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Important Guide to Surviving Hyrule

Hello one and all.

If you clicked here, you are either:

Incredibly smart,
Incredibly bored, or
Incredibly stupid

Ok, so now...


Are you feeling very mopy? Do you lose hearts easily? Does every time this happens... you cower in fear or run away? Look no further! Here is your chance to get advice from a(n) [near] expert on the game Zeruda no Densetsu: Towairaito Purinsesu (do I have to explain?)!


Bottles are one of the most useful items in the game (no duh). Here is what you should always have on you, in order of importance:

Fairies or Healing Potion
At the beginning of the game, you will recieve a bottle from Sera. Fill this bottle with milk, and then red potion when you get to Trill's. Once you get to the room before the boss's chamber in the Forest Temple, break the pots to get a fairy. Have a bottle
ready and STAY AWAY from the fairy!

Coro's Oil
Buy the oil bottle from Coro, for it will be worth it's weight in oil (puh-dum-pah!) later. Keep the oil in the bottle until right before the Forest Temple boss. Use the other bottle to scoop up the fairy. If you're feeling unconfident, use the oil on your lantern,
then use Ooccoo to warp out, then warp back in and get the second fairy.You will probably only need the first, but keep the second (It will come in handy later). Use the remaining bottle for random things (bee larva, milk, hot springwater, etc.) until you get a third bottle, which then you can use it for oil (or super potions, which I will explain below).

Super Potions
Super potions come in two forms: Fairy Tears and Rare Chu Jelly. Both are extremely valuable and should be used as a LAST RESORT!!! If these things had value, they'd be the most expensive thing at the Richie Rich Mart in Castle Town.

Random Bottles
This category is anything from bee larva to super potions (again, PRICELESS!!!), so I can't tell you what to put in them.


This is the scent you should have after you have gotten to the City in the Sky: Reekfish Scent. You can take the long way through Snowpeak with it, if you want (Useful later).


I would put a projectile weapon on the Y button (Bow, hookshot, slingshot, etc.) and any other item on the X button. Also, GET THE HYLIAN SHIELD E
ARLY AT MALO MART!!! You should NOT even be half-way up Death Mountain without the Hylian Shield. It costs...200 Rupees(?), so start saving!
If you read the above
instructions, you should now look like this... CONGRATULATIONS! And for reading this entire pointless article, I'll post my exclusive "Pesky Bulbins" article here!