Please note that all shrines in Tartarus ( are under construction. That means that the shrines may not be complete, links may be broken, etc. Please e-mail the maintainer any questions about this game that the shrine doesn't yet cover. Thank you! -Merlin
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What's the Date?
The Axe Princess
And Your Little Dog Too!
Robots in Disguise
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The Internet Mafia
A Heated Battle

The Axe Princess

You are now in ToyRoboComp1. You'll arrive at the first puzzle. It says, "For some reason, Halberd Princess loved a huage axe. However, she had been acting very strange. Always used for wood cutting before, she now used her axe for '----', and she also fretted over her appearance..." She seemed to be in love with Prince Tomahawk.
Enter the first warp, and follow the path to a BMD in clear view with 1400 Zennys. You'll see a Mirror Data and a Comb Data, so grab the Mirror Data. Now head back to the puzzle and examine it.
This one reads, "A witch was jealous of Halberd Princess's beauty and strength. She kidnapped her beloved Tomahawk, and sealed him in a '----'. When she heard, Halberd Princess departed alone to save her Prince." Head into the warp and take a right at the fork. There is a BMD containing a HP+50 Program.
Head back up and go left. Follow the path to the Statue Data and the Big Tree Data. Pick up the Big Tree Data and head back to the puzzle. Now onto the next puzzle.
It reads, "'WhuuuuaaaaAAAAGH!!' The with had used her power to create a dense forest, but Halberd Princess used her axe to penetrate deep through the trees. Eventually, she came to the huge tree that held Tomahawk. Using the very last of her strength, she unleashed her '----' on the huge tree, and before she knew it, the tree had split in two, and her beloved Tomahawk emerged within saying, 'I have never seen such beauty and power in a girl.' Halberd Princess was taken aback at first, but the Prince's warm, bright smile put her at ease. The lovers were then married and lived happily ever after."
Head into the warp and stay left. There is a BMD with a RegUP1 PowerUp. Follow the path to the Lecture Data, the MightyBl Data, and the StrmKiss Data. Pick up the MightyBl Data and head back to the puzzle. Complete the puzzle and then examine the control panel. A battle will initiate against a BillyEX virus and a Melody EX virus.
Lan and MegaMan will hear another scream, so go investiage it. Head back up the stairs.

And Your Little Dog Too!