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Fists of Fury

As soon as Lan is done inspecting the tournament bracket, Tamako, MetalMan's operator, should come up to Lan. MegaMan's opponent will be MetalMan. She'll ask Lan to go to MelSquar. After the little scene, walk down the stairs to see Tamako standing next to a giant boulder. Have Lan talk to her. She'll want MegaMan to train his spirit...what a load of bull...and she'll give Lan the GateData KeyItem.
Town Area4 is accessed through Town Area2. So jack in somewhere and head over to Town Area2. Use the warp that leads to the lower level. There are two gates that lead to the next area, but you want the one on the left, not the one on the top. Go inside and talk to the brown navi. The drunk navi wants to get wasted and might get a little hungry after that. So on to the Park Areas to get what it needs.
Head to Park Area1. There should be hyper green navi pacing back and forth. Purchase the CybrJrky KeyItem for 500 Zennys. Now continue on as if you're going to Park Area3 until you reach another drunk navi. Find the purple nav and talk to him, and you'll find out that he wants a Spreader L Battle Chip in exchange. If you don't have one, go to Higsby's shop to purchase it, but anyways, exchange the Battle Chip for the VirusCln KeyItem. Head back to the drunk brown navi in Town Area4 and talk to him.
Your objective is to press 'A' when you're in front of a boulder, then press 'B' when the the moving bar hits the red area. Disregard the time I have, because I was trying to take a screenshot. Nevertheless, do this as quick as possible. You have to do this three times and the moving bar gets faster for each one after the first.
MegaMan will automatically jack out, so now head to the ice cream cart with Lan, you should see Tamako standing in front of it. So, talk to her, and jack into the ice cream cart. In the StandComp you should see MetalMan standing there. Talk to him and you'll initiate a competition. Do what you did in the training, but you'll have to break more than MetalMan. Don't try to break the same ones as MetalMan because you can't, so don't try. I've noticed that two hits (meaning you missed once and that the bar only passed the middle once) on a rock is equivalent to one rock for MetalMan. So as long as you take at most two hits to break it, you might just barely win. Aim for one hit though. If you're at the ten second mark and you have maybe four or five more than him, just rest your hands. You'll have to do this three times.
Now it's time for Lan's Net Battle. So head to the castle to initiate it. You have been saving every so often right? Now is a good time. Anyways, upon winning, You will receive the MetlSoul if you haven't already.
Leave the arena to initiate the next matchup.

The Internet Mafia

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