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If you are new at this game, before you begin, I suggest you read both Controls and Map sections to get yourself familiar with the controls and where everything is.

Starting a game First Day First Week
Cow Sheep Unhappy Animals
Sick Animals Impregnating A Cow/Sheep Animal Care Tools


Start the game, and enter the name you wish to use, birthday, dog's name, and farm's name. Watch the little event, and you are ready to play Harvest Moon.

Introduction to your house:
You'll wake up in the morning inside the house. This is all the furniture you have so far: a bed, a table with a diary, a calender, an empty table next to the TV, a TV, a bookshelf, a big round table, a tool chest, and another empty table in the lower left corner. The bed is where you sleep if you want to end the day. The diary is where you save your game. The TV is where you can find out tomorrow's weather, cooking recipes, etc, check out the
control section for how to change the channels if you don't know how. The bookshelf is full of books that explains the controls of this game. the tool chest is where all your tools are. The empty table by the TV is for a Vase that you can buy later in the game. The other empty table in the lower left corner is for a music player that you get when you connect this game to Harvest Moon, Back to Nature for Game Cube.
You can get more furniture later on when you have the money, and it's covered in detail in the house upgrade section.

You'll notice from the lower right corner of your screen that it's 6AM, and doesn't matter how much time you spent standing inside the house, it's still 6AM. Like all other HM games, time stops inside buildings.
There are 4 seasons in the game: spring, summer, fall, and winter. Each season has 30 days, and each day has 24 hours, and each hour has 60 minutes. One day in gameplay is about 12 minutes in real life.
You usually weak up at 6AM, but if you worked late last night, you might oversleep depend on how exhausted you are. The day ends at 5:59 AM or when you go to bed. If you are out on the street at 5:59AM, you'll be teleported back to your house at exactly 6AM, and the new day begins.


First Day

Head outside, Mayor Thomas will be waiting for you, and he'll explain some basic things about the game. Afterwards, he will offer to give you more tips about crops and how to take care of animals. Say yes to watch small tutorials, or no to pass. Once you're finished, he'll leave and Zack will drop in. He's the shipper that'll take all your goods in the shipping box by 5PM everyday and pays you the money. He doesn't work on holidays, but you can put the goods inside the shipping box anyway, and wait for him to come the next day and pick them up. After Zack finish talking, he'll leave and you can finally gain control of your character.

Lets try our luck!
Now, go back to your house and make some money! If you are patient (and lucky), you can make tones of money on the first day!
Watch the TV, and turn to the left channel, It should be a new year special program, keep pushing the left botton and you'll eventually watch the new year's game show where the host is the Harvest Goddess. You'll be able to play this guessing game, and depending on the number of times you guessed correctly, you win differnent items. The rule is that the goddess will say a number, and ask you whether you think the next number is bigger or smaller than the current number. The numbers are generated randomly, so there's really no way of telling what the next number will be except guess. Here's a list of items you can win:
# Of WinsItems You GetShipping Price
2Blue/Yellow/Red/Black/White/Green/Purple/Orange/Indego grassverys
3-9Buckwheat Flour/Rice Cake---
10-19Relaxation Tea Leaves1000G
20-24Skin Lotion---
25-29Facial Pack---
50-59Golden Lumber---
60-69Fossil Of Ancient Fish5000G
70-79Pirate Treasure10000G
80-89Recipe For Ketchup---
90+Recipe For French Fries---
100Sitificate for winning 100 Times---

You can play this game 5 time a day, for the first 5 days of new year, every year. If you run out of place to put the items you win, go outside and put everything shippable in the shipping box. Then go back inside the house and continue until you played 5 times.

Since we just begin the game and are very short on money, I suggest you try and guess at least 10 times right so you can get the Relaxation Tea Leaves, and sell them. Save before you play the game, and when you didn't get the result you like, you can reset and try again.

