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99 Dalmations
Gummi Garage

Olympus Coliseum

Items: Mythril Shard, Mega-Potion, Entry Pass, Hero License, Dalmatians 22-24

Accessories: Inferno Band

You'll start out in front of the Coliseum. Use the trinity marks on your right and left under the statues. The one on the right drops a chest containing dalmations, the one on the left drops a chest that contains a mythril shard. Theres also a chest behind the left pillars that contains a Mega-Potion. Enter the double doors. Here you'll meet Hercules and Phil, they'll tell you about a tourney, but you won't be allowed to enter. You can take a couple of tests for the Thunder Spell but thats it. To win the tests unequip the Vortex ability (if you have it) and smash all the barrels within the time limit, on the second test one barrel will be out of your reach, cast fire on it until it breaks. After this leave the area and Hades will appear and give you a ticket so you can participate in the tourney. Stock up on items, save and then enter the Prelim tourney.

In the tournament you'll have 7 seeds (rounds). The first 6 are pretty easy, but the last one you'll run into a familiar fellow (Cloud) who happens to be a boss.

Hp: 300
Exp: 80
Strategy: This is another battle similar to Leon. Altough he doesn't have to be beaten to continue, it would net you some EXP so here's the strategy. Cloud's Buster Sword has good range and power so try to avoid it at all costs. But what you should be concerned about the most is hisSonic Blade attack; it's long range and does high damage. Use potions when you need to and keep Sora protected with the Aero spell if you have it. Just dodge Cloud's attacks and attackwhen you have an opening and he should fall.

A nice scene occurs involving the three-headed dog-beast, Cerburus. You'll end up back in the lobby where I suggest you save. Head back into the Coliseum to beat up on the beast.

Hp: 600
Exp: 150
Strategy: This battle is painfully annoying. Lock onto one of Cerb's heads and have an all out full team attack on it. When he his heads back he is about to use his biting attack, get out of the way. When he rears all the way back he is about to pound the ground with his paws unleashing a shockwave, jump to avoid it. When black smoke starts to rise from his mouths get away from his mouths because he is about to spew black poison, this attack is doubly dangerous because it also locks onto Sora and causes black pools of energy to surge from the ground beneath him. Keep running to avoid this attack and pray that Cerb doesn't use his Fireball attack. Cerb's final attack is a long range fireball shot from his mouth at Sora, and only Sora. Safely avoid all of these and attack when you can and Cerberus should fall.

After taking care of him, Phil will give you the Hero License as you leave, then Cloud will give you the Sonic Blade ability. As the game progresses more cups will become available for you to win. When they do Chip and Dale will let you know. Refer to the Coliseum page.

Lets head on back to Traverse Town for now.

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