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99 Dalmations
Gummi Garage

Traverse Town

Items: Dalmations 4-6, Dalmations 10-12, Firaga-G, Earthshine, Thundara-G, Old Book, Warp-G, Navi-G Piece, Comet-G

Return to Traverse Town and head over to the Alley you began at during your first visit. Use the Red Trinity Mark to enter an area with a chest. Open it and you'll get more dalmations. Return to the First District and head to the Second District. Take out the Heartless enemies and then head through the door near the fountain. You are now in the Alleyway, at the far end of the Alley is a sewer gate with a Red Trinity mark near it. Use the Trinity to enter the Secret Waterway and you'll encounter Leon and co down here. Leon will give you the Earthshine Gem and a book, then tell you to go see Cid. Before you do that, check the stairs behind Leon and Aerith for more dalmations.

Now go talk to Cid to find out he will help you in exchange for a favor. Take the book he gives you to the Third District, cast Fire on the door with the Flame emblem in it then cross the stones and enter the building to find Merlin's house. You'll see all of Merlin's belongings come out of his bag when he arrives. Now give him the book then talk to the Fairy Godmother in the same room to change the Earthshine you got from Leon into the Simba summon. Return to the Third District, go through a scene and then go to the Second District and into the house near the entrance. Not the door you came in thats the exit. Talk to Cid and he'll give you a Warp Gummi. After this head to the Gizmo shop then onto it's roof. Clear out the enemies then use the Red Trinity to gain access to the bell rope. Pull the bell three times to reveal the Traverse Town Keyhole. Head towards it to fight a boss.

Opposite Armor:
Hp: Torso: 900
Hands: 135
Feet: 270
Exp: Torso: 390
Hands: 0
Feet: 0
Strategy: Fight this enemy the same way you fought the first Guard Armor, just it has almost ten times more HP and has a new Energy attack which..really hurts. I suggest locking onto the torso and pummelling it down to it's green meter or less, if you start to get into trouble heal your team and switch to finishing the feet and hands off. With the torso low on HP and the appendages gone this fight will end very quickly. Beware of the attacks of the appendages while attempting to destroy them, they are weak but very annoying. Once the appendages are gone the torso will start using it's energy attack. Dodge his blasts and get in close to beat away at the torso which will counter the blasts. Finish him off with extreme prejudice. For beating him, you obtain the Aero spell.

Afterwards you'll get the other half of what Cid needs to fix your Gummi ship (you get the first half and Deep Jungle in case I didn't mention it). Stock up on any items you need. Then its time to exit this world.

At this time when you head out onto the World Map you'll see a wormhole between the Coliseum and Deep Jungle, that is your goal. But before you can do anything you'll be informed of a tourney at the Coliseum. You can go if you want it's not manditory.

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