Tomorrow's weather
After playing, check the weather for tomorrow by watching the upper channel. Usually, when you don't like tomorrow's weather, you can save before going to sleep, and reset when you don't like tomorrow's weather. (like have everyday a rainny day, then you don't need to water your crops anymore, or have everyday sunny, so you can keep all your chickens outside without the need the feed them). Note that holidays will always be sunny.

Daily chore
Go outside and find your dog. Pick him up by facing him and push the A botton, push the A botton again to drop him. You should do this everyday to raise your dog's heart level. If you don't want to go out everyday and search for him all over the farm, pick him up and leave him inside the house. Later on when you get more animals, you should tend to them everyday too. For more information on animals, check out the
animals section.

Now, run to your tree and push the A botton, you'll receive a jar of honey. This is a great present to give to the Harvest Spirits but we need the money now, so ship the honey. You can pick up the honey once a day, everyday.

Then, run up to the mountains and pick up everything that is shippable and place them in the shipping box. But do keep a BLUE GRASS for later use. Since you can only carry so little at a time, you probably need to run back and forth a couple of times. Also introduce yourself to Ann and Popuri if you run into them. When you are finally done, it's time to head into town with that blue grass in your bag. Also remember to NOT bring any tools with you, or leave at least one space in your rucksack for tool because we'll be getting the fishing rod later on, and you need to have a space in your rucksack to get it. If you plan on buying seeds, DON'T bring any tools with you because that takes up your empty tool slot.

There are some place that I think you should visit. Afterwards, feel free to get yourself familiar around the place.
The first place to be is the supermarket. This is where you buy seeds, some of your tools, and some foods. The seeds are always in the middle counter. Right now you only have 500G, so buy 4 turnip seeds, or 3 potato seeds.
The counter on the right has a bigger rucksack and a bucket, but those are expensive for now. This is also the place where you buy the blue feather once you meet the requirements. This blue feather is needed to propose to a girl.
The left counter has some foods for sell. Many of them are cooking ingredents, but you can also use them as gifts.
The little counter on the top is where you can wrap up your gifts, it costs 100G each time, but the person that recieves the gift will be very happy. Since you are here, say hi to everyone in the room, and finish your shopping here. Once done, lets head to the next destination, the Harvest Sprite house.

Harvest Spirits
The Harvest Sprite's house is next to the church. Go up through the little path next to the church on the right, and you'll reach their house. Once inside, say hi to everyone. Remember the blue grass that I mentioned ealier? The Harvest Sprites (HS) really like this type of grasses, especially if the color match themselves. So pull out the blue grass, and give it to the blue HS Staid. this is a great way to raise their heart levels, and once their heart reach 3, you can ask them to help you on the farm! See the Harvest Sprites section for more info.

The Beach
Now that we know the importance of these sprites, lets find more grass and give to them. Head out of the house, run through rose squre, and onto the beach where you can find yellow grass and orange grass. Grab one of each, and head back to HS's house. give them to Hoggy, the yellow HS, and Nappy, the orange HS. One gift a day is enough, the second gift on the same day will effect less, and we are at a time where money is crucial, so the rest of the grass goes to the shipping bin back home. Run to the beach and pick up the other two grass. Now go up to the little wooden house and go inside, this is where you can buy expensive vegetable and flower seeds from Won. He also sells many other usful things such as toys for your dog, and a Jewel of Truth.
But we are here to get the fishing rod. When you first step inside the house, an event should have triggered, and you'll recieve the fishing rod. If this did not happen, you probably don't have an empty tool slot in your rucksack.

The Town
Now you may wonder freely around town. I suggest you get to know where everything is, and remember where the library is. It has everything you need to know about the game, so it's best to take some time to read throug the books. But you can't go there right now because it's closed on Monday. The stores in town close at 4PM, expect the Inn, which close at 9PM, and the grocry, which close at 5PM. People's houses are locked after 6PM.

