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The Townspeople

These are the various people you'll see around the town. None of them are your rivals or people you could marry.
Note: For info on Won and Kappa, check out the Bachelor section.

Birthday: Fall 23rd
Favorite Gifts: Apples, Eggs, Honey, Strawberry, Sweet Potatoes
Anna's the mother of Mary and wife of Basil. She lives right next door to the library with her family. In the game, she has no real purpose other than being a village friend. But, she acts like a bitch every so often. So I don't like her.

Birthday: Spring 17th
Favorite Gifts: Miso Soup, Rice, Scrambled Eggs
Barley is the owner of Yodel Ranch, and lives there with his granddaughter May. If you want to purchase cows or sheep, just talk to him during store hours.

Birthday: Summer 11th
Favorite Gifts: Mushrooms, All types of grasses
Basil's the father of Mary and husband of Anna. He lives next door to the library, but loves to explore Mother Hill. Also, he's the opposite of Anna. So, become friends with him and make Anna hate you. It's a pretty good combination.

Birthday: Fall 20th
Favorite Gifts: Eggs, Fish, Curry
Carter's the pastor of the town and spends all his time in the church. During certain times, he'll be in the confessional, where you can get a blessing or confess a sin. He's really a person you want to become friends with because he'll let you to his secret garden. You'll find Truffles, which sell for 500G each!

Birthday: Winter 11th
Favorite Gifts: Apples, Fish, Honey
Doug's the father of the Ann and runs the Inn with her help. His wife died years ago on Fall 5th, and every year on that date he goes up to Mother Hill in her memory. He's a pretty good guy who has a lot of serve at his place.

Birthday: Winter 15th
Favorite Gifts: Eggplant, Sashimi, Wine
Duke, along with his wife Manna, run their daughter's winery. You'll learn that his daughter Aja left the town a while ago because of a fight she got into with Duke. He's kind of a drunk and not that important.

Birthday: Winter 13th
Favorite Gifts: Eggs, Milk, Rice Cakes
Ellen is the grandmother of Stu and Elli, but only lives with her grandson next door to the mayor. If you want a gift for the Starry Festival on Winter 25th, you'll need to become friends with her and then give her a ball of yarn. She'll knit you a sock with it. Other than that, she's just someone to talk to.

Birthday: Fall 2nd
Favorite Gifts: Apples, Eggs, Honey
Gotz is the town's carpenter and lumberjack who live south of your farm. He will do all building upgrades for a price. However, there might come a point in which Gotz gets really irritated with his job and stop doing upgrades. This will be a HUGE annoyance, but you can get him back to normal by giving him gifts for a while.

Birthday: Summer 4th
Favorite Gifts: Eggs, Fish
Harris is the town's only police officer who lives with the mayor next to the library. You'll see him doing his rounds if you tend to wander around the area a lot.

Birthday: Winter 29th
Favorite Gifts: Corn Flakes, Honey
Jeff runs and owns the town's grocery store, with his wife Sasha and daughter Karen. If you become friends with him, he'll open the doors early to you. Which can really be a helpful thing.

Birthday: Spring 19th
Favorite Gifts: Eggs, Jewelry, Milk, Tomatoes
Lillia runs the Poultry Farm with her son Rick and daughter Popuri. You'll learn that her husband left to find a cure for a disease she has. As a result, she barely ever leaves the farm except on holidays.

Birthday: Fall 11th
Favorite Gifts: Honey, Milk, Mushrooms
Manna is the wife of Duke and sells you bottles of drinks at the winery. Her daughter Aja left the town after getting in an argument with Duke. Manna also tends to get mad at Duke for drinking.

Birthday: Winter 26th
Favorite Gifts: Apples, Honey, Fruit Juice
May is the granddaughter of Barley and lives with him on the farm. Her mother Joanna left the town in order to see the world. May is the only little girl in the town.

Birthday: Spring 11th
Favorite Gifts: Adamantite, Miso Soup
Saibara is the town's blacksmith who will do all the upgrades for your tools, as well as sell Makers, jewelry, and various items to care for your livestock. His grandson Gray is his apprentice, but the two do not live with one another. Saibara tends to be harsh to Gray, but kind to others.

Birthday: Fall 5th
Favorite Gifts: Apples, Chocolate, Honey
Stu is the younger brother of Elli and grandson of Ellen. His parents died a long time ago, so he lives with his grandmother. Stu is the only little boy in the town and plays with May a lot.

Birthday: Spring 30th
Favorite Gifts: Chocolate, Flowers, Jewelry
Sasha helps runs the Grocery Store with her husband Jeff and daughter Karen. She's a pretty kind woman who gossips with the other older women of the town. Sasha does get mad at Jeff for allowing people to pay for the items later.

Birthday: Summer 25th
Favorite Gifts: Jewelry, Noodles, Wine
Thomas is the mayor of Mineral Town and lives with Harris the policeman next door to the library. He's a kind guy who'll visit you a lot and invite you to most of the festivals.

Birthday: Summer 29th
Favorite Gifts: Cheese, Cucumbers, Tomatoes
Zack comes by your farm on regular days and gives you money for the items in the Shipping Bin. On holidays he won't come by, but he will give you money for everything you placed in the bin when he comes by again. Zack will also give you the money even if you're not on your farm when he comes by. He lives on the beach with Won. He also has a crush on Lillia, but is friends with her husband so... no chance for him.