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99 Dalmations
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Items: Dispel-G X2, Dalmatians 43-45, 82-84, and 88-90, Ansem's Report 9, Navi-G Piece, Shell-G

Now we're in Neverland. On your way, Captain Hook will capture and put you in cell with Peter Pan. Once you get out put him in your party to find out whether you like him or not. Fight your way through this room then head up the ladder and through the door on the northern wall. Finish off the Heartless here then jump through the hole in the ceiling grating in the upper left corner of the room and you'll be in a room with a save point and a Green Trinity. Save then activate the Green Trinity. You'll face a boss.

Hp: 750
Exp: 2,000
Strategy: Ok this is a difficult fight, you're in a confined space and this enemy fights like Sora. Anyway cast Aero and keep your HPs up, once you've beaten Anti-Sora down to a Yellow HP bar is where it gets to be harder. At this time it will start to split into 3, attack one and if it doesn't appear it's the real thing, the reason it's annoying is if you miss it will turn into a shadow and pop up behind you and beat the crap out of you. This part of the fight is exceptionally annoying, keep Aero on at all times and your HPs up with plenty of Curs and potions. If you can do this then you should be able to win the fight.

For beating him you obtain a Raven's Claw. Open the chest on the bed to rescue some dalmations. Now exit to the deck. After a scene you'll get a spell upgrade and the ability to fly. Now you get fight some new enemies and then another boss. Make him pay for locking you up.

Captain Hook:
Hp: 900
Exp: 3,400
Strategy: Hook is on one hand easy and on the other difficult. Make sure that you aren't flying, keep your feet firmly planted on the deck...unless jumping to dodge one of Hook's attacks. This fight is easy, on land and hard in the air so keep to the ground. Just have your entire party focus on him, keep Donald out of the fight as to avoid lighting Hook on fire, it hurts you as well if he touches you. Just beat him, down in Key to sword combat and hel fall quick enough.

For beating him you obtain the ability Ars Arcanum and Ansem's Report 9. After the cutscene you'll be in England next to Big Ben. Fly upward to find a save point. Now drop back down and look around for a chest containg more dalmations. Go talk to Wendy to find that one of the clocks is off. Find the clock face that doesn't say mid-night and strike the minute hand until it does. Doing so will reveal the keyhole for Neverland.

Now you get the Tinker Bell summon, the shared ability Glide, and the Fairy Harp keychain. Use the save point to head back to the Gummi ship and make your way back to Traverse Town.

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