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99 Dalmations
Gummi Garage

Halloween Town

Items: Torn Page, Dalmatians 40-42 and 67-69, Elixir, Forget-Me-Not, Jack-in-the-Box, Dispel-G X3, Defense Up, Ether X2, Mega-Ether, Mythril Shard, Ansem's Report 7

This is my favorite world in the game, cool costumes and cool characters. Save then head through the gates to enter Guillotine Square. You won't have to worry about the Heartless as they are all incapable of fighting at this point in time. Head to the Guillotine to see a scene and then head left to Doc. Finkelstein's lab. You'll see a scene and Jack Skellington will join your party. Raid the room for treasure then leave and head out into Guillotine Square. The Heartless are now active so be prepared for combat. Jack is an awesome fighter so have him on your team. At the gate to the right of the lab, is Jack's house. Look under the stairs for a chest containing dalmations. A couple of gates over is the Graveyard enter it then clear out the Heartless in the area, talk to Sally to get what you need then head back to the Doc's lab. After another scene head back to the Graveyard, clear out the Heartless then take the casket at the back to the next area. Play the Mayor's little mini-game to get your next item. Take it back to the Doc and watch the scene that unfolds.

Head back to the Graveyard and head to the next area, on the other side of the Pumpkin is the path to the next area, take it. You are now in the Moonlit Hill area. Clear out the Heartless then activate the small gravemarker to head to the next area. Ignore the enemies and cross the bridge, grabbing the chests containing dalmations and a defense up. Now in the next area keep moving until you reach a set of doors. Take out the Heartless in front of them then enter the door. Activate the Red Trinity if you wish then hit the metal platform with a Fire spell. Jump on it to be raised to the next area. Now make your way to the very top of the mansion and defeat the boss there.

Lock, Shock & Barrel:
Hp: Lock: 150
Shock: 120
Barrel: 180
Exp: Lock: 80 (Becomes 8 if you defeat her before the other two)
Shock: 120 (Becomes 12 if you defeat him before the other two)
Barrel: 240 (Becomes 24 if you defeat him before the other two)
Strategy: Not much to it, you should be more then strong enough to easily crush these three. Keep your HPs up and this fight will be so easy it'll hurt.

Save and switch out Jack so you can go back an activate that Trinity if you didn't. If you don't do it now, you won't get another chance. Now hit the lever. Head down to the area with the large blue cages. Jump down to the area below. Equip Donald and Goofy with some restorative items. Then make your way to the nearby door and enter it to face a boss.

Oogie Boogie:
Hp: 450
Exp: 2,500
Strategy: Welcome to the Casino, roulette anyone? This fight takes place with Oogy acting like the big sack of cowardly bugs that he is. Oogy will toss dice down onto your platform that will either explode or choose what kind of trap will attack you. The dice will either summon a set of three sickles that spin around the roulette wheel, summon Heartless or have circular saws attack. Keep your lock on Oogie, unless you're fighting Heartless, and when the buttons in each section of the wheel glow step on one to raise the platform to face Oogie. Also you can strike the dice in hopes of making it land the way you want it to. And the beating begins, this will take a great deal of his life off, you'll be knocked down after you beat him around for a bit. Repeat until he falls. To ensure your safety stay hugged against the grate when you are dropped back down as to avoid the guns.

For beating him you'll obtain a Holy Circlet and Ansem's Report 7. After the boss is over you'll face another boss

Oogie Boogie the Manor:
Hp: 90 (per globe of darkness)
Exp: 2,500 (combined total from the globes)
Strategy: Not much I can say about this, make your way along Oogie and slag all seven of the purplish black globes of darkness. Avoid enemies and keep your HPs up. Thats about it.

This world is done. Seal the Keyhole, obtain the Gravity magic upgrade then shove off to the next world.

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