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Rue's Walkthrough

Things to Know: The left side is a quick overview: what you're supposed to look out for, treasures you may find in the area, what monsters to expect, any bosses you have to fight, and any important information you have to know. Plus pictures.

The right side will go into more detail; where exactly to find the treasures, directions (if necessary), tips, and all in all more detailed info.

The walkthrough will be sectioned into chapters based on the save game title. Got that? Good. Let's get going!

Chapter 6: Raging Mountain
Treasures in Town:
-1 Bronze Coin
-4 Silver Coin

Treasures at Raging Mountain:
-1 Legendary Shield
-3 Silver Coin

-Fire Blob

-Duke & Belle
Chapter 5: Haunted Temple

Before you head out to the mountain, drop by Tonio's shop and upgrade your stuff for 4500G each.

Head up the path and make your way to the cave entrance. Before you go in, jump down the side (i.e. go towards yourself). You'll fall down to a lower pathway with two enemies. Beat both of them! To get back up, jump to the next platform, change into Bubba, and crack the boulder using the Hammer attack (/\). Get back up the upper level and go into the cave.

There will be two paths. Go to the back path first, break the boulder, and pick up 3 Silver Coins. Go to the other pathway, break the boulder and make your way to the next area. Watch out for the rising steam - they'll take some of your HP. ..And yeah, those are black Pollywogs. No, they will not show up as a seperate Monster Coin. Too bad you can't choose to morph into them, eh?

Here, you'll enter a room with several floating platforms with enemies on them and if there aren't any on them, they will be there when you get to it. If you're low on HP, head to the back path with the Bubba and the boulder. To get to the next area, just head straight.

This area is windy! When you see dust clouds on the ground, don't bother jumping to another platform - the wind will just push you backwards and you'll die.. a lot! If you get low on HP, just keep hacking at the Pollywogs and Fire Blobs that show up by going up and down the slope. Hide behind the boulder's when the wind picks up, btw. If you're having trouble getting past Bubba, either kill it before you jump or psych it out by going on one side of the platform and quickly jumping beside it.

Boss Fight: Duke & Belle
Now that you've made it, you get to face Duke & Belle! Lucky you! ;D The best way to go is to beat up Duke first and try not to get snatched by Belle and the Hexagon (it'll come for you, stretch out it's arms and clamp). If the Hexagon gets you, it'll throw you up and you'll get some damage. To beat the Heaxagon, you have to coax Belle near you and the path. Then jump attack them straight at the head. If need HP and MP, go near the edge of the walkway and a Pollywog will appear. Once you beat the Hexagon, Belle will jump off and fight you in person. Once you defeat her, the three will high-tail it out of there!

Recover your HP by going to the end of the path. Head up, beat the Fire Blobs easily by changing into a monster with long range attack, and jump on the tall columns to get your hands on the Legendary Shield. Like the other two, make sure you don't sell this baby yet. Continue up the mountain. After the 3 black Pollywogs, you'll meet Wylaf so bring up your HP if you need to.

Boss Fight: Wylaf
Wylaf will test you. Fight him until he says "Enough". If you hit him after he tells you to withdraw your weapon, it's game over so be careful. To beat him, watch out for his charges, his fire breath, the pillars of fire, and don't get sucked into the whirlwinds. Hit him when he's on the ground. You have to reduce his HP only halfway for the fight to end.

After you get the Phantomite, you'll see a scene with Duke, Belle,...and Mint! You'll now show up in town and the two hoodlums will stop you and deliver a message: they're asking for a dual! You can oblige them now or later. Or you can completely ignore them. Anyways, head to Klaus and give him the Phantomite. Make sure you pick up the Life Coins:
1. Bronze Coin - On the way to the docks, under the church.
2. Silver Coin - Left side of the the church entrance.

Chapter 7: Bond with Prima

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