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Fishing Guide

What you need to know to be a master fisherman.


Bobber Rod

This rod is obtained from Rusl's wife in Ordon Village after you bring her the cradle.

To use the bobber rod equip the rod to either the Y or X button. Press that button to bring it out and press it again to cast your line. Allow the bobber to align itself vertically and watch closely. To catch a fish wait for a the bobber to get a good tug. It should submerge at least to the uppermost yellow section. Once you get a good bite just pull up on the C stick and keep it there until you land your fish. Link will catch and release, recording the fish caught and the biggest catches in your Fish Journal. Catching a fish will get you a heart. To increase your chances of fish biting, use bait with the bobber rod. 

Lure Rod

To fish with the lure rod, you must rent one from Hena's Fishing Hole on the Upper Zora River. You have a variety of lures to choose from, all best suited for different situations and different fish.

To use the lure rod, row out to a spot with a lot of fish (I suggest the Northwest pond) and cast the rod with the B button. Wiggle the rod by pulling left, right, or down on the Control stick. Once a fish comes up and bites, pull back on the rod while holding down the B button to reel it in. If the fish jumps, push the Control stick up to keep from losing the fish. Once the fish is close enough to the boat, land it by pressing A. Fish caught when lure fishing are not recorded in your Fish Journal, but are put into the fish tank in Hena's shop. 


Bait can only be used with the bobber rod.

Bee Larva

The most common bait and the edible kind.

They can be found in:

Ordon Village, above Fado's house. Use a hawk or the slingshot to knock down the beehive.

Hena's Fishing Hole, behind Hena's house hanging from the back porch. Same as above.


The most practical bait.

It can only be found at Hena's Fishing Hole. Transform into wolf Link and dig just behind the sign near the fishing hole entrance. Worms will emerge from the ground. Change back to human Link and scoop one up in an empty bottle.


There are five different lures you can use.

Swimmer Lure

This is the most basic of lures. Use this your first time through.

Popper Lure

This lure can attract the big fish. I would use this most of the time (until you get the Sinking Lure). It makes a reelly
(puh-dum-pah!) neat noise when you wiggle it.

Spinner Lure

Use this lure to get the big fish near the waterfalls. Nothing's really special about this little propeller boat.

Frog Lure

To unlock the Frog Fishing Lure for Lure fishing, you must beat Level 1-8 of Roll Goal, a game found in the owner's establishment. To play it, simply look at it in first person using the C button. The game requires 5 rupees a play and you win 10 rupees for each round, and the frog lure for 1-8. (If you run short before you manage to get the lure, mowing the tall grass just outside {still in the fishing hole area} offers around 60 rupees.) If you can get to Level 8-8, she fills your wallet to the brim.

Sinker Lure
To obtain the Sinker Lure you must first catch a Hylian Pike, Hyrule Bass, and a Ordon Catfish in the fishing hole area with the lure rod, and also have caught every fish that can be recorded in your journal with your bobber rod. After you have caught one of each you go to the northwest pond (The one closest to the house) and take out your Bobber Rod. Cast a few times and you should catch the Sinker Lure. Make sure Hena doesn't see you use it or she will take it away. PERMANENTLY.
There are two hooks for the bobber rod.

Bone Hook

This hook comes with your rod, and is very standard, with no added bonus

Coral Earring

This hook is given to you by the Zora prince Ralis during the pre-dungeon-quest
for the Snowpeak Ruins. It allows you to catch Reekfish, and increases the bite rate of all other fish. 
Where to find fish in Hyrule


Basically anywhere

Ordon Catfish

Ordon Creek, Faron Spring

Hyrule Bass

Hena's Fishing Hole, the bridged area north of Hyrule Castle

Hylian Pike

Hena's Fishing Hole

Hylian Loach

The pond area in Kakariko Graveyard, Lanayru Spring,


Mother and Child rocks in Zora's Domain


In the Main Room of the Water Temple (Unrecordable)

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