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99 Dalmations
Gummi Garage


Items: Mega-Potion X4, Mega-Ether X4, Dalmatians 37-39, Megalixir, Cottage X3, Shell-G X3, Elixir X2, Mythril Shard X3, Defense Up, Thunder-G, Mythril, Dispel-G, Torn Page, Dalmatians 52-54, Ansem's Report 1, Power Up

Accessories: Fira Ring, Ray of Light, Protera Chain, Thundara Ring, Protega Chain

Looks like Jafar anf Maleficent is after Princess Jasmine. Anyway, from where you enter head forward and take out the Heartless for EXP while you're at it. While you're here, you might as well collect all the treasure. If you want, head into the storage room to get munny and a Mega-Potion. There's also a save point here if you'd like to use. Head back out and go move on. You'll then come to an intersection. Head left and you'll encounter a scene with Jafar. After you dust the enemies that Jafar summons, hop up the boxes and unlock the nearby keyblade-hole. Hop across the shutters and through the newly unlocked gate. Now you'll be back on the Main Street. On the far end from the Alley you just encountered Jasmine in is a building with a pole leading into it or a path of concrete outcroppings leading into it. Go up the pole to enter Aladdin's house. Save and open the chests for a Megalixir and dalmations. Now free the Carpet then let it take you to where Aladdin is.

Head back to where you entered Agrabah, and accept Carpet's offer to give you a ride to where Al is. You'll arrive as Al is drowning in quicksand. Bandits will attack, so take them out. You'll then be asked if you'd like to switch party members. Go ahead if you want to. After saving Al, head back to town. The place has been severely reorganized with crates blocking once open routes. Anyways head up the crates near the wall and jump across to the right side of the area and then jump up onto the ledge above and through the door. Now you are back where you encountered Jasmine. Jump across the shutters and through the door to get back to Main Street. Head to Al's to save and heal then jump across to the nearby door which you should have unlocked by now. Go through it to face a boss.

Pot Centipede:
Hp: 600
Exp: 250
Strategy: This boss is SO painfully annoying, sure it's easy on normal but on expert it can be a challenge. Anyways try to keep the various Pot spiders from combining into the full centipede, if a group of Pot spiderscome together between the head and the tail use Sonic Blade to destroy them. Both the head and the tail share the same HP so choose a target and beat away at it while staying away from it's tentacles which, when struck by,really hurt. Anyway keep your HPs up and the Centipede will fall. For beating him, you obtain a Ray of Light acessory.

Return to Aladdin's house to save and rest up. When you're ready head out to the desert.

You'll encounter another boss here.

Guardian of the Cave of Wonders:
Hp: 380
Exp: 400
Strategy: This fight is somewhat perturbing. The cave has low HP so lock onto one of it's eyes and wait for it to slam it's head into the sand, before it does this it will usually spit out enemies so have your team contend with them. When it's head is slammed into the sand it will be...snorting fire a huge blast of sand, nearly unavoidable. Jump onto the nose and wait for the head to rise and start attacking the eye once it does rise.Repeat this until you either fall off or destroy the eye, if you fall off stay targeting on that eye, if you destroy it go to the next eye. When it is low on HP the Cave will rise up and stop moving, this is when you use Thundermagic to finish it off.

Defeat it and enter the Cave of Wonders. Make your way through the areas until you come to an area with a pit and some stairs. Jump onto a platform nearby then over to the stairs, go down the stairs, save and then explore the area. Make your way through this underground area until you find a room with a pillar in the center, attack the pillar to open the route to the next area.

Now head back to the upstairs area and make your way through the various rooms until you make it to a room of treasure. Save then head through the door, fight a boss.

Hp: 500
Exp: 600
Strategy: Jafar is exceptionally dangerous his energy blast attack can put a huge cramp in your step and his Ice whirlwind is exceptionally dangerous. His energy attack fires from the eyes of his snake staff when he points it at! When he starts to say some very strange words he is about to use his Ice whirlwind, get out of the center of the arena and off to the sides to avoid it. Keep the targeting on Jafar and when he lands...attack! You'll finish him quicklyif you're careful. Jafar's final move is to turn himself into energy to escape, target one of the balls and follow it until he reforms. I have yet to mention Jafar's assistant Genie because Genie is weak. When he attacks he not only does apathetic amount of damage but he also releases HP balls. Just avoid Genie and Jafar's attacks and this fight should be simple.

After that, your Blizzard spell will upgrade to Blizzara. After that, go and check on Jasmine and the keyhole. Hmm. Guess he didn't have enough, eh?

Hp: 750
Exp: 730
Strategy: This battle if far easier then you would expect. Jafar will use one attack, he has more but I've never been close enough for him to use 'em, he'll grab large flaming balls of rock and toss them at you. Easily dodgable, just make surethat Donald and Goofy (Or Alladin) are nowhere near you. Anyway attacking Jafar himself is a waste, target Iago who is flying around with Jafar's lamp. While dodging Jafar's incessant flaming rocks keep attacking Iago. When Jafar is low on HPIago might just drop the lamp, it is crucial that you are there to finish Jafar off for good.

For beating him, you'll get your Fire magic upgraded to Fira, and Ansem's Report 1. Jasmine seems to be missing, and Sora seal the keyhole. You'll have to navigate the carpet out of the Cave of Wonders, but its not all that hard.

After all of that, you'll acquire the Three Wishes keychaing, Green Trinity, and you can now summon Genie. Head back to the Storage Room and exit to the Gummi Ship. Head back to Traverse Town for a moment and buy some new equipment. While you're at it, go ahead and enter the accessory shop and use the green trinity to gain access to the Moogle's Sythesis shop. For information on synthesizing, go to the Synthesis page. For now, lets go and see what that mystery area that has a battle level of 5 is next to Agrabah.

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