Head back to the farm at around 6PM, and try to get some work done before going to sleep.
First, clear the field near the shipping bin. Pick the grass and through them away, KEEP THE SMAIL STONES! They are needed for a cooking recipe, plus they make great fances, and they don't break like lumbers.
Equipt your hoe, and till a 3X3 square. I know, many people like to make a 3X3 square with a patch on one side missing because once the vegetables grows up, you won't be able to water the middle square anymore. I DO NOT suggest this because 1, you have non regrowable seeds, once you shipped the outter vegetables, you'll be able to water the inner one. 2, you can up grade your watering can early on and you would be able to water the middle patch. And 3, when you get the HS to help you, they can reach the inner ones and tend to them. Infact, later on, you might plantthe whole field and leave no rows to walk, and let the HS do all the work for you.
Anyway, after tilling, equipt the seeds that you bought, and plant them when standing in the middle of the 3X3 square. Then equipt the watering can and run to the little pond next to the honey-giving-tree, fill it up by facing the pond and use it(press B), run back to your planted seeds and water them, leave a row in between and till another 3X3 square, plant seed, water, and so on, until you've planted all the seeds that you got today.
The day is almost over, now you have 2 choices: 1. go back and sleep in your bed. Or 2, go up to the mountains and sock yourself in the spa. Both way rejuvinates your stenma, but spa is faster. On somedays when you think you worked too hard and too late that you might oversleep the next day, spa is a good place to go and regain your stenma. Either way, that's the end of the first day.


Second Day

On the second day, Won will drop by and introduce himself to you. After he leaves, finish your daily chore and play the guessing game. When you are all done, head into town. Right now you should have enough money to buy a chicken, so get one, and buy 10 pieces of chicken feed in just in case. Then pick the yellow and orange grasses and give them to the HS, and go to the library to do some reading.
Once you finish all the businesses in town, go back to your farm. Use the small stones or branches to make a small fance near the chicken coop. The size and shape of the fance is totally up to you. Afterwards, go inside, pick up the chicken and place her inside the fance. Now you don't need to feed your chicken, and it'll be easier to hug him and pick up eggs.
Now, remember to water your planted seeds, and that should be it for the day.


First Week

3 heart with HS, have chicken, rucksack.

Eats: Nothing
Raise Love Points: Talk and Brush Daily
Life Expectancy: Doesn't Die

Consider the horse your second pet of the game, for it never dies or needs to eat anything. Even though the dog is your only friend from the beginning of the game, the horse is more useful them him when he's an adult. Barley will come by your farm during your first Spring on the farm, and give you the horse as a colt (baby). But, don't think it's yours now. Barley will come by the end of the year and check up on how the colt is doing. If the colt's Heart Level isn't at least on 5, Barley will yell at you and take it away. He's eventually return with it, as a full-grown horse, but its Heart Level will be 0. If you've been brushing and talking to it daily, when Barley stops by, he'll allow you to keep it. It'll take about a year to grow to an adult.

Once it has become an adult horse, you will be able to ride it around your farm and be used as a moveable shipping bin. Just like the real shipping bin, you cannot retrieve items placed into its saddle.

If you press L, you'll whistle for your horse. The more Hearts it has for you, the further away it can hear you call for it.


Eats: 1 Chicken Feed Daily or Nothing If Left Outside
Raise Love Points: Pick Up Daily
Life Expectancy: 3 - 4 Years

Chickens are the simplest animals to care for and I recommend getting one as soon as possible. One can be purchased for 1500G from the Chicken Farm, and you really only need one for the rest of the game. Just feed your chicken everyday, and it'll lay an egg everyday. Now, place that egg into the incubator to the left wall of your coop and in 3 day for it to hatch as a chick. Chicks DO NOT need to be fed, and will grow up to a chicken in another 7 days. Now keep on repeating the process until you fill up your coop. You can only hold up to 4 chickens when you first begin the game. When you get the extension on the Chicken Coop, you are able to have up to 8 chickens.

