Please note that all shrines in Tartarus ( are under construction. That means that the shrines may not be complete, links may be broken, etc. Please e-mail the maintainer any questions about this game that the shrine doesn't yet cover. Thank you! -Merlin
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Armageddon...the Game?
Gone Without a Trace...
The Sound of Rescue
Sign Me Up
I Ain't Afraid a No Ghost
Starky Returns! (BM)
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Gone Without a Trace...

Lan is left alone, so talk to everyone in town, especially Dex. Take this time to jack in to Lan's doghouse. In the DogHousComp, you should find a BMD at the top containing a Barrier A BattleChip. Also, go jack-in to the microwave in Lan's house. In the MicrowvComp there should be a BMD on the right containing 500 Zennys. After you're all set, just head back towards the Metroline.
Dr. Hikari will show up when Lan gets there. In ElecTown1, by the red lockers on the right, there's a code for the MegaMan Battle Chip Challenge game. If you've played that game, you'd know what it is. If you don't plan on playing it, the code is completely useless. There's a scientist selling subchips...I'd say purchase four Untrap SubChips. Anyways, go left to the next area. After you regain control of Lan, go talk to Mayl and Yai.
Jack into the stereo that's next to them. In the StereoComp, there's a BMD on the left containing a PanlGrab * BattleChip and another BMD at the top containing a RegUP1 PowerUp. Talk to everyone and then jack out. Talk to Mayl and Yai again to start another scene. After Lan is abandoned by his deadbeat father, head to the left to ElecTown3.
There's an upcoming NetBattle tournament, and that's how MegaMan Battle Network 4 is setup, just a bunch of tournaments. Head back to ElecTown2 and head towards the StereoComp. Being the hero that Lan is, jack in. Slaughter fest! Talk to the mysterious Navi floating about. Music change...guess that's bad huh? Looking for ladies for dessert...what a perv. Well, ACDC Area is where he's headed, you should be too.
Head back to ACDCTown. Take this time to go to Yai's house. Jack-in to Yai'sHP. Talk to the program to get the YaiBaner KeyItem. You can read the Chat BBS if you want to make sure everything is done...though pointless. That's all for Yai, now jack out and go to Dex's house and jack in to his GameCube. There's a BMD on the right containing a Counter1 T BattleChip. Leave and jack in to Dex'sHP. Reading his Battle BBS is also optional. Jack out and head home.
Jack into Lan'sHP and head to ACDC Area1. Just head to ACDC Area2, grabbing any GMDs that might be present. In ACDC Area2, the net-dealer should be open, so buy two HP Memry PowerUps. You can buy the other chips if you want, they're green if you don't have that code or that chip in your library yet. Continue on to ACDC Area3.
Upon arrival, head right on the blue path, left is blocked by a program. Keep going...and a short scene! Well, MegaMan comes to the rescue, typical... ShadeMan kidnaps now, a missing persons case. Anyways, Yai e-mails Lan, open it, and receive the YaiCode KeyItem. You can use the YaiCode to open the cube..if you want. Go back up, and enter Town Area1.
In Town Area1, there's a secret path, but it's useless right, since you don't have an Unlocker SubChip. Head right to the yellow path and follow it. Quite linear, so keep going. There's a BMD with a SandRing * BattleChip if you go left of the green navi leading to the next area. After grabbing the BMD, head to Town Area2.
In Town Area2, you can't cross the green path yet. Keep going and head into the first portal you see. Grab the BMD for a Invis * BattleChip. Then continue down the path back to Town Area1.
The portal leads to your first dungeon, go inside to begin. However, you're free to explore Town Area3 first. There's a net-dealer, where you can purchase a Cannon C BattleChip..for your P.A. If you have the money to buy all 3 HP Memry PowerUps, you can, but I'll get to it later in the walkthrough because most likely, a lot of people won't have enough Zennys. Also, there's a BMD behind the net-dealer containing a Recov30 R Battle Chip. Anyways, go back to the portal in Town Area2, and go in.

The Sound of Rescue