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The Beginning

Hp: 240
Exp: 18
Strategy: This is your first boss encounter, and is thus very simple. When Darkside slams his fist into the ground ignore the Shadow Heartlesshe creates and lock onto his wrist and beat away at it. Once Darkside withdraws his hand remove the target and eliminate the Shadows to gainHP balls and some Experience points. Beware of the energy attack he rarely unleashes from the Heartless emblem on his chest, he rarely uses itbut it is dangerous. If you get the chance (I'm not recommending this) climb up one of his arms and attack his head, this will earn you tech pointsand will do more damage then it would if you attacked his arms. Let it be known that you don't have to defeat this Darkside to continue.

Destiny Island

Exp: 60
Strategy: This battle is nearly identical to your last battle with Darkside, follow the same strategy and you'll do fine. Use the potions you acquired from your duels against Tidus and Co. to heal yourself when need be.

Traverse Town

Leon:Hp: 120
Exp: 30
Strategy: This battle is difficult, Leon can make mince-meat out of you even if you are careful. Dodge the Fire spell that Leon unleashes and go in for the kill, if you can keep him under a constant pounding you may come out on top. Be careful Leon is the most dangerous enemy you have faced up to this point. And let it be knownthat you do not have to defeat Leon to continue.

Guard Armor:
Hp: 700
Exp: 110
Strategy: This boss is annoying, if you aren't careful you can be downed in a couple attacks. To start things off attack the body, this keeps the rest of the body from attackingas often. Heal when neccessary and heal your team when neccessary. Once the body is downed pick off the arms and legs. This battle can be difficult but when fought properly itis a very easy fight. If attacking the body doesn't work choose a limb and have your entire team beat the crap out of it.

Wonder Land

Cards and Towers:
Hp: Tower: ---
Hearts: 60
Spades: 45
Exp: Tower: 100
Cards: 0 (Both suits)
Strategy: The Queen will order her cards to attack you, and they are immortal. Either knock out the queen to knock out the cards or just have Donald and Goofy fend them off. Whileyour team-mates are beating away at the cards you should focus your energy on the wheels on the sides of the tower. Once both are destroyed this battle is over.

Hp: 600
Strategy: This boss is exceptionally annoying. Target it's head section and attack, don't use Fire magic because that'll light it's batons on fire which causes the damage to double.Beware though it may light it's batons on fire at the oven. Attack the TrickMaster's head section when you can, eventually it will start to sag like it's in pain, this is your oppurtunityto inflict damage and to Blizzard his flaming batons out. Repeat this proccess until you obliterate him.

Olympus Coliseum

Hp: 300
Exp: 80
Strategy: This is another battle similar to Leon. Altough he doesn't have to be beaten to continue, it would net you some EXP so here's the strategy. Cloud's Buster Sword has good range and power so try to avoid it at all costs. But what you should be concerned about the most is hisSonic Blade attack; it's long range and does high damage. Use potions when you need to and keep Sora protected with the Aero spell if you have it. Just dodge Cloud's attacks and attackwhen you have an opening and he should fall.

Hp: 600
Exp: 150
Strategy: This battle is painfully annoying. Lock onto one of Cerb's heads and have an all out full team attack on it. When its leans its head back he is about to use his biting attack, get out of theway. When he rears all the way back he is about to pound the ground with his paws unleashing a shockwave, jump to avoid it. When black smoke starts to rise from his mouths get away from his mouths becausehe is about to spew black poison, this attack is doubly dangerous because it also locks onto Sora and causes black pools of energy to surge from the ground beneath him. Keep running to avoid thisattack and pray that Cerb doesn't use his Fireball attack. Cerb's final attack is a long range fireball shot from his mouth at Sora, and only Sora. Safely avoid all of these and attack when you canand Cerberus should fall.

Deep Jungle

Hp: 90
Exp: 15
Strategy: I know what you're thinking "Awesome, Low HP!" well think again. Sora is alone and if you aren't careful Sabor can make mince-meat out of him. Sabor is very quick on his feet so keep dodging and rolling out of his way. Beat away at him when he isn't attacking and Sabor will fall very quickly.

Hp: 90
Exp: 15
Strategy: This fight is simple. Now that your full team is in place and Tarzan is now available to assist you, Sabor stands no chance. The fight is the same as before, dodge and he'll be history very, veryfast.

Hp: 90
Exp: 15
Strategy: Again, easy fight...nothing new. But if you go up to the Tree House and drop down and head back to this Cliff Sabor'll be back for more. Good way to get Experience...if you don't mind the time it takes.

Sabor Finale:
Hp: 180
Exp: 150
Strategy: Sabor has learned a new trick, he can now hide in the walls of the bamboo area. Anyways just keep dodging and rolling and use a pincer type attack formation (attack from the opposite direction that your team is) and you'llhave kill Sabor quickly.