There are 3 methods to keep your chickens fed: 1) buy fodder from the Chicken Farm for 10G a piece and place it in their nest, 2) place a piece of corn into the windmill to produce 30 pieces of fodder and place it in their nest, or 3) place the chickens outside in a fenced area on Sunny Days. ...Did you just catch that? Yes. Yes. Yes. You could simply place your chickens on your farming field and they'll feed themselves by eating the worms in the ground. Make sure to fence the area so it'll be easier to collect the eggs and hug them. If it rains in the morning, place them back in their coop and feed them accordingly.

The eggs that the chickens lay come in different sizes and quality, which are sold for different amounts of money.

Name Requirement Sell
Small Egg 0-3 Heart Level 50G
Medium Egg 4-7 Heart Level 60G
Large Egg 8-10 Heart Level 80G
Spa-Boiled Egg Throw any egg into the Hot Springs 80G
Gold Egg 8-10 Heart Level + won Chicken Festival 100G
P-Egg 8-10 Heart Level, won Chicken Festival, had 600+ hours of being outdoors 180G
X-Egg 1 out of 255 chance from a P-Egg Chicken 350G

When you have a chicken that only lays Small and Medium Eggs, I recommend running over to the Hot Springs and throwing them in there. You'll get Spa Boiled Eggs, which will sell for 80G each. If you entered a certain chicken in the Chicken Festival and it won, when it reaches a Heart Level of at least an 8, it will lay Gold Eggs. If you placed your chicken outside for at least 600 game hours along with the Gold Egg requirements, it will lay P Eggs. And every once in a while, that P Egg might be an X Egg.

Once you get the extension on your Chicken Coop, Saibara will now be able to make a Mayonnaise Maker for you. Depending on which type of Egg you drop in there, you'll get a different size and quality of mayonnaise.

Mayonnaise (S)
Drop a Small Egg into MayoMaker
Mayonnaise (M)
Drop a Medium Egg into MayoMaker
Mayonnaise (L)
Drop a Large Egg into MayoMaker
Mayonnaise (G)
Drop a Gold Egg into MayoMaker
Mayonnaise (P)
Drop a P Egg into MayoMaker
Mayonnaise (X)
Drop a X Egg into MayoMaker


Eats: 1 Fodder Daily or Tile of Grown Grass Daily if Left On Grass Field
Raise Love Points: Talk, Brush, and Milk Daily
Life Expectancy: 5 - 6 Years

Cows are my second choices of animals because they can be milked everyday when they are adults. Cows can be purchased at the Yodel Ranch for 5000G each, but cannot be milked right away. Purchased cows are not quite adults yet, and you'll have to wait 7 days before you are able to. Like the chickens, only one is needed to fill up your entire Barn. However, it will take a long time to do so. For full details, check out the section on this page Impregnating A Cow/Sheep. Cows eat 1 piece of Fodder each day, which can be purchased from Yodel Ranch for 20G each. Or they can be left outside on full-grown grass fields, in which they will devour 1 square of grass a day. Before expanding your Barn, you could hold a combination of 8 cows and/or sheep. After expansion, the total doubles to 16.

The milk that the cows produce comes in different sizes and quality, which are sold for different amounts of money.

Milk (S)
0-3 Heart Level 100G
Milk (M)
4-7 Heart Level 150G
Milk (L)
8-10 Heart Level 200G
Milk (G)
8-10 Heart Level and won Cow Festival
Milk (P)
8-10 Heart Level, won Cow Festival, had 600+ hours of being outdoors
Milk (X)
1 in 255 chance from a P-Milk Cow

Once you get the extension on your Barn, Saibara will now be able to make a Cheese Maker for you. Depending on which type of Milk you drop in there, you'll get a different size and quality of Cheese.

