... He ain't so bad after all.

Side Quest: The Last Hero
Go to Carona Forest and jump into the tree stump. Go down the hall and you'll eventually reach a small Mandala. Change into a Spector and water it. Jump on top of it and onto a platform to get The Last Hero. You can sell this book for 500G or you can go to Rod and give it to him. As thanks, he'll give you 4 Strength Up. Niiiice!

Side Quest: Rare Wine
If you didn't get this earlier, you should have enough MP (105+) by now to get it. Head to the Underground and to the obstacle course. Flame down the three ice blocks to get the Rare Wine. Give it Hobbs and he'll give you a discount at his store - all items are now 5000G instead of 30000G. ...If you want, you can sell the Rare Wine for a couple of hundred Gs.

Side Quest: Mysterious Statue
Talk to Klaus and he'll take note of the Mysterious Statue. Give it to him and your MP will increase by 10. If you'd rather not, you can sell it for 500G.

Go talk to Klaus and he'll tell you that you need Phantomite. It's off to see Wylaf - Chapter 6: Raging Mountain

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