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Armageddon...the Game?
Gone Without a Trace...
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Armageddon...the Game?

So they don't know what year it is? Anyways, so it begins!
Boy does this sound familiar...
Wow, his name is Local Area Network.
Pick up the PET KeyItem. MegaMan will tell Lan to go check his e-mail. Do so by pressing the 'Start' button and then going down to the e-mail tab. If done correctly, the new message under the subject, "Virus Scan," can be read.
Anyways, the message is completely lame, so leave the room at the bottom left. Talk to Lan's father, Dr. Hikari. He's standing in front of the alarm system control panel. Now, talk to Lan's mother in the kitchen. The microwave is broken, so time to fix it like the hero Lan is. Press the 'R' button to "jack in" when you're close to it.
The screaming program will initiate the tutorial of the game, which is in every MegaMan Battle Network game. You can't skip the tutorial, but don't worry, it's not difficult. If you find it hard, go play Pokémon and then beat yourself over the head instead...
After the tutorial, there will be a new mission objective. Time to purchase a RcvPatch, but first, talk to Dr. Hikari. He says the shop is in ACDC Area3 and gives you 500 Zennys.
Go back to Lan's room and jack in to the computer. Remember the 'R' button is used to jack in. When you're in, just head straight from Lan'sHP to ACDC Area1. To help you on your way, I've supplied a map of ACDC Area1. Though the map isn't great, you should be able to manage.
After the second fork, follow to the path to a BMD containing a MiniEnrg SubChip. Return to the normal light blue path. Here is where you can take the next fork, right before the entrance to ACDC Area2, to grab any GMD's that might be present on the map. Because GMD spawning is random, there may or may not be any GMDs. Remember to refer to the maps as to where GMDs may appear. Otherwise, head to the next area.
You should now be in ACDC Area2. Follow the blue path, and remember to grab any GMDs in sight. The Net-dealer is closed...for now. Continue, and the red navi to the right won't let you pass, so go to the blue path up ahead instead. Pretty much, there's nothing important in this area at the moment, so on to the next area.
You should be in ACDC Area3. Take your first left and grab the BMD containing a CopyDmg * BattleChip. Follow the path upwards and there should be a purple navi standing by a gate. Talk to him to purchase the RcvPatch KeyItem. You can either jack out by pressing the 'R' button again, or walk out. I say accumulate some Zennys or BattleChips. I had approximately 10,000 Zennys from the in-battle GMDs in ACDC Area3. This is totally up to you, but it's best to have a lot of Zennys to purchase the items that you come across immediately.
Talk to Dr. Hikari and Lan will give him the RcvPatch. By now you should have a fairly good idea to how this game works...if not, just go play MegaMan Battle Network 1.

Gone Without a Trace...