Hp: 250
Exp: 240
Strategy: This battle is less then thirty seconds long if you're quick. Head straight for Clayton ignoring his Powerwild cronies. After a few combos Clayton will be done like dinner.

Clayton & Stealth Sneak:
Hp: Clayton: 250
Stealth Sneak: 750
Exp: Clayton: 240
Stealth Sneak: 30
Strategy: This fight can be quite difficult. By now you should have the Scan ability so I'm going to assume you have it, if you don't...train until you get it. Anyways target the invisible beast thatClayton is riding and have your team go all out on it. Heal the very second it is neccessary, and you should be careful as both Clayton and the Stealth Sneak have long range attacks. Beware the Sneak's lungeattacks, the Sneak will rear back before using them. After beating it for a bit the Sneak will become visible, keep on beating away at it and Clayton may or may not dismount when you have beaten the Sneak's orange-yellow meter down to green. Continue beating away at the Sneak even if Clayton does dismount, the Sneak is far more dangerous then Clayton. Once you defeat the Sneak Clayton will more then likelyhead up to the ledges, beat him down with a couple Fire spells or just wait and let him pick you off. Once you've got him in range of your attacks he will fall very quickly.

Traverse Town P.2

Guard Armor:
Hp: 196
Exp: 0
Strategy: This fight is good for a laugh, attack the torso and the battle will end before you destroy it.

Opposite Armor:
Hp: Torso: 900
Hands: 135
Feet: 270
Exp: Torso: 390
Hands: 0
Feet: 0
Strategy: Fight this enemy the same way you fought the first Guard Armor, just it has almost ten times more HP and has a new Energy attack which..really hurts. I suggest locking onto the torso and pummelling itdown to it's green meter or less, if you start to get into trouble heal your team and switch to finishing the feet and hands off. With the torso low on HP and the appendages gone this fight will end very quickly.Beware of the attacks of the appendages while attempting to destroy them, they are weak but very annoying. Once the appendages are gone the torso will start using it's energy attack. Dodge his blasts and get in closeto beat away at the torso which will counter the blasts. Finish him off with extreme prejudice.


Pot Centipede:
Hp: 600
Exp: 250
Strategy: This boss is SO painfully annoying, sure it's easy on normal but on expert it can be a challenge. Anyways try to keep the various Pot spiders from combining into the full centipede, if a group of Pot spiderscome together between the head and the tail use Sonic Blade to destroy them. Both the head and the tail share the same HP so choose a target and beat away at it while staying away from it's tentacles which, when struck by,really hurt. Anyway keep your HPs up and the Centipede will fall.

Guardian of the Cave of Wonders:
Hp: 380
Exp: 400
Strategy: This fight is somewhat perturbing. The cave has low HP so lock onto one of it's eyes and wait for it to slam it's head into the sand, before it does this it will usually spit out enemies so have your team contend with them. When it's head is slammed into the sand it will be...snorting fire a huge blast of sand, nearly unavoidable. Jump onto the nose and wait for the head to rise and start attacking the eye once it does rise.Repeat this until you either fall off or destroy the eye, if you fall off stay targeting on that eye, if you destroy it go to the next eye. When it is low on HP the Cave will rise up and stop moving, this is when you use Thundermagic to finish it off.

Hp: 500
Exp: 600
Strategy: Jafar is exceptionally dangerous his energy blast attack can put a huge cramp in your step and his Ice whirlwind is exceptionally dangerous. His energy attack fires from the eyes of his snake staff when he points it at! When he starts to say some very strange words he is about to use his Ice whirlwind, get out of the center of the arena and off to the sides to avoid it. Keep the targeting on Jafar and when he lands...attack! You'll finish him quicklyif you're careful. Jafar's final move is to turn himself into energy to escape, target one of the balls and follow it until he reforms. I have yet to mention Jafar's assistant Genie because Genie is weak. When he attacks he not only does apathetic amount of damage but he also releases HP balls. Just avoid Genie and Jafar's attacks and this fight should be simple.

Hp: 750
Exp: 730
Strategy: This battle if far easier then you would expect. Jafar will use one attack, he has more but I've never been close enough for him to use 'em, he'll grab large flaming balls of rock and toss them at you. Easily dodgable, just make surethat Donald and Goofy (Or Alladin) are nowhere near you. Anyway attacking Jafar himself is a waste, target Iago who is flying around with Jafar's lamp. While dodging Jafar's incessant flaming rocks keep attacking Iago. When Jafar is low on HPIago might just drop the lamp, it is crucial that you are there to finish Jafar off for good.


Parasite Cage:
Hp: 450
Exp: 500
Strategy: With Riku to help this fight goes by rather quickly. Move in for the attack when the cage seems a little less tempermental, and beware of it's tentacles when you do. Or you can stay back and blast it with Fira and keep restoring your MPuntil it falls. Either way will bring this boss to a crashing defeat easily enough.

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