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Navis for Dummies

Navis for Dummies

TopMan is your opponent, usually this is also a result of your initial playthrough. Exit the building, and as soon as you head towards the steps down, a scene will begin. You see an old man trying to impress his grandson, Kosuke, with a top. The top starts sparking and Lan will jack-in MegaMan. First, in the CyberTopComp, head to your left for a BMD with 1,600 Zennys. How cheap...
After that, approach the Mettaur virus and a battle will ensue with two MettEX viruses, and a Dharma virus. After the battle, just jack-out, and the scene will continue. The old man will yell at Lan because he's just such a punk. TopMan speaks, and Lan learns that the old geezer, Tensuke built TopMan all by himself. There has to be book called 'Navis for Dummies' somewhere.
After the scene, Lan will receive the CyberTop KeyItem. Now, since Lan is such a good boy, he needs to return the CyberTop to Tensuke. Head to ElecTown2...what better place is there to buy electronic parts. Go talk to Tensuke. The geezer will mumble to himself and walk off. Again, since Lan is such a good boy, go help Tensuke. Go find the NetBattle Club in ACDCTown's park.
Yay, a retirement party...for me. After the little scene, your job is to find four of their navis in Town Areas. Go home, jack into Lan'sHP, and head to Town Area1. The navis you're looking for will quiz you. The questions are slightly random, so if you encounter any of the following, pick them: the Sun, iceberg, footsteps, my son, sand, cards, sponge, wheel, unmbrella.
The first navi is down from the entrance to Town Area2 in Town Area1. Right near Higsby's gate. Answer the navi's question and you'll receive the Secret1 KeyItem. Now, on to Town Area2.
The next navi is right next to the warp to ElTwrComp1. Talk to it, and answer it's question. You'll receive the Secret2 KeyItem. Now head to the warp that leads to the lower level of Town Area2.
On the lower level, go to the top right. It's by the gate. You'll receive the Secret3 KeyItem.
In Town Area3, head up the platform. You should be able to see the navi even from there. Talk to that navi, and answer its question. You'll receive the Secret4 KeyItem and also the Mmbrship KeyItem. Lan will need to find the Chief's navi, which is in ACDC somewhere. You can walk back to the ACDC areas or jack out and jack back in, your choice. I'll be walking there.
Either way, head to ACDC Area1. Head towards the right, and access the gate. You should find a brown navi. Talk to it, and a battle will begin against two Melody viruses and a Dharma virus. The Chief will then tell Lan to meet in ElecTown Square...which is where the tower is.
A scene will begin...and there are two old geezers. The Chief gives Tensuke the "How to Make Navis," and then Tensuke walks off. Lan's match is about to start, so head back to DenDome. Head to the DomeRoom, and past the door.
Once again...
Defeat TopMan and receive the trophy... Lan will receive the Trophy KeyItem. You'll see another scene with Dr. Regal plotting something...well, now that this is over...

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