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99 Dalmations
Gummi Garage

Deep Jungle

Items: Hi-Potion, Mega-Potion x3, Mega-Ether, Protect G, Mythril Shard x3, Dalmations 25-36, Ether x2, Slide 1-6, Esuna-G, Mythril x2, Protect-G, Fire-G, Aerora-G x2, Shell-G x2, Orichalcum, Navi-G Piece

Accessories: White Fang

Sora starts out on his own, and right away faces a boss.

Hp: 90
Exp: 15
Strategy: I know what you're thinking "Awesome, Low HP!" well think again. Sora is alone and if you aren't careful Sabor can make mince-meat out of him. Sabor is very quick on his feet so keep dodging and rolling out of his way. Beat away at him when he isn't attacking and Sabor will fall very quickly.

After the boss you'll encounter Tarzan, now jump off the Tree House and search the net area for a Mega-Potion treasure then jump off the edge of the net. Hop into the hollow tree and tree-surf down to the Camp area. Enter the tent and Donald and Goofy will rejoin you. You'll meet Jane and she'll ask you to find some slides for her. They are in the Camp area so they are relatively easy to find. One is near the Chalkboard, another is on a stack of crates, one is on top of the tent, one is on top of the coverings, one is under the coverings and the last is on top of the nearby pile of suitcases. Take them back to the Tent and give them to Jane. Anyways after this scene Tarzan will take you to see his family of Gorillas.

Go over to the table. There's a trinity mark, so use it unveil more Dalmations. Head to the exit past the the table and you'll find yourself in the Hippo's Lagoon. Search the area for treasure then cross the water jumping from Hippo to Hippo. Climb the vine to the next area and then climb the crawling vines behind you to get to the next area. Kerchak, head of the Gorillas, will not help you. Jump down and head back to the vines near the entrance of the lagoon. Climb them, then the vines behind you and you'll be in the Climbing Trees area.

Head through the cave and to the Tree House, after a scene head back to the Camp save etc. then head to the Cliff area which is found by going out the second Camp exit.

Hp: 90
Exp: 15
Strategy: This fight is simple. Now that your full team is in place and Tarzan is now available to assist you, Sabor stands no chance. The fight is the same as before, dodge and he'll be history very, very fast.

Get rid of the boss, then pillage the area for treasure, now head back to the Camp and enter the Tent. You'll see a scene then save and head out. Defeat all the enemies in a couple of areas to get treasure from the Gorillas, it'd be a good idea to level up right now. Head to the Climbing Trees and defeat all the Heartless in the area. Head to the Treehouse to save the final Gorilla then head back to the camp, talk to Jane, heal, save and then head to the Bamboo area. In the Bamboo area you'll face the recurring boss for the last time. Defeat him then return to the Camp.

Sabor Finale:
Hp: 180
Exp: 150
Strategy: Sabor has learned a new trick, he can now hide in the walls of the bamboo area. Anyways just keep dodging and rolling and use a pincer type attack formation (attack from the opposite direction that your team is) and you'll have kill Sabor quickly.

Jane has fled the camp and is hiding in the Climbing Trees area. Go rescue her by beating up on that big flower pod, then return to the Camp and prepare for your boss battle with Clayton.

Hp: 250
Exp: 240
Strategy: This battle is less then thirty seconds long if you're quick. Head straight for Clayton ignoring his Powerwild cronies. After a few combos Clayton will be done like dinner.

Head to the Cliff to initiate the final boss battle of the area.

Clayton & Stealth Sneak:
Hp: Clayton: 250
Stealth Sneak: 750
Exp: Clayton: 240
Stealth Sneak: 30
Strategy: This fight can be quite difficult. By now you should have the Scan ability so I'm going to assume you have it, if you don't...train until you get it. Anyways target the invisible beast that Clayton is riding and have your team go all out on it. Heal the very second it is neccessary, and you should be careful as both Clayton and the Stealth Sneak have long range attacks. Beware the Sneak's lunge attacks, the Sneak will rear back before using them. After beating it for a bit the Sneak will become visible, keep on beating away at it and Clayton may or may not dismount when you have beaten the Sneak's orange-yellow meter down to green. Continue beating away at the Sneak even if Clayton does dismount, the Sneak is far more dangerous then Clayton. Once you defeat the Sneak Clayton will more then likely head up to the ledges, beat him down with a couple Fire spells or just wait and let him pick you off. Once you've got him in range of your attacks he will fall very quickly.

After the battle Kerchak will throw you onto a cliff. Make your way through the cave to find the Keyhole to this world. Seal it and you'll get the Red Trinity for your efforts as well as the Jungle King, a new Keyblade.

With that done, head over to the next battle level 2 area.

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