Name Requirement
Cheese (S)
Drop a Small Milk into Cheese Maker
Cheese (M)
Drop a Medium Milk into Cheese Maker
Cheese (L)
Drop a Large Milk into Cheese Maker
Cheese (G)
Drop a Gold Milk into Cheese Maker
Cheese (P)
Drop a P Milk into Cheese Maker
Cheese (X)
Drop a X Milk into Cheese Maker

Eats: 1 Fodder Daily or Tile of Grown Grass Daily if Left On Grass Field
Raise Love Points: Talk and Brush Daily, Shear Wool When It Has Its Coat
Life Expectancy: 5 - 6 Years

I recommend getting the Sheep last of the three livestock, for they cannot give you a byproduct everyday. Sheep can be purchased at the Yodel Ranch for 4000G each, with a full coat on them. If a Sheep has a full coat, you can use the Scissors to trim his wool. It will take about a week for the Wool to grow back. Like the chickens, only one is needed to fill up your entire Barn. However, it will take a long time to do so. For full details, check out the section on this page Impregnating A Cow/Sheep. Sheep eat 1 piece of Fodder each day, which can be purchased from Yodel Ranch for 20G each. Or they can be left outside on full-grown grass fields, in which they will devour 1 square of grass a day. Before expanding your Barn, you could hold a combination of 8 cows and/or sheep. After expansion, the total doubles to 16.

The wool that the sheep produce comes in different sizes and quality, which are sold for different amounts of money.

Small Wool (S)
0-3 Heart Level 100G
Wool (M)
4-7 Heart Level 400G
Wool (L)
8-10 Heart Level 500G
Wool (G)
8-10 Heart Level and won Sheep Festival
Wool (P)
8-10 Heart Level, won Sheep Festival, had 600+ hours of being outdoors
Wool (X)
1 in 255 chance from a P-Wool Sheep

Once you get the extension on your Barn, Saibara will now be able to make a Yarn Maker for you. Depending on which type of Wool you drop in there, you'll get a different size and quality of Yarn.

Yarn (S)
Drop a Small Wool into Yarn Maker
Yarn (M)
Drop a Medium Wool into Yarn Maker
Yarn (L)
Drop a Large Wool into Yarn Maker
Yarn (G)
Drop a Gold Wool into Yarn Maker
Yarn (P)
Drop a P-Wool into Yarn Maker
Yarn (X)
Drop a X-Wool into Yarn Maker

Unhappy Animals
If you happened to not feed your livestock (chickens, cows, and sheep) or left them outside in the rain the entire day, they'll become unhappy. Inside of having a heart in the bubble appear over their heads, three dots will appear instead. Unhappy animals will not produce any byproducts. To make them happy again, feed and care for them properly. Most of the time they'll be happy the next days, but sometimes they become sick.


Sick Animals
You'll know an animal is sick when a skull appears over their heads instead of the heart. Purchase Animal Medicine from either the Chicken Farm or Yodel Ranch for 1000G, and then use it next to the sick animal. If you don't cure a sick animal, they will die after awhile.


Impregnating A Cow/Sheep
Unlike the chicken, cows and sheep give birth to their offspring after pregnancy. In order to even impregnate either of these animals, the cow must be an adult and the sheep must have its full coat. Only then can you use the Sheep or Cow Magic Potion you can purchase from Yodel Farm for 3000G. Use the potion near the desired animal and it'll become pregnant. It'll take 20 days before a baby is born. They'll have either 0 to 4 Hearts when they are born. Newborn cows will take 14 days to mature into a medium cow and then another 7 days to become adults. Newborn sheep only take 14 days to mature into adults.


Animal Care Tools

Raises Heart Level of Cows, Sheep, and Horse.
800G from Blacksmith
Extracts milk from an adult cow.
2000G from Blacksmith
Cuts the wool of an adult sheep.
1800G from Blacksmith
Animal Medicine
Cures a sick animal.
1000G from Yodel Ranch/ Chicken Farm
Calls cows and sheep to you.
500G from Yodel Ranch