Please note that all shrines in Tartarus ( are under construction. That means that the shrines may not be complete, links may be broken, etc. Please e-mail the maintainer any questions about this game that the shrine doesn't yet cover. Thank you! -Merlin
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Breaking and Entering
What's the Date?
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Breaking and Entering

It's been a week now... Mayl will ask Lan to come over. Now that's a kinky sixth grader. Lan will get an e-mail about the Hawk/Eagle Tournament. An optional task is to head to Higsby's shop, so you can purchase a few battlechips. The SuprVulc V BattleChip looks tempting, but it's up to you if you want to buy it. However, waiting and being cheap is in my book...
Another optional task is to get a few navi chips; however there is a drawback to this. By defeating the α version, the Ω version becomes a random encounter, about twice as strong. Anyways, go here for locations of the navis. You should be fighting AquaManα in Blue Moon for a AquaMan A BattleChip, GutsManα in Red Sun for a GutsMan G BattleChip, and TopManα for a TopMan T BattleChip, regardless of rank. If you don't want to do this just yet, read on...
Go to Mayl's house and talk to her to receive the MaylCode KeyItem. Jack in to Mayl'sHP, and head to the top right platform. Talk to the program there to receive the MaylBanr KeyItem. Head to the right and warp to ACDC Area1. Now simply head to Town Area3, which that shouldn't be difficult because of the nicely colored paths.
By the entrance of Town Area3, Roll will be standing there, by two other navis. Talk to her, then the blue navi, and then agree to begin the battles. Battle 1 is against three MettEX viruses, Battle 2 is against two MelodyEX viruses, and final Battle 3 is against a MettEX virus, a MeoldyEX virus, and a Gaia virus. Upon victory, MegaMan will receive the FreePass KeyItem.
Lan's dog house alarm will go off...I guess it's good for something. So head to Lan's room. His mom will be tied bondage. Inspect Lan's computer, jack in, and go to Park Area2. To get there, just head to Town Area3 and follow the yellow path to the end. As soon as you get close enough to the entrance of Park Area1, a scene will begin.
A green navi will come in screaming and then battle MegaMan. After the fight, inspect the body for the password. The password simply means that the number under the letter signifies the order as to which the letters should appead. So, enter the letters as: R A E J D U K. Now, go through to Park Area1.
This is Park Area1. Follow the straight forward path until the fork. Make a left there, to the net dealer. Buy 4 Unlocker SubChips if you can afford it, since they'll definitely come in handy. Head up from here, and make another left. There is a BMD containing a RegUP2 PowerUp. Now, we'll take care of the PMDs right now, so just read on if you couldn't purchase them. We'll start from the beginning of the net, so take a little side trip to ACDC Area2. You can go through Dex'sHP to be closer, since the PMD is right next to the warp in ACDC Area2. Use an Unlocker SubChip to open the PMD for a Geyser L BattleChip. Now head to Town Area1.
Head to the secret path. Remember, it's the middle path in the checkered area. Open the PMD with an Unlocker for a HP Memry PowerUp. Now head to Town Area2, and go to the lower level of the area from the warp. Head to the right and open the PMD with an Unlocker for Blinder * BattleChip. You should be pretty broke, I know I am. Head back to Park Area1..
Now from Park Area1, remember that fork earlier, where you made a left? Well, this time head to the right and follow it to Town Area3's lower level. Head to the top left and open the PMD with an Unlocker SubChip for a CustSwrd B BattleChip. Head back to Park Area1, and head towards Park Area2. In Park Area2, first just enter the warp, and then walk to top left. Take the first right at the fork.
Talk to the heal navi to initiate a battle with two MettEX viruses and a HealNavi. MegaMan will learn about Nebula and then Lan will get an e-mail from his father. Open it up to learn about Navi Customizer. Lan will receive the NaviCustomizer KeyItem, a UnderSht Program, an Attack+1 Program, Speed+1 Program, and an XtraFldr Folder. Anyways, Lan will HAVE to go through the Navi Cusomizer tutorial...can't avoid it...

What's the Date?