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99 Dalmations
Gummi Garage


Items: Footprints, Stench, Antenna, Claw Marks, Potion x6, Hi-Potion x2, Mega Potion x2, Ether x2, Elixer, Tent, Camping Set x3, Mythril Shard x3, Defense Up, Thunder-G, Aero-G, Aeroga-G, Navi-G, Dalmations 13-18 and 58-60

Accessories: Ifrit's Horn

You take the blue pill, the story wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland and I'll show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. Anyways go through the hallway and into the next room, this is the Bizarre Room. Anyway talk to the Doorknob and it'll tell about the Red and Blue Medecines on the table one will shrink you and the other will make your grow. Anyways push the nearby bed into the wall and then drink the medecine to shrink, now go through the hole revealed by the bed into the Queen's Court. You'll see a scene involving Alice and the Queen of Hearts, after which you will have to find evidence to prove Alice's innocence to the Queen.

After the scene head to the Lotus Forest, where you'll encounter the Cheshire Cat. After talking to him you can now explore the area, clear out the Heartless, then head to small out cropping to the right, within it is the first piece of evidence the Footprints. There is also a trinity mark here. From here jump up on the nearby 'shrooms and make your way to the door in the side of the tree. You'll fall down then land right next to a box, inside is the Stench, the second piece of evidence. Head back to the Lotus Forest and to the back of the area, here you'll find three shrooms. Two large and one small. Jump onto the small one and then jump onto the large mushroom on the right. From here you'll be able to see a box. Jump to it for the third piece of evidence, the Antenna.

Look to the corner of the room. See that blue chest? Jumping to the ledge is kinda hard. Try jumping at the last possible second while running off of the ledge. The chest contains a Thunder-G. Back at the bottom, jump on the small mushroom and jump left. Here is a chest containg your first set of Dalmations. Anyway head back to the entrance to the forest and talk to the yellow flower. Give it a potion to grow, grab the fruit from the tree and put it down. Strike the tree then eat the fruit.

Now head back to the three 'shrooms at the back and jump up onto them and follow the newly revealed platforms to door they lead to and go through it. You're in the Bizarre room again, jump across to the chest and grab the last piece of evidence the Claw Marks. The Cheshire Cat will appear and give you the Blizzard spell. After the Cat is gone head to the Queen's Court and save, then talk to the Cards in front of the Queen. Choose a box at random and hope a Heartless pops out, if Donald and Goofy do you'll lose them for the next battle, although you can break their cages with your Keyblade. Anyways a boss battle ensues.

Cards and Towers:
Hp: Tower: ---
Hearts: 60
Spades: 45
Exp: Tower: 100
Cards: 0 (Both suits)
Strategy: The Queen will order her cards to attack you, and they are immortal. Either knock out the queen to knock out the cards or just have Donald and Goofy fend them off. While your team-mates are beating away at the cards you should focus your energy on the wheels on the sides of the tower. Once both are destroyed this battle is over. Now head to the Lotus Forest

Anyways head to the 'shrooms at the back of the forest and take the left one and make your way over to the door in the side of the wall surrounded in leaves. Light the two lamps in this area then exit through the picture that appears, before you do so knock the nearby Teddy Bear down to the area below. Head to the Bizarre room and grow, switch the chair the Teddy is on and then push the clock that is revealed. Shrink and then go through the door that pushing the clock revealed. Now you'll be in the Tea Garden. Sit at the chairs to get items or into battles. Go through the nearby door and light the candles. This will activate a boss battle in the normal Bizarre room. Head to it and you'll fight the boss.

Hp: 600
Strategy: This boss is exceptionally annoying. Target it's head section and attack, don't use Fire magic because that'll light it's batons on fire which causes the damage to double. Beware though it may light it's batons on fire at the oven. Attack the TrickMaster's head section when you can, eventually it will start to sag like it's in pain, this is your oppurtunity to inflict damage and to Blizzard his flaming batons out. Repeat this proccess until you obliterate him.

When he's out of the way, you can seal the Keyhole. You also obtain a Navi-G. Thats it for Wonderland. Exit wonderland and head over to the area that has a battle level 2.

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