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A Heated Battle

A Heated Battle

BurnMan....what happen to BurnerMan. Well, Mr. Match will come in to see Lan's opponent. Then Atsuki comes in and insults Mr. Match. They'll go off and challenge each other. Leave the CenterSquare to the Entrance of Castillo. Lan will get an e-mail. Head back home then. Lan will receive the WaterGun KeyItem from his mother. So jack into Lan'sHP.
MegaMan's little squirt gun can't put out the flames, so head to Higsby's shop. Lan will receive the FireBstr KeyItem upgrade to the WaterGun. Why couldn't Lan just use BattleChips like he did back in MegaMan Battle Network 3...such a waste of time. Examine Lan'sHP to regain control of MegaMan.
Your objective here is press 'B' with a pretty high water gauge to put out the flames. If the get the gauge high enough (doesn't always need to be full), you'll put out the flames. However, if the gauge is too small, MegaMan will fail to put out all the flames in front of him and get hurt. And lastly, you'll need to do full power on spots where there are at least six flames. So...if you're like me, you hate the site of lost FULL POWER!
The net is now full of fire-type viruses. It may be a good time to stock up with some aqua-type chips to use or even abuse the AquaSoul if you have it. In ACDC Area1, after you put out all the flames, the area will cool down. MegaMan doesn't sound very it's probably not over yet!
So take the Metroline back to Castillo. As soon as you enter the castle, Lan will step back and observe smoke from the CastilloHP. I don't think I need to tell you to jack in now... This time in Park Area1, you're to head to Park Area3. Also, full power may be necessary if you don't want to lose any HPs. Go towards the end of Park Area3, where you restarted the rides. You'll encounter BurnerMan with FireMan.
After the little cutscene, head into the castle to begin the fight against BurnerMan. After Atsuki spontaenously combusts, Lan will receive his trophy for winning the Hawk Tournament. Lan will receive a Trophy KeyItem. This concludes the stupid tournament...or does it


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