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The Sound of Rescue
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The Sound of Rescue

Change of music, wonderful huh? A few heroic lines comes out of MegaMan's mouth...but whatever. MegaMan discovers that the area is the ElTwrComp. Jack out or walk out, either way works. Higsby's shop is open now, but you can only use the three Chip Trader. Go ahead if you like, since you should have a lot of chips if you walked out more than jacking out. Head to the Metroline and go to ElecTown.
Head to ElecTown2 to access the tower and try entering. The scientist will prevent you from going head back to ElecTown1. Remember that scientist that sold Untrap SubChips, go to the fence near him& and examine it. The gate should open, so head up the stairs and keep going. Jack in to the giant "AC" screen. In the LCDComp, there's a BMD on the left with a RegUP2 PowerUP. Jack out and continue on the path.
Lan can't go further because he's a pathetic moron. So, head back to the lower level of ElecTown2 and jack in to the StereoComp, where ShadeMan was. In the SteroComp, talk to the normal navi, and net-battle him. He's pretty easy to defeat, and after you win, he'll reward you with the Earphone KeyItem.
Now that Lan doesn't have to listen to giant stereo, walk around to the left side of the tower and jack in! Time for ElTwrComp1.
Head right, down, and left for a BMD containing a Spreader M BattleChip. Go back to the right and follow the red path to the left. When you hit the fork, go left. Grab the BMD for 700 Zennys. Keep heading right until you encounter a program by a purple gate. Talk to it to receive the BootDatA KeyItem. From the program, head right and grab the BMD for a RegUP2 PowerUP.
Head to the center and start up the sonar system. Everything should go dark and a ten second timer should initiate. Your job is to look for CyberBats. Simply run up to one and press the 'A' button. If the timer were to hit zero, just start up the sonar system again, and you don't have to re-catch the ones you caught. There's a total of 3 CyberBats. After catching all 3, return to the program, and it will open the gate. On to ElTwrComp2.
As soon as you enter, head left and up. You should find a BMD containing 1 BugFrags. Go back to the right and head towards the center. Pick up the BMD on the left for a HP Memry PowerUP. Now head all the way up (depending on the direction you're facing...but the top of a diamond), there should be another BMD containing a LongSwrd S BattleChip.
Towards the middle right is another program, talk to it to initiate the CyberBat hunt again. This time there are 4 CyberBats and you'll receive the BootDatB KeyItem. Head back to the center to start up the sonar system. Catch all 4 CyberBats and head back to the program so it can open the gate.
Head forward, and a cut scene will ensue. MegaMan will have to save Roll...of course... The sound becomes too much, so Lan will have to turn down the volume. So go access the tower on the floor below.
Now, the battle begins. Time to "execute" ShadeMan...
You can't win. Every time you hit ShadeMan, he'll just vanish. Try to make him "vanish" five times. After that, another scene will begin. Chaud interrupts your battle and ProtoMan appears. ShadeMan runs like a little b*tch, and ProtoMan goes after him. MegaMan goes and picks up what ShadeMan left behind, it's the ???Data KeyItem.
When you regain control of Lan, head over to Higsby's shop. Talk to Higsby and a conversation will begin. After the conversation, you should get an e-mail from Dex. Open it to receive the DexCode KeyItem. Now go back to Lan's house examine the bed. Time to save and sleep...Lan has a long day ahead of him tomorrow...

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