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Starky Returns! (BM)
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Starky Returns!

This most likely is your first play if you're here. AquaMan is a mandatory first boss if this is your starting game. Leave the room and begin to head outside for a scene. After that scene, finally head outside for another scene... After all of that loss of control, talk to Atsu, he's the one with the green undershirt. Say 'OK' and Lan will receive the CybCanst KeyItem.
Go back to Lan's house and jack into his computer. You now have a funny bar on the right, and that thing is pretty much MegaMan's oxygen a way. The net is full of aqua viruses. From ACDC Area1, quickly head over to Town Area2. Head towards the top right but go in the direction of a green platform. You'll see AquaMan, so just walk up and a scene will begin.
By now, you should be out of oxygen from the CybCanst. If you're out, you'll keep losing HP as if MegaMan is poisoned, like in most RPGs. Jack out, and jack in to Lan'sHP again. From there, head to ACDC Area2 and go towards ACDC Area3. When you're on the path that leads to ACDC Area3, another scene will begin. The locked gate leads to Shuko's Area, so jack out and head back to DenDome.
Talk to Atsu again, and he'll mention that Shuko went to ElecTown1. So head back to the Metroline and then to ElecTown. Talk to Shuko to receive the ShukoKey KeyItem. Head back to Lan'sHP, then to ACDC Area2, and then to the gate. Head into the warp and you should be in another portion of ACDC Area2. Head to the bottom and you should see AquaMan.
After the little scene, jack out and head back to DenDome. Head to your next do know where that is right? Ding ding ding! Let's get it on!
But a side note...doesn't he look familiar...Starky from Chrono Cross?
AquaSoul! After the battle, Lan will get an e-mail. Open it up. You will automatically start up the training program. After selecting an aqua type chip, uniting it, and then pressing OK. This will happen. MegaMan will temporarily fuse with AquaMan (not Cross Fusion)...
Isn't it beautiful. Go learn about DublSoul in another section. So, moving on. This tutorial battle isn't hard, so quickly finish it. On to the next round. There are two possible choices for this, so look closely.

Navis for